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Water Heater Service from McCarthy Services


Northern Virginia Water Heater Experts

No one likes starting their day with an ice-cold shower—that's why it's essential to know who to call for expert water heater repair service. The plumbing experts at McCarthy Services offer water heater repair, maintenance, and installation service. We provide water heating services to homes located across northern Virginia including Fredericksburg, Alexandria, and Arlington. Our certified plumbers are trained at keeping water heaters in tip-top shape before major issues arise, even if you have a habit of taking it for granted.

Without water heaters, we'd not have the privilege of hot water. Hot water heaters provide quick hot water for your faucets and electrical appliances. It is very likely that after years of creating hours of usable hot water for your home, your water heater will inevitably stop working. Use a professional licensed plumber who can perform water heater installation & maintain a reputable water heater system to ensure it functions correctly for your house and family. The plumbing service team at McCarthy Services has years of experience tackling water heater repair in Alexandria, VA, and the northern Virginia area. From tankless water heating systems to older tanked gas water models, our quality of work and business standards have kept us in operation for decades. Call us or schedule your water heater appointment online now for service.

Water Heater Repair Services in Alexandria, VA

McCarthy Services local plumbers can perform a wide array of jobs including fixing any repair water heaters are encountering. Here's what to look out for to determine whether you should call for plumbing services:

Sizzling noise

Sizzling sounds are often indications of decreased water flow in the water heater. A high volume of pressure is likely to cause this sound in your tank. This is often a problem caused by a malfunctioning temperature and pressure control valve. So as to avoid serious damage to your water heater, deactivate your system and call a licensed plumber. We also recommend service inspecting water outflow valves to make sure they are still opened. You would think the sizzling noise would come from a partially sealed valve on the water supply.

The pressure relief valve and the drain valve

Your pressure relief valve is a safety component used to control or limit the pressure in the tank. The water inside the tank should be drained every so often. The drain valve is located at the end of the pipe. This valve can be used to clean sediment from the tank which could cause damage to your system. If you haven't had this service performed in some time, call us! This regular check can help you identify if the gas water heater needs fixing or if water heater repairs can still be performed.

Popping noises

Water heaters can develop sediment inside the tank. It's crucial to flush the water heater at least once a year. The sediment should start to collect at the bottom of the water tank during its heating. Should the sediment accumulation become excessive you might suddenly hear popping sounds. This can help you avoid a potential water heating emergency.

Inconsistent water temperature

Your hot water heater was designed with two heating devices. The upper element warms the upper portion and shuts off as it reaches a defined temperature. The lower element catches the temperature of the water and then housing it as soon as it needs it for the upper element. If you think the water is not at the temperature your setting your faucets at, it means the heat element is not working correctly. Get in touch with us to get a hot water service that will keep the warmth throughout your home.

Water leaking

A water heater leak can be dangerous especially if you have pets, small children, and any other electronics in the area. The leak may come from any feeder line or pipe entering or exiting the system. It can cause corrosion of the exterior part to eat away at the outer surfaces and eventually penetrate the insides of your heater. This issue may affect your HVAC system depending on its location within your home.

Water discoloration

Water should always be colourless. Sedimentation on walls can cause the water to get brown. Unwanted gas can make rust corrodent or pollute your own home soil which is also dangerous. Watch out for this as it can be a clear indication there is a major issue with your hot water heater needing attention.

New Water Heater Replacement

Over time water heaters will break down, which can reduce the efficiency of the entire system. If you're having trouble figuring out if you should go forward with water heater installation service or repair your unit, a good rule of thumb is that if the average repair costs more than half the cost of a new water heater, it's time to purchase a new unit. Price matters, and to replace a system can cost thousands of dollars. But the decision to replace your unit can save you money in the long term because you won't have to worry about maintenance bills adding up with your current unit.

Tankless Water Heater Systems

The most important question when choosing a new water heater is whether you should try a traditional tank model or a tankless unit. A tankless water heater saves money by not heating and reheating the same water in the system. You'll also observe that waiting for the water to warm up takes less time. Although you pay more upfront for a replacement system, tankless water will benefit your wallet in the long run.

The professional Alexandria plumbing team at McCarthy Services can perform a wide array of jobs including the installation of tank water heaters. They could help choose the best choice as it would have been most efficient for this house. We offer the latest technology and can install all kinds of water heaters including tankless water heaters as well as electric heaters. Read any customer review, and experience the difference at McCarthy!

For expert water heater repairs and maintenance, give us a call at 855-218-5544.

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