Sewer Line Frequently Asked Questions

Will my drain cleaning include a camera inspection?

In most cases, yes. We will camera the line to make sure we resolved the immediate problem, as well inspect for further problems. The issue you are experiencing now could be a simple maintenance issue or an indication of something more serious. The camera inspection will allow us to view the line and quickly diagnose the cause of your current drain problem and spot potential areas of concern for future problems.

What is a jetter?

A “jetter” is industry jargon for a hydro jet machine. ARS/Rescue Rooter utilizes Scour Jet® technology, which is a specialized high-powered water jet that is used to scour the inside of your sewer/drain lines clean. We believe it is the best way to clean your line and have found the pipes typically stay cleaner, longer than just using a cable to clear the line.

What is a cleanout and where do I find it?

A cleanout is an access point in your sewer or drain line. It is often located outside the home at ground level near where the sewer lines connect into the city system. There could also be a kitchen line cleanout on the exterior wall, usually near the kitchen sink.

Can you tell me what a lateral problem is in regards to the sewer outside? Is that a serious and/or expensive problem?

Your lateral is your sewer pipe that runs from your home to the city connection or a septic tank. In order to determine the source of your problem, I recommend having your sewer lateral video inspected to see if you have any offset joints, inadequate grade or slope, or complete separations. These repairs can be costly, but you do have options as these repairs can be completed using the trenchless method (pipe bursting) or CIPP (cured in place pipe), aka pipe lining.

I’m not sure if this a problem but I’ve been noticing that when the dishwasher or washing machine or even when the shower is running, the toilets bubble and act like they are going to overflow when flushed, but they don’t. What could be the problem?

When you have this kind of reaction with your toilets when an appliance or shower is draining, there could be a partial obstruction in the drain or sewer in your house or apartment. There also could be a partial obstruction in the vent stack that is not keeping the vent from doing its job to maintain atmospheric pressure within the drain waste and vent system. My recommendations are to cable the lines and have the vent stack and building drain video inspected to ensure the integrity of the systems are up to code.