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ARS Chats with ACHR News About Summer Marketing

On May 29th, ACHR News (Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration News) covered a story about marketing best practices that HVAC service providers use during the summer. As a leading provider of HVAC services, it was our pleasure to share some of these insights with ACHR.

Our spokesperson was Vimala Ingram, Communications Director (pictured below). Here were some key takeaways that she provided:
  • June and July are peak season for our HVAC service centers – while demand is there because the temperatures rise, it’s important to not be complacent about marketing – the goal is to keep our services on top of mind when customers need it the most
  • Tune-up offers are critical. Even though we recommend that tune-ups be completed in the Spring before the first heat wave hits, we know that homeowners don’t think about it until it’s hot. HVAC systems are often out of sight and out of mind. So we provide competitive tune-up offers / discounts to encourage homeowners to give their ACs a little TLC while they’re working so hard to keep us cool. For tune-up offers or other offers, click here.
  • It’s no surprise that keywords or phrases related to HVAC repair on search engines (like Google, Yahoo, and Bing) spike in the summer when there is most need. This is the easiest and quickest way for homeowners to find service quickly so they can get back to normal. Therefore, online leads are a huge driver of ARS’ marketing plan during the summer.
  • Although we’re a national network of 70 service centers, each of our branches is a local service provide so it’s important for them to be involved in their respective communities. ARS devotes a lot of resources to community outreach programs including sports sponsorships, like the Columbia Fireflies, or participating in 4th of July parades.
  • We also love bringing our brand mascot and ARS superhero, Dandy, to sporting events and other community programs because he always brings a smile to people’s faces.
Read the full story here

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