Interview with Vimala Ingram and Stephanie Beliles of ARS on cityCURRENT Radio Show

January 5, 2017

citycurrent-interview-blog-teaser-(1).jpgOn December 19th, 2016, cityCURRENT, formerly known as the Lipscomb Pitts Breakfast Club (LPBC), featured ARS/Rescue Rooter’s Communications Director, Vimala Ingram and Communications Manager, Stephanie Beliles. Ingram, Beliles and the cityCURRENT radio show host, Jeremy Park, discussed aspects about American Residential Services including the 10 year anniversary of the company, their relationship with the Tim Tebow Foundation, and the Tin for 10 campaign.

“You and your team are heavily giving, not only financial contributions but through service and volunteerism. Give us an overview on the importance of community service for ARS,” Park requests. In response to Park, Ingram states, “I’ve heard Dave Slott, our COO and President of the company call ARS his ministry. The philosophy of giving back to the community and giving back to the employees really comes from the top down. Giving back is ingrained in our culture and happens organically. This year, we’re moving forward with our corporate philanthropy projects by giving our efforts a framework. We’re supporting youth outreach, sports sponsorships, and veterans outreach - which is a new frontier for us. We’re also going to be supporting vocational trades and encouraging people to go into skill trades.“

“To be able to make a difference, especially in this broad social context, you have to have a focus so that you can be proactive and do a good amount of good. I love the fact that you are very streamlined and focused on what you’re trying to achieve. Let’s discuss the Tim Tebow Foundation. I know there’s a close relationship and it’s been there for a long time. ARS has partnered with Tim in a big way. Talk about the relationship with Tim Tebow and the Tim Tebow Foundation,” Parks stated.

In response to Parks, Ingram states, “The relationship between ARS and TTF (Tim Tebow Foundation) started back in 2010 and that was around the time that Tim wanted to start his own foundation. The foundation has a very simple mission and that is to bring faith, hope, and love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need. We wanted to help Tim out in any way we could so we started as the foundation’s top sponsor at the annual marque fundraiser, the Celebrity Gala and Golf Classic in Jacksonville, Florida. We’ve been the top sponsor every single year but this past year we’ve really kicked it up a notch by involving our employees and engaging them in this mission of the Tim Tebow Foundation. A big part of the way we got our employees involved was through Night to Shine, an unforgettable prom night for people with special needs. It takes place every year on Valentine’s Day weekend and we got our employees involved for the first time last year. The feedback from that event has been amazing.”

On the Tin for 10 Campaign, Beliles explains, “My thought process behind developing this campaign was that the tin is an important element in smoldering and bonding as far as HVAC and plumbing and that part of our business. However, tin is also the gift you would traditionally give on a 10 year anniversary. As ARS is celebrating 10 years we have a lot to be thankful for. The Commercial Appeal just awarded us Top Workplace and that’s a huge feather in our cap. Vimala and I and our team have been working hard on all these great outreach endeavors and we thought we should celebrate our anniversary by giving back. As part of the campaign we have been sending out these promotional tin cans to influencers around throughout the city. We’ve challenged everyone to fill their tin can with monetary donations or also encourage people to go to and make a donation towards Night to Shine. ARS is also committed to matching whatever donations are received times 10.”

“It’s important to us that people know about Night to Shine. It’s another avenue for us to encourage people to volunteer. It’s a wonderful experience with a ton of volunteer opportunities. It also encourages everyone to check out the Tim Tebow Foundation and who the event is benefitting,” states Ingram.

“What are you most excited about for 2017,” Parks asks. “We are endeavoring on a Veterans Outreach intiative,” Vimala responds “We’re going to start off by sponsoring the military masquerade ball for Alpha Omega. We are going to be participating in engaging volunteer opportunities locally like collecting holiday greeting cards for veterans and helping ship those abroad to active military. It should be a really exciting part of what we’re doing next year. We are American Residential Services so it’s partly patriotic but also we have so many employees in our organization that are veterans. If you think about it, a lot of military veterans transition well to the skilled trades because it requires a lot of discipline, leadership, and teamwork skills that you need in HVAC and plumbing as well. We want to show our employees that we’re giving back to our employees while giving back to veterans.”

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