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Executive Membership Club


RS Andrews of Tidewater: Executive Membership Club

The best way to avoid inconvenient, and often expensive, problems with your air conditioning, heating, plumbing, and electrical systems is through preventive maintenance. The Executive Membership Club from RS Andrews of Tidewater℠ will ensure your systems stay in top shape year round and as a member you’ll receive:

1. Comfort
2. Peace of Mind
3. Savings



$24 Per Month

1. Free trip charge
2. Free diagnostic
3. Priority service 7
  days a week**
4. 15% Discount on repairs
  & accessories
5. 2 Elite Tune-Up visits
6. 1 Plumbing home inspection
  with water heater flush†
7. Dedicated phone support
8. Electronic leak search with
  up to 2 lbs of freon
9. Up to $1500* credit on a
  replacement system

$10 Per Month

1. Free trip charge
2. Free diagnostic
3. Priority service 7
  days a week**
4. 10% Discount on repairs
  & accessories
5. 1 Essential Tune-Up visit
  (heat/cool combo)
6. 1 Plumbing home inspection
7. Dedicated phone support

$2 Per Month

1. Free trip charge
2. Free diagnostic
3. Priority service 7
  days a week**
4. 5% Discount on repairs
  & accessories




Start protecting your family and your investment.
Join our Executive Membership Club TODAY!

When you become a part of the Executive Membership Club with the Elite or Essential plan, we inspect, clean, and completely tune up your systems to ensure they’re operating at their absolute best.

Benefits of preventative maintenance:

1. Improves system performance
2. Increases energy efficiency
3. Reduces energy costs
4. Extends equipment lifespan
5. Helps prevent costly breakdowns and disasters
6. Improves system safety

Air Conditioning

1. Check refrigerant levels and
2. Inspect evaporator coil
3. Calibrate your thermostat(s)
4. Examine air filter and replace
  if you have one on hand
5. Inspect and tighten wiring
6. Flush condensate drain
7. Inspect and clean the
8. Inspect condenser fan motor
  and blades; lubricate if
9. Check voltage and amperage


1. Clean and adjust burners
2. Inspect heat exchanger
3. Inspect and tighten wiring
4. Visually inspect duct work for
  proper airflow
5. Examine air filter and replace
  if you have one on hand
6. Inspect for proper operation
  of igniter or pilot light
7. Inspect blower compartment
8. Inspect flame operation
  for safety and burn performance
9. Calibrate your thermostat(s)


1. Inspect toilets, emergency
  shut-offs, washing machine hoses
2. Check fixture operation &
  water flow
3. Free main line sewer camera
  inspection upon request with full-size clean out access
4. Water heater safety inspection
  including TMP valve test, controls wiring & elements check, inspect water lines, check anode rod condition, & flush tank (if practical)

*HVAC Systems Replacement Credits: $1,500 = Premium system; $1,000 = Deluxe system; $500 = Standard system (as defined by Company). **Additional charges may apply.

*Each base Plan includes either one HVAC system or one water heater only. †Isolation valve required for tankless units or additional charges may apply. **Additional charges may apply. Monthly amounts must be paid by credit / debit card or automatic bank withdrawal. Not valid with any other offers or discounts. The condition of HVAC systems, Electrical systems, or Plumbing systems, if applicable, will be reported at the time of maintenance service, but does not imply any warranties to their performance in the future. Customer is responsible for any additional service work provided outside the scope of the Executive Membership Club. Service under this Executive Membership Club shall continue until terminated by either party upon thirty (30) days prior written notice, provided that Company may discontinue service at any time in the event of non-payment by customer. Valid at participating ARS® Network locations. Not valid for third party, new construction, or commercial customers, with any other offers, discounts, or on prior sales. See service center for details. © 2022 American Residential Services LLC. All rights reserved. License # VA 2705059347A (ELE, PLB, HVA, GFC), NC L.30680

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