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HVAC History 101: Are you an HVAC historian?

April 16, 2015

Test your HVAC history with this fun and informative quiz!

Improve Indoor Air Quality. Reduce Seasonal Allergies.

April 7, 2015

Many people with allergies confine themselves to their homes during allergy season since outdoor air can contain pollen and spores. But dust mites, animal dander and even pollen can cause problems indoors. Follow these tips to improve air quality in your home and reduce allergy symptoms:


Maintaining your Sump Pump

April 21, 2015

A sump pump is designed to keep your basement dry by collecting, pumping and draining water; and it’s one of the most important household appliances keep properly maintained. 

Trenchless Pipe Repair: The Advantages of No-Dig

March 31, 2015

A damaged sewer line can bring a soggy lawn, collapsed driveway, or smelly sinkhole right into your backyard, so it’s important to repair sewer line problems as quickly as possible. In the past, repairing pipes meant digging them up and replacing them, a process that can be costly as well as intrusive.

Handy Dandy Tips

Smart Home Technology: Upgrades to Consider

April 14, 2015

Whether you are planning new home construction or a major home renovation, you may find yourself asking whether "smart” appliances are right for you. Smart home technology can control everything from garage doors to security systems to air conditioners with the touch of a finger, and a new wave of whole-home apps are enabling all of these devices. Smart appliances don't need to be complicated— learn how they can help manage your home energy use and boost efficiency.

Infograph: Vinegar Household Hero

March 10, 2015

With so many different uses around the house, vinegar deserves a special place in your home and heart. Besides being highly effective, it’s non-toxic, inexpensive and widely available. Check out these lesser-known hacks that can improve your home’s space, systems and appliances.

Dandy's Dispatch

ARS Service Centers Earn Esteemed 2014 Angie’s List Super Service Award

March 26, 2015

Award reflects company’s consistently high level of customer service

Congratulations to the winners of the Angie’s List 2014 Super Service Award.  As a part of our mission, the ARS / Rescue Rooter Network is committed to delivering an unparalleled customer experience. 

Conway Services sponsors local bike repair stations at Shelby Farms Park in Memphis, TN

January 30, 2015

Cyclists riding along the Shelby Farms Greenline and at Shelby Farms Park can keep their bikes in running order thanks to an new partnership between Shelby Farms Park Conservancy and Conway ServicesSM, an ARS® / Rescue Rooter® Network company.