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Attic Insulation from Conway Services


Attic Insulation in Cordova, TN

The Energy Efficient Attic program integrates three proven energy-saving techniques into a single solution!

  • Proper Attic Insulation: We will accurately inspect, measure, and record the current level of insulation in comparison to the Department of Energy recommendations.
  • Balanced Attic Ventilation: Your intakes and exhaust ventilation will be reviewed to determine proper levels and ratios set forth by the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development.
  • Spray-On Radiant Barrier: Your attic will be evaluated for the benefit of a radiant barrier application.

Maintaining your attic insulation

Your insulation is supposed to prevent this circulation of warm and cool air, effectively keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Alongside a radiant barrier and proper ventilation, correct insulation will maintain a comfortable temperature in your home, regardless of the season. Also, a bonus effect – proper insulation can absorb sound, making your home quieter!

The hot and cool transfer discussed above often occurs in the attic. Without appropriate insulation, warm air can flow into your attic and remain. As a result, your home’s heating system has to consume more energy to provide additional hot air to heat the house. The same hold constant in the summer months. Without insulation, cool air will flow to the attic and remain where it is unneeded. This requires your cooling system to produce more cold air to cool the rest of the house, using even more energy.

Improving your attic ventilation

To improve or create attic ventilation, Conway Services utilizes a variety of soffit and ridge vents to pull air through the attic. The ridge vents allow natural convection or wind to pull air out of the attic. The soffit allows replacement air flow into the attic. The beauty of this system is that it requires no moving parts or energy consumption. In unique cases, we may recommend using additional systems such as air hawks, wind turbines, or other powered or solar-powered vents.

When your attic is properly ventilated, you will likely see improved performance of your insulation and radiant barrier spray. Together, these three pieces of the puzzle provide improved comfort throughout the year and reduced energy consumption in all season, as well as prevent damage to your home.

Radiant Barrier insulation

How to solve this problem? Radiant barrier insulation is the answer. At Conway Services, we know can utilize a radiant barrier spray. This is put on the underside of your roof, and it can protect your home from up to 80% of the heat from the sun! This provides a reduction in energy consumption and cost savings for your wallet!

In the cooler months of the year, radiant barrier insulation can do the opposite – keep the heat created by your heating system in your home where it belongs! Warm air rises naturally, and the radiant barrier will prevent the heated air from dispersing to the outside. This makes your home more efficient.

We are able to apply radiant barriers to your existing roof or an entirely new roof. Just one coat is usually all you need to improve your home’s comfort and decrease your energy bills!

Call us today at 901-248-1952 to schedule a consultation for attic insulation.

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