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AC Repair Indianapolis Residents Can Depend On

We look forward to summer time here in Indianapolis. It starts with the Greatest Spectacle in Racing in May, includes countless days and nights at Victory Field, and wraps up with us getting ready for football season. What we don't look forward to is our Indianapolis air conditioning system breaking down when we need it most.

If you need high-quality air conditioning repair in the Indianapolis area that always gets the results you need, you can trust the team at ARS/Rescue Rooter Indiana. Our air conditioning service professionals are standing by right now to perform wonderful service and get your HVAC system back up and working properly.

Our heating, cooling, plumbing, and indoor air quality company is standing by. Call us now for AC repair service or schedule your appointment online today!

Serving Indianapolis and Beyond With Trusted Air Conditioning Service

We offer an Exceptional Service Guarantee that ensures we won’t stop performing your HVAC service until you are completely satisfied, so you can rest easy knowing the job will be done right. There is no reason to have to sit with broken air conditioning in a sweltering house when expert AC repair in Indianapolis is just a phone call away.

When you book an appointment with our team of highly trained HVAC technicians, you can expect:

  • Technicians that are drug tested and background checked and will treat your home just like it was their own

  • Flexible financing options to suit your budget

  • Emergency services

  • Honest, upfront pricing

Reputable AC Repair in Central Indiana

The key to getting air conditioning repair that actually produces the results you need is to align yourself with a proven HVAC company in your area. At ARS/Rescue Rooter in Indianapolis, we offer high-quality HVAC and plumbing services which include AC repair and AC installation service that will keep you cool and comfortable when temperatures are at their highest. We have very high standards for our work, and it shows with every service call.

Many individuals in Indianapolis require air conditioning repairs after only 5-10 years, as shown by the fact that air conditioner units live longer than they once did (the typical lifespan is usually 10-15 years).

While regular maintenance is best practice, an air conditioner can still develop a problem and is usually due to regular wear and tear. Because problems with air conditioning can arise at any moment, homeowners should be aware of when these issues start so that they are not caught off guard by an air conditioner failure during the hottest hours of summer.

Here are six warning signs that should tell you something is wrong with your Indianapolis air conditioning unit:

1. Elevated humidity levels in your home

Your central Indiana air conditioner releases heat and dampness from the air within your home. You'll notice that the humidity level in your house is greater than usual or that condensation is collecting on surfaces such as walls or other elements of the system if your AC breaks down.

2. Lukewarm air coming from your vents

Even after a lengthy amount of time and despite the fact that other signs suggest otherwise, heated air coming from vents is the most typical AC problem, even after a lengthy period of usage. An inefficient air conditioner or clogged AC coils might result in lukewarm air, but it generally indicates there is a problem with refrigerant circulation throughout the system (which frequently necessitates AC maintenance).

3. Higher cooling bills

It's possible that your AC unit is failing to cool your house properly or switching on and off too frequently, despite the fact that it is operating correctly. An AC unit that isn't cooling your home adequately or switches on and off frequently needs immediate repairs, and our Indianapolis AC repair experts are ready for the job.

4. Unusual noises or odors coming from your AC unit

AC noises include rumbling, grinding, whining, thumping, hissing, and banging with minor faults. If you detect strange noises or smells coming from your unit (which only professional Indianapolis AC contractors should be able to identify), it's time to seek help.

5. Moisture or leaking around the AC unit

When moisture builds up in the vents and AC coils, it produces a musty stench. Mold may corrode, damage, or destroy AC parts as a result of the leaked air, creating a serious health risk.

6. Certain rooms warmer than others even though the AC is running

Air conditioning systems are designed to move heat. Heat is transferred from one location to another using fans and vents in air conditioning systems. If certain rooms in your Indianapolis, IN home appear to be hotter than others despite the fact that you've been running the air conditioner for hours, or if your entire house appears to be warmer than it should be, it's time to contact a professional.

Signs Your Thermostat Isn’t Working Properly

Although it’s not one of the most important parts of your AC system, the thermostat tells all the other parts when to cycle on and when to cycle off. The thermostat is where you go to set the temperature you want in the house and if it’s not functioning correctly, you’ll have an impossible time getting comfortable.

Here are some signs that indicate it’s time to give us a call for air conditioning repair on your thermostat:

1. Your system won’t cycle on when you set a new temperature

This is one of the most common and obvious signs that your heating and cooling thermostat is not working properly. If you find that your air conditioning system is no longer responding to changes in temperature that you make on the thermostat, it is likely time to purchase a replacement.

2. You’ve noticed a recent spike in your utility bill

If you have seen a sudden and unexplained increase in your monthly energy bills, it could be due to a malfunctioning AC thermostat. A broken thermostat can cause your air conditioner to run longer than necessary, driving up your energy costs.

3. You have frequent temperature fluctuations in the house

Another sign that your thermostat may be on the fritz is if you notice a lot of variation in the temperature of your home from day to day. This could be due to the thermostat not sensing temperature changes correctly, which can lead to an uncomfortable environment.

4. The temperature readings are not correct

If you find that the temperature readings on your thermostat are not accurate, it is likely time for a new one. Incorrect temperature readings can cause your AC system to run longer than necessary, wasting energy and driving up your utility bills.

We also offer new thermostat installation. With smart thermostats now available from Google Nest, never worry about manually setting the temperature of your house again with a thermostat from Nest!

Schedule AC Maintenance Services in Indianapolis

If you want to reduce the chance of needing Indianapolis AC repair and AC replacement, book regular tune-ups with our heating & air conditioning team. This is especially true if you are home a lot and use your air conditioner every day. When we perform routine maintenance on your central air system, you can expect:

  • Improved air quality in the house

  • Greater energy efficiency and lower monthly cooling bills

  • More comfortable household

  • A longer lifespan for your AC system

  • Increased home value

We believe we are a great company that delivers great service across central Indiana. Compare quotes, do your research, then schedule heating and air conditioning service from the company our customers keep returning to: ARS/Rescue Rooter.

Call us at 317-599-4054 for professional Indianapolis air conditioning repair to help you stay cool.

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License # H0020094, CO50600004

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