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Galveston Plumbing Services

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Whether you need help with a tough plumbing repair job, such as to take care of a leaking pipe or broken water heater, or are making improvements, such as upgrading the bathroom with new fixtures during a remodeling project, you can rest assured that the team at ARS/Rescue Rooter Galveston is standing by to assist.

A Guarantee of Exceptional Service, in Writing!

You can expect only the best from ARS/Rescue Rooter when you entrust us to handle your home’s plumbing. We put that in writing with our Exceptional Service Guarantee. To book an appointment for plumbing services, contact us today!

Common Plumbing Problems

As local plumbers with years of experience diagnosing and solving problems here for Galveston homeowners, we’ve run into our fair share of issues and are happy to share our expertise.

You’re Not Alone: Plumbing Problems Can Occur at Any Time!

You might consider contacting us for service if you are encountering any of these problems:

Leaking Faucet

A dripping faucet merits repair as soon as possible. It wastes water and drives up your utility bill. We are skilled at figuring out what has gone wrong with faucets, and we make quick repairs.

Clogged Toilet

This is one of the most vexing problems we get calls about, and we sympathize. We will employ our expertise to unplug the toilet, such as using a snake or other equipment to identify and remove what’s causing the obstruction.

Leaky Pipe

You don’t want to ignore or neglect a leaking pipe! The problem can grow worse very quickly, potentially leading to damage of your home, floors, and furniture.

Backed-Up Drain

A backed-up drain is one of the more common issues homeowners face. You can’t take a shower or wash dishes until we solve the problem, which is often the result of a tangle of hair and soap in the bathroom or accumulated food debris in the kitchen drain.

Toilet Running

You may need to call on ARS/Rescue Rooter, the preferred plumbing company in Galveston, to sort out what’s causing your toilet to keep running. We are ready to repair the flapper valve or replace it.

Contact the Professionals at ARS/Rescue Rooter in Galveston Instead of Trying DIY Plumbing Repairs

Our plumbing company routinely gets calls from customers who are worried after they made a mistake trying to do a plumbing installation or repair job by themselves. We don’t want you to run into the same issues.

The DIY Spirit Is Good in Theory but Not Always in Practice!

While it’s admirable for a homeowner to want to take on plumbing work as a do-it-yourself project, this often makes the problem worse. You’ll find it’s much better to call on the professionally trained plumbers from ARS/Rescue Rooter rather than attempting a DIY job.

Why Not DIY?

The main reasons it’s best to work with our experts in Galveston rather than doing it yourself include:

Delays Caused by Unforeseen Problems

When repairing any mistake made during a DIY project, chances are good that your time watching instructional videos or reading plumbing repair manuals will not prepare you for any unexpected problems. The experts from ARS/Rescue Rooter have spent years fixing plumbing issues and will not be easily caught off guard by unexpected complications when fixing your system.

Professional Plumbers Have the Necessary Experience and Knowledge

If you don’t know what you’re doing, you may make a mistake that doesn’t manifest itself as a leak or more advanced plumbing system breakdown for a while. Or you may have used the wrong technique to fix your plumbing, which won’t hold up.

Your Insurance Policy Might Not Cover DIY Mistakes

If your amateur plumbing efforts result in a burst pipe that floods water on your property, you can anticipate having to pay for all necessary repairs. Insurance policies typically require such work to be done only by licensed professionals with full certification and training.

We Carry All the Needed Parts and Tools

Chances are good that as an average homeowner, you don’t have the same comprehensive set of tools and parts that our plumbers carry in the service vehicles. This means you can anticipate having to periodically stop work to make trips to the hardware store to purchase what you lack.

Professional Work Will Go Faster and More Smoothly

Expert plumbers who have undergone extensive training, like the team at ARS/Rescue Rooter, know what to look for when they are checking out problems with a customer’s plumbing system. Our certified, knowledgeable plumbers look at the entire system and devise a customized solution.

How the Hot Climate of Galveston Can Affect Your Home’s Plumbing

It gets hot here in Galveston, as long-time residents know all too well. Weather professionals classify Galveston as having a humid, subtropical climate. During the summer, you can anticipate the mercury regularly skyrocketing to 90 degrees Fahrenheit and higher. Due to the coastal environment, higher humidity makes the already hot summers feel even more oppressive. These are the chief ways Galveston’s high heat can have an impact on your plumbing:

Pipes Weaken Aboveground

Under the assault of UV rays from the sun, the pipes can deteriorate to the point that they warp or crack.

Pipes Crack Underground

As the high heat dries out the earth around your dwelling, it can cause the soil to shift. This condition leads to cracked pipes.

Water Pressure Problems

With the plumbing system compromised by shifting soil or harsh sunlight leading to leaks developing, you may see a decline in water pressure.

Drain Clogged

People tend to use the restroom more during the summer, as the kids will be home and adults take time away from work, which can lead to backed up drains for the shower and toilet.

About the Galveston Area

It’s no wonder people flock to live in the Galveston area. This coastal community gets its name from Bernardo de Gálvez y Madrid, Count of Gálvez, an 18th-century Spanish leader. Encompassing 209 square miles, it’s home to about 47,743 individuals and is considered part of the Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land metroplex area.

ARS/Rescue Rooter Is Here to Help With All Your Plumbing Needs

As a leading Galveston, TX, plumber, we are known for our expertise in handling a wide range of issues. For all types of service, from inspecting, maintaining, fixing, and installing plumbing systems, ARS/Rescue Rooter is here for you.

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

For greater peace of mind, we drug-test and background check each of our plumbers. And our staff will strive to book an appointment with you at a time and date that best works with your busy schedule. We take pride in being the preferred company offering professional plumbing services in Galveston and the surrounding community. Because of this, we will not consider the job done until you are completely satisfied.

Respecting Your Time and Keeping Your Home Neat and Clean While We Work

You’ll be glad to know that our dispatcher will contact you before we arrive. That way, you won’t be left wondering when the plumbers will be able to start the job. And to protect your home, our team puts on shoe covers and lays out drop cloths.

Contact Us Today

To learn more about our approach to plumbing, or to book an appointment from our plumbing company for service, please get in touch with us today!

Our Service Area

We serve the entire Houston area, including nearby communities such as Anchor Bay, Bay Harbor, Bermuda Beach, Hershey Beach, Indian Beach, Isla Del Sol, Jamaica Beach, Kahala Beach, Pirates Beach, Pirates Cove, Pointe West, Sea Isle, Spanish Grant, Sunny Beach, and Sunset Cove.

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On time. Good work. Fair price. Professional. Totally satisfied.
facebook 10/03/2023
This is the third time this year for the same problem. If it’s not fixed this time I will change company’s. But the repair man seemed to know what the exact problem was & was it was never fixed the first 2 times.
google 09/30/2023
Mr. Floyd Price came right at his scheduled window and we did not have to wait around. He took his time in inspecting my entire home and was very professional at all times. He made several recommendations that could save us problems in the future, like installation of a surge protector for our breaker box. I highly recommend ARS/Rescue Rooter for your electrical, plumbing and hvac system needs. Thank you Mr.Floyd
google 09/30/2023
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