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Sump Pump Services in Greater Columbus, OH Area

If you’re searching for Columbus sump pump service, you’ve come to the right place!

Perhaps you just moved into a home in an area of Columbus that is known to have unusually high rains and basement flooding, and you want a sump pump as soon as possible. Maybe you already have a sump pump, but it is close to failing or has already completely conked out, and you need knowledgeable technicians to restore or replace this important flood protection equipment.

Protect Your Columbus Basement With Sump Pump Services

Prudent homeowners know the value of arranging for expert Columbus sump pump installation. It’s important to keep it well-serviced to protect your property during the heavy rains and flooding that can occur in this part of Ohio, especially in spring and winter.

Unwelcome water in a crawl space or basement can damage your home, so having a reliable way to get rid of floodwaters quickly is a necessary aspect of homeownership here.

The sump pump service experts at Rescue Rooter Columbus want you to know that we have your back when the waters start to rise. If you need sump pump repair service, don’t delay — call our professional plumbers for help today!

The Importance of Hiring Our Team to Service Your Sump Pump

When it comes to emergency sump pump repair, it’s a job you will want to leave to the professionals.

As leading sump pump replacement and repair providers here in Columbus, we know that proud Ohio homeowners often crave the satisfaction of taking care of their property by themselves whenever possible. From pedestal sump pumps to submersible sump pumps, we can tackle it all.

However, since maintaining and fixing sump pumps is so important for warding off flood damage, you probably want a certified technician with plenty of experience, such as an expert from Rescue Rooter Columbus.

Why You Should Call the Pros at Rescue Rooter Columbus

Here are some of the more crucial reasons to allow professionals to keep your primary sump pump and backup sump pump in good working order:

  • Trusted expertise: Our plumbing professionals are familiar with all the major brands and manufacturers of sump pumps, and we share our expertise with customers in need of repairs or a new installation.

  • Efficiency and good work ethic: Technicians at Rescue Rooter Columbus carry all the necessary tools and components, so they are ready to start working as soon as they arrive at your home to service your sump pump.

  • Reliability for peace of mind: With many years of experience, the work we do is reliable and backed by our Exceptional Service Guarantee.

  • Keep your basement floor safer from floods: When the waters begin rising in the greater Columbus, OH area, you will want to have a sump pump that can remove it before flooding occurs in a crawl space or basement.

  • Get the right size sump pump for your home: How much power should your sump pump have to protect your home from floods? Talk to your Rescue Rooter Columbus technician for advice on getting a sump pump that can remove the appropriate number of gallons per minute (such as 44 gallons or 75 gallons per minute).

  • Determine which sump pump type is most appropriate: You may not be certain which sump pump is best for use in your residence. A submersible pump comes with a sealed motor so it can be placed completely underwater. A benefit is that this kind makes less noise when operating. However, it’s larger than a standard pedestal sump pump, which will use a small basin. We will be happy to help you decide.

  • Preserve the manufacturer warranty: Only professionals — such as the technicians at Rescue Rooter Columbus — should install or fix your sump pump. You might even void the warranty of the manufacturer if you try to put in or maintain a sump pump on your own instead of leaving this task to experts.

Why Sump Pump Service Is Needed After Thunderstorms and Hail

The climate in Columbus is notable specifically for its hot, humid summers and cold winters. Being in the Midwest means the area is also susceptible to sudden storms that can be severe in nature and could lead to flooding in some cases.

It doesn’t take long for homeowners in Columbus to get accustomed to the many thunderstorms that typically occur during the spring and summer, along with the usual torrents of rain and hail.

Keep in mind that this type of climate may tax a sump pump’s working capacity.

What Storm Season in Columbus Means for Sump Pumps

Canada tends to send cool fronts down the length of the U.S. to meet the humid, heated air that characterizes the Midwest in the warmer months, which often lead to major thunderstorms in springtime and throughout the rest of the summer.

Torrential rain that continues without letup poses a problem for homeowners who lack a functioning sump pump to get rid of unwanted water from their property.

Winter Tends to Bring Freezing Temperatures

Although winters in Columbus aren’t usually as severe as they are in other parts of the state, they can bring freezing temperatures that can damage sump pump systems.

Frozen lines can prevent water from being pumped away from your foundation. If your sump pump breaks down while the water levels are rising, you’ll need to take quick action and call Rescue Rooter Columbus for assistance.

Contact the Experts at Rescue Rooter Columbus

The whole team at Rescue Rooter Columbus is proud of our reputation in the industry for the excellent sump pump maintenance service we provide to each homeowner.

Our trusted technicians have years of experience installing, maintaining, troubleshooting and fixing sump pumps, and we welcome the chance to serve you.

Satisfaction Is Guaranteed!

Our Exceptional Service Guarantee explains that we will not be happy with the work we do until you are completely satisfied.

Homeowners are often pleased to see how we value their time, always calling when we are about to arrive. When we get to your home, we wear shoe covers and lay down drop cloths (as needed) to keep everything as neat and clean as when we began the work.

Get More Out of Your Sump Pump

We serve the entire Columbus metropolitan area, including nearby cities such as Winchester, Dublin, Grandview Heights, Grove City, Hilliard and New Albany.

To learn more about our professional services for sump pumps or book an appointment, please get in touch with us today.

Is your sump pump not keeping up with the rain? Call the Columbus plumbers at ARS/Rescue Rooter at 614-432-8175 today!

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