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Maryland Heat Pump Services

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Dependable Heat Pump Contractor in Maryland from ARS/Rescue Rooter

ARS®/Rescue Rooter® is your trusted partner for excellent heat pump service in the Germantown, Annapolis, Gaithersburg, Silver Spring, and Bethesda area.

Our licensed, certified HVAC professionals are skilled in fixing all types of problems that occur with a heat pump system. If your family needs a new heat pump system, ARS/Rescue Rooter will help guide you in deciding which system to install. If you know that it’s time for your existing heat pump to receive its inspection, cleaning, and maintenance, we recommend that you contact us today.

We are the leading Maryland heat pump installation experts with years of experience in Laurel and the neighboring community. We always follow industry best practices for handling residential heating and cooling systems.

Prudent homeowners across Maryland know that it’s essential to have professionals take care of the heat pumps that keeps their dwelling cool during summertime and nice and warm when winter arrives. Whether you're needing heat pump repair service or heat pump replacement, call our factory-trained service team today or schedule an appointment online.

Do I Need Heat Pump Repair Services?

Heat pumps are an incredibly important HVAC system that residents rely on as their heating system and as an air conditioner throughout the seasons. People who have never had a reason to complain about their heat pump can consult this handy list of some of the most common reasons customers contact us for service.

When it comes to heat pump repair in Maryland , you want to leave work to professionally trained and licensed technicians, such as the team at ARS/Rescue Rooter.

Examples of service call topics include:

When supposedly set to heat mode, the system blows cold air

Double-check if the thermostat is set to air-conditioning mode. If the thermostat is fine, the heat pump may require maintenance and cleaning. Your technician could discover that the reversing valve is broken and needs replacing.

Heat pump never stops running

This is a common heat pump issue. It may indicate that the system was inadvertently set to cool your home instead of heating it during winter. Or, you could have a frozen coil. A malfunctioning compressor might be the culprit.

Frozen heat pump

A technician may determine that the equipment no longer goes into defrost mode. In some cases, the problem stems from leaking refrigerant.

Skyrocketing utility bills

If you’ve enjoyed stable bills but are now seeing unusual increases from the power company, it could be an indication that your heat pump requires cleaning. A clean system runs more efficiently.

Keep in mind, even when you have no complaints about your system, if you haven’t had it inspected, cleaned, and maintained by professionals in more than a year, now would be the perfect time to call for tune-up heat pump services. Doing so can go a long way toward prolonging the useful life of the heat pump.

Maryland Heat Pump System Replacement Services

Residents in Maryland need a reliable heat pump so they can stay comfortable all year, despite the generally hot, humid summers and the cool winters typical in the state.

People often prefer heat pumps because of their simple design. It’s an ingenious system. You don’t waste fuel to heat air, which a furnace requires. Instead, a heat pump takes advantage of the difference between the temperature outside and inside.

In winter, the ambient air temperature can be slightly warmer outside than inside a building. Under these circumstances, the heat pump moves the warmer air into your dwelling. In the summer, the system pumps heat the other way from your home to dissipate it outside.

What Are the Benefits of a Heat Pump?

Once you have a better sense of the many benefits of using a heat pump in Maryland, you’ll see why so many other residential customers prefer this type of system to stay comfortable.

Benefits include:

Installing a heat pump gives you an energy-efficient way to keep your place warm when the temperature drops each winter in Maryland.

Using less energy to stay warm during the winter means you will pay less each month for utility bills.

A heat pump is less complicated than a heating and cooling system that relies on a furnace and an air-conditioning unit. This makes it easier to inspect, clean, and repair.

You’re doing the planet a favor because instead of using extra energy to heat the air, a heat pump only needs to move hot air inside during winter and move hot air outside when summer begins.

Don’t Delay! Contact ARS/Rescue Rooter to Service Your Heat Pump

To help keep your home’s heating and cooling system working as efficiently as possible, you’ll want to bring in licensed, certified HVAC technicians for service for the heat pump.

Homeowners hire us because of the excellent reputation we’ve developed in the heating and cooling industry. It’s no secret why. Our Exceptional Service Guarantee promises that you will be completely satisfied with the work we do.

Regular inspections and maintenance allow us to find problems when they’re still small and easier to remedy. Keeping your heat pump clean is essential for conserving energy. That benefits the environment as well as your budget when it comes time to pay utility bills.

In addition to setting up a heating and cooling system that conserves natural resources, our technicians will demonstrate respect for your home and your time. To that end, we call before arriving, and we will put down drop cloths while wearing shoe covers as needed to keep everything neat and clean.

Contact ARS/Rescue Rooter today to book an appointment for exceptional heat pump service!

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