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Indoor Air Quality from Conway Services


Indoor Air Quality in Cordova, TN

Why do I need a Second Wind air purifier if I already have a filter?

A filter will address the particulate in the air but does not have an effect on bacteria, odors, and off-gases. The World Health Organization and CDC break indoor air contamination into 3 categories. Particulate which is the dust and dirt introduced into the air is what a filter will remove. Bioaerosols which are living micro-organisms like bacteria and viruses, which can be addressed with ultraviolet germicidal light disinfection. Also, Volatile Organic Compounds like odors, fumes, off-gases, can be neutralized using photo-catalytic oxidation. Second Wind Air Purifiers can enhance an existing filter by addressing things the filter will miss and with our model can address particulate, Bioaerosols and Volatile Organic compounds.

Aprilaire 5000 Electronic Air Purifier

The Aprilaire Model 5000 Electronic Air Cleaner’s performance exceeds all other whole-house air cleaners on the market today. Its breakthrough technology delivers record-setting performance. Even trapping particles as small as a virus at an efficiency of 80%. Unlike standard plate-type electronic air cleaners that lose efficiency over time and require regular maintenance, the Aprilaire Electronic Air Cleaner’s special electronically enhanced media permanently traps particulate, so you get the efficiency you expect all the time. And the special Aprilaire media only needs to be changed once a year. Maintenance is simple!

5” Media Filter

The ‘Once a Year’ filter, for a cleaner home!

The APRILAIRE Air Cleaner is an investment in healthful comfort for your family and protection for your home and furnishings. This air cleaner is many times more efficient than an ordinary furnace or air conditioning filters with which you may be familiar. One of the best features of the APRILAIRE is that the filter media only needs to be changed once a year. That’s right! Only once a year. The average filter needs to be checked monthly. That makes this unit ideal for hard to reach areas like attics, crawl-spaces, tight closets, and dirty, dark basements. And the filter actually becomes more efficient as it gets dirtier. Because this model has no moving parts, it’s virtually maintenance free and comes with a lifetime limited warranty!

Duct Rejuvenation

Seal your existing duct system to EPA standards with foil-backed, duct mastic.

Foil-backed mastic is a nontoxic, water-based, adhesive-sealant for permanently sealing the fabricated joints and seams of sheet metal air ducts, UL-181 listed rigid fiberglass air ducts, UL-181 listed flexible air ducts and thermal insulation. It is also ideal for repairing damaged and leaking air ducts and sealing conditioned spaces from air infiltration. Mildew resistant. Water-based, for easy application and cleanup. Fiber reinforced, high solids content, excellent longevity (actually strengthens with age).

Whole-Home Zoning

Zone Control (2, 3 and 4 Zone Systems.)

Zoned HVAC Saves You Money and Makes You More Comfortable! In most homes, heating and cooling accounts for the largest part of the energy bill. Despite this, most homes waste a tremendous amount of heat and cool air through inefficient use. Efficiency can be significantly improved by only heating or cooling when necessary (ie. when occupants are present) and by only heating/cooling to the exact desired temperature. Home automation and zoned HVAC (heating, ventilation, air-conditioning) can do this for you automatically. You can set different desired temperatures in each room, and by using motion detectors you can automatically turn ON/OFF the heating/cooling to each zone as people enter and leave. The energy savings in the average home over just a few years will often pay for the entire home automation system!


Whole Home Humidifiers

Aprilaire Model 700 Power Humidifier- is a whole house, plenum mounted power unit designed for use with either a conventional furnace or heat pump system. It uses the Aprilaire flow-through design to provide an evaporation rate suitable for even larger than average homes and features modern styling to complement the hi-tech appearance of today’s HVAC equipment.

For exceptional air quality services, call us at 901-248-1952.

Special Offers

Save Up to $4,500 on a New HVAC System with our Buy Back Program and available Tax Credits!

Purchase and installation of qualifying HVAC system required. Removal and disposal by Company of pre-existing HVAC system required to receive $1,300 Buy Back credit. Up to $3,200 in Federal tax credits on select systems. Homeowner is responsible to consult with a tax advisor on eligibility. Valid only for residential customers. Not valid with any other offers, discounts, or on prior sales. Void if copied or transferred and where prohibited. Any other use may constitute fraud. Cash value $.001. Offer expires 04/30/2024.

License # 64210, 64365 (EAS), MS 19668

$83 Main Drain Line Cleaning or It's Free!

If we are unable to open your main sewer line drain, you will not pay the cleaning fee. Offer valid for cable of main sewer line up to 100 ft. Proper cleanout access required. Valid at participating ARS® Network locations. Not valid for third party, new construction, or commercial customers, with any other offers, discounts, or on prior sales. Call service center for details. Coupon required at time of service. Void if copied or transferred and where prohibited. Any other use may constitute fraud. Cash value $.001. Offer expires 04/30/2024.

License # 64210, 64365 (EAS), MS 19668

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