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Sewer & Water Line Services in Orange, CA

Sewer system problems can be a less than glamorous situation—but someone has to deal with it. If you are experiencing problems, instead of stressing about it, reach out to Rescue Rooter Orange, we provide industry-leading sewer repair that will give you total peace of mind and keep your plumbing system in good working order. When you notice the signs of sewer damage and give us a call or book an appointment online to find a solution, you can expect:

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Transparent service
  • No hidden fees and honest pricing
  • Emergency service
  • Financing options
  • Drug tested and background checked plumbers
  • Memorable customer service from start to finish

Precise Sewer Line Repairs Guided by State-of-the-Art Inspections

Not so long ago, when you called us to take care of your sewer line, we would have to dig a full trench the length of the pipe to find the source of the problem. It was highly invasive and caused a lot of disruption above ground. Today, we can dig small openings at either end of a sewer pipe and then insert a thin video camera that snakes through the pipe. We can simply watch what’s happening on a monitor to discover where the problem happens to be.

For repairs, we have a couple of different options. Pipe bursting is when we insert a new pipe in one end of the old one and pull it all the way through, bursting the old pipe in the process and leaving us with a brand-new pipe. Pipe relining is when we insert a fiberglass liner that seals the current pipe and stops the damage.

Signs that you may require repair or replacement services for your drain or sewer line include:

  • Foul smells coming from your drains
  • Gurgling noises in your drains
  • Wet spots in your lawn
  • Lush patches of grass
  • Sewage backups and blockages
  • Slow drains

Clogs are not the only type of problem that can arise with a sewer or drain line. These components can also suffer from cracks, holes, offset pipes, corrosion, and tree root intrusion. The result of these types of issues is usually a leak. No matter what kind of damage your pipes have undergone, we can help you either repair or replace them. Rescue Rooter Orange is here to make your life simpler by providing the best drain and sewer service in Irvine and the surrounding area. We would love the opportunity to earn the right to be your plumber for life.

Broken Sewer Line Solutions

The plumbing and sewer line repair experts at Rescue Rooter Orange can assess your sewer pipe cracks and damage. While your property layout and sewer system are unique, there may be some basic issues that we can address with repairs.

These include the following:

  • Preventive Maintenance: It is important to help prevent sewer line damage from occurring in the first place. With regular sewer line inspections and drain cleaning services, you can keep major debris and buildup out of your pipes and avoid cracks, clogs, or bursts.

Irvine Sewer Line Replacement

If repair is not possible, it may be time to schedule a sewer line replacement. Fortunately, we take the time to explain your options, review the problem, and show you exactly how we are going to fix it. You can trust us to meet your needs and not oversell you on an unnecessary product during any replacement procedure. We can professionally recommend sewer line replacement that falls in line with your household needs and your budget.

In addition, our trenchless repair and replacement methods are less invasive than traditional methods and won’t tear up your lawn or landscaping. It’s also more cost-effective than other methods! We have repaired and replaced hundreds of sewer lines and work diligently to save you time and money in your sewer line services.

Ready to fix your sewer line or water main? Give us a call at 877-259-6249 today.

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