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Indoor Air Quality from Unique Services


Indoor Air Quality in Bradenton, FL

Did you know that the air found inside your home or business can affect your overall health and comfort? If you’re experiencing symptoms such as hoarseness, sneezing, itchy skin, watery eyes, or shortness of breath without explanation, poor indoor air quality could be to blame. Microscopic airborne contaminants such as mold or bacteria can be difficult to detect, creating invisible health hazards inside your home or office. However, Unique Services can evaluate your indoor air quality in Bradenton, Fort Myers, and surrounding areas of West Florida to help you choose the best solution for you.

The importance of indoor air quality

The health effects of being exposed to indoor air pollution may be immediate, or they may not be noticed until many years later, depending upon the type of pollution and the degree of exposure. The most common types of indoor air pollution found in homes and businesses include carbon monoxide, radon, mold, pesticides, and chemical solvents found in many everyday cleaning products and even arts and crafts supplies. While it’s true that individuals react differently to various kinds of air pollutants, understanding and controlling indoor air pollution can help you decrease your health risks. Our indoor air quality services in West Florida include:

  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • Air Duct Replacement
  • Air Cleaners and Filtration
  • Ultraviolet Lights
  • Zoning System
  • Dehumidifiers
  • EcoClean
  • Air Purification System

Signs it may be time to call Unique Services for air quality

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has estimated that indoor air pollution may be as much as 2-5 times higher than that of outdoor air pollution. If you’re worried about your indoor air quality, you’re not alone. Here are some tips to help you determine if it’s time to make improvements to your indoor air quality for your health:

  • Excessive Amounts of Dust – Thick coatings of dust inside your HVAC system indicate that it’s not circulating your system’s airflow properly. If it’s been a while since you’ve changed your system’s air filter, we recommend doing so first. If excessive amounts of dust remain an issue, it may be time to have your system professionally inspected and tested for indoor air quality.
  • HVAC System Inefficiencies – If you’ve noticed inconsistent indoor temperatures or issues with humidity inside your home or business, it couldn’t hurt to have your indoor air quality tested. Inefficient HVAC systems often contribute to poor indoor air quality due to their inability to filter certain particles from your air. A humidifier or dehumidifier may be essential to keeping West Florida’s humidity at healthy, manageable indoor levels.
  • Unusual Odors – It’s said that stale air has a detectable odor. If your home or office seems to have unpleasant or unusual odors that don’t seem to go away, it may be time to inspect your HVAC system to see if the problem can be fixed. While opening your windows may seem like a good idea, this may allow more outdoor air pollutants to enter your space.
  • Respiratory Health Issues – Many people don’t know they have poor indoor air quality until their health begins to suffer. If you’ve experienced chronic coughing, sneezing, headaches, or congestion, you could have mold or allergens present in your home or business. An installed air purification system could help you breathe easier at night.

Call Unique Services to explore your air quality options today

Unique Services would welcome the opportunity to help you improve your indoor air quality in Bradenton, Ft Myers, or a surrounding area of West Florida. Please contact us today to request more information about our indoor air quality testing services or to schedule an appointment. Once we’ve identified an issue with your indoor air quality, we can help you figure out the best solution, whether that be our professional air duct cleaning services or the installation of a dehumidifier or an air purification system. It’s important that you be aware of your surroundings and take appropriate action!

Want to explore options to make your home's air cleaner? Call 941-202-4800 today.

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