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Furnace Repair in San Jose, CA

Do you need trustworthy heating repair in San Jose, California or the surrounding areas? At Atlas Trillo Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer timely San Jose heating repair and furnace services to help get your home back to normal, so everyone is safe and comfortable.

Serving San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, Santa Cruz, Salinas, and the entire Bay Area, Atlas Trillo is the first company to call for heating, cooling, and other HVAC services. Call our phone number to request an appointment or book your appointment online.

Why Trust Our San Jose HVAC Company

  • All of our work is backed by a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, so you can feel confident knowing we will keep working until you’re satisfied.

  • We take your safety and comfort seriously, taking full COVID-19 precautions.

  • We also have performed full background checks and drug testing on all of our technicians before they are allowed into your home.

  • We make a point of treating your home with the utmost respect and will always clean up our mess before we leave.

Trusted Heating Repair Service in San Jose

Under the right circumstances, a broken furnace can be more than just a simple inconvenience. Although San Jose is known more for a warm, sunny climate than colder weather, residents know that it can still get pretty chilly in the middle of a winter night.

If your heater stops working, it’s essential to have access to reliable heating repair services in San Jose. In situations like this, no ordinary family-owned and operated HVAC shop will do. The team at Atlas Trillo Heating & Air Conditioning has the certified contractors, solutions, and local professional experience you need.

Types of San Jose, CA Heating Systems We Service

We have the tools, knowledge, and industry-leading expertise to repair issues with your:

  • Thermostats

  • Ductless mini-splits

  • Air handler

  • Furnace

  • Radiator

  • And more

Quality San Jose Heating Service Provider

If you notice signs of trouble like diminished airflow, cool air instead of warm air, strange noise, or inaccurate thermostat readings, give us a call, and we will take care of the rest.

We also offer heater and furnace installation services if your heating issues are beyond repair and a full replacement is required.

Take Fast Action for Heating Emergencies

Sometimes, getting a trained HVAC technician to your home for service can’t wait, which is why we offer emergency heating repair in San Jose., CA.

The key to keeping everyone safe is to get in touch with us as soon as possible. Even if we determine that what you’re experiencing isn’t an emergency, at least you know your family and property are safe.

Do I Need Emergency Heating Repairs in San Jose?

Some of the signs that may indicate a heating emergency include:

  • The smell of gas inside your home; typically, rotten eggs, or sulfur

  • Carbon monoxide detector alarm going off

  • The smell of something burning while your heating system is on

  • Loud screeching noises while the system is running

In the case of a carbon monoxide alarm or the smell of gas, get your family out of the house before you call us.

Also, avoid turning on any lights, using appliances, or doing anything that could create a spark.

 What Are the Most Common Heating Problems? 

Furnaces can have a variety of problems, big or small. This list can give you an idea of what to expect.

No Air

If you hear the furnace running but feel no air coming through the vents, you may have a problem with the blower.

Cold Air

Cold air from the vents indicates that your heating system is not producing heat, even if it blows air.

Cold Rooms

Rooms that are much colder than the rest of the home may indicate a leak in the ductwork, allowing heated air to escape.

Stuffy Rooms

Rooms that are too warm or stuffy may not have sufficient ventilation to keep the fresh air circulating.

Insufficient Heat

If your home isn’t warm enough, even when you raise the temperature on the thermostat, you may have a furnace problem.

Clogged Filter

A clogged air filter makes it more difficult to push air through, lowering furnace efficiency and contributing to dirty components.

Inadequate Filtering

Using a furnace filter that is too low for your household’s needs can lead to dust buildup or problems with allergies.

Bad Blower Motor

A bad blower motor may make strange sounds, work inconsistently, or fail to operate. Furnace repair service is a necessity.

Damaged Ball Bearings

Damaged ball bearings make it more difficult for the blower to run correctly. Regular maintenance usually identifies the problem before it gets worse.

Dirty Burner

A dirty burner is more likely to waste fuel, so you will notice an increase in energy consumption without getting better heat.

Insufficient Airflow

Insufficient airflow around the furnace forces the furnace to draw air from other places, decreasing efficiency and indoor air quality.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

When the circuit breaker for the furnace keeps tripping, you may have an electrical problem.

Call for assistance before resetting it.

Faulty Ignition

If the furnace ignitor is not working, the most likely result is that the furnace will not operate. Call our furnace repair company as soon as possible.

Frequent Shutoff

A furnace that shuts off before reaching the correct temperature is short-cycling due to an internal problem. Our technicians can find the source.

Thermostat Doesn’t Turn On

If the thermostat doesn’t turn on the furnace, you may have a faulty temperature sensor or other problem.

Wiring Problems

If the wiring connecting the thermostat to the furnace is disconnected or malfunctioning, you may have an inconsistent operation.

Dead Thermostat Batteries

Dead thermostat batteries may be a simple fix. It’s a good thing to try, if you’re not sure of the cause of your heating problems.

Wrong Thermostat Settings

Many furnace issues can be solved by creating the correct furnace settings. Consult your thermostat manual to look for obvious problems.

Air Leaks

Air leaks in the home exterior or ductwork let the warm air escape too quickly. Sealing the leaks can keep the heat in longer.

Inadequate Insulation

Insulation slows the process of heat transfer. Adding more insulation may improve your home’s comfort and efficiency if your insulation is insufficient or damaged.

Banging Sounds

Banging sounds indicate a loose part inside the furnace, likely the blower. Calling for repair is the quickest path to a solution.

Booming Noises

A booming noise may show that the burner is accumulating dirt and working harder to ignite it.

Leaking Water

Leaking water from the furnace shows that your ventilation or your heat exchanger may not be working properly.

Pooling Water

Pooling water may indicate that the condensate drain line is clogged or frozen. Turn off the furnace and call for assistance.

Soot Buildup

Soot buildup inside the furnace is a byproduct of burning fuel using a damaged heat exchanger.

Improper Ventilation 

If the furnace does not vent directly to the roof, you may have an increased risk of carbon monoxide buildup in the home.

Insufficient Fuel

A lack of fuel may indicate that you have a problem with the fuel connection. You should turn off the furnace and call for assistance.

Chemical Smell

A chemical smell, sometimes smelling of formaldehyde, is not a sign of normal operation. The source may be a damaged heat exchanger.

Rotten Egg Smell

A rotten egg smell is a sign that your natural gas line isn’t connected properly. Shut off the gas valve and call us for repair.

What Is the Climate in San Jose?

San Jose has a climate that is quite different from nearby San Francisco. Here are a few factors you should know, to understand your home’s heating needs.

Hot Summers

San Jose is an inland part of California, meaning that summers are hotter and drier than areas near the coast.

Cold Winters

The San Jose area has relatively cool winters. Snow is uncommon, but it may accumulate on the surrounding mountains.

Unique Microclimates

The local climate depends on your position in San Jose. Downtown has fewer weather events, but areas a few miles away may have much more.

Variable Rainfall

Average rainfall in San Jose is about 16 inches per year, mainly in the winter. Some areas get more than others.

High Cloud Cover

During the winter, the sky is covered in clouds for much of the day. Cloud cover keeps the sun from warming your home.

Effective Heating

With average lows in the 40s in winter, it’s crucial to have effective heating that can keep pace with the temperature.

Moisture Control

Winter in San Jose is much more humid, which can feel colder. Moisture control can decrease the effects of cold and dampness.

Protecting Your Home

Your home needs proper heating in winter, to avoid damage such as frozen pipes. It’s best to schedule furnace repair when you need it.

Benefits of Hiring ARS/Rescue Rooter for Furnace Repair

When you have a furnace problem, you need our professional solution. Hiring our heating repair company offers the following benefits.

Maintain Safety

Working with your furnace isn’t always safe for you or your family. We can protect your household while we work on addressing the problem.

Get Expert Opinions

When you call our technicians for heating repair in San Jose, you get the advantage of their expert advice and recommendations to make an educated choice.

Improve Furnace Lifespan

Repair from our professional team can help extend your equipment's lifespan without compromising output.

Lower Energy Consumption

When you schedule a repair with our technicians, you can rest assured that we will work to preserve your energy efficiency.

Avoid Damage

Hiring our technicians give you the best chance of solving the problem without causing more damage to the furnace or your home.

Minimize Future Repair Needs

Furnace problems often have multiple causes. Our technicians can find all of them, minimizing the likelihood of future repair needs for the same problem.

Ensure an Accurate Solution

Once the work is done, you want to know that the furnace will work properly again. We can provide a long-term solution.

Save Money on Mistakes

When we work on your furnace, we can avoid making mistakes that cost more money to fix.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

As we work to solve the problem; you can sit back and relax, knowing that we have the experience to take care of it.

Schedule a San Jose Heating System Tune-Up

When you book an appointment for heater maintenance with us, you may be able to reduce the need for repairs because smaller issues may have been lurking in the shadows could be spotted. You can also expect:

  • Greater energy efficiency

  • Lower monthly heating bills

  • Cleaner indoor air

  • Longer lifespan for your HVAC system

Call ARS/Rescue Rooter to Book an Appointment Today!

We serve the entire area, including nearby communities such as Almaden Valley, Alum Rock, Alviso, Japantown, Little Italy, Little Portugal, Little Saigon, Mayfair, Naglee Park, Rose Garden, Santana Row, The Alameda, Willow Glen, and more.

If you need heating repair, it's time to call the experts at 408-767-6078.

If you need heating repair, it's time to call in the experts at 408-767-6078.

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License # 742039

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