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Indoor Air Quality from ARS/Rescue Rooter Charleston

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Indoor Air Quality in N. Charleston, SC

Did you know the air inside your home can be four to five times more polluted than the air outside? Indoor air pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, dust, dirt, mold spores and allergens, are all contaminants that can be found in your home’s air. These contaminants can aggravate respiratory diseases and infections, especially in children and older individuals. While this can be disturbing to think about, ARS/Rescue Rooter Charleston offers a variety of products and services you can add to your home to help clean your air.

Air Purifiers

Every day, things such as mold, dust, viruses, bacteria and dust mites can circulate through your air after passing through your HVAC system. A whole-home air purifier can remove a high percentage of these toxins from your air.

Air Filtration

There are many types of filters available that can be added to your heating and cooling system to removing indoor airborne pollutants. These include disposable filters, media filters, HEPA filters and more. Based on the needs of your family, our professional service technicians can recommend the most effective filter for your system and home.


Many homes require the addition of moisture to maintain a comfortable environment. Low humidity levels can result in dry skin and hair, cracked hardwood floors and furniture and damage to personal belongings. Whole home humidifiers can be added to your home’s heating and cooling system to add the right amount of moisture to your air for ideal comfort.


Too much humidity in your air can cause mold and mildew growth. These mold spores can get your home’s air, and potentially cause illness in your family. A whole-home dehumidifier can be added to your heating and cooling system to help prevent mold and mildew growth.

UV Germicidal Lamps

UV germicidal lamps can destroy virtually any harmful microorganism that passes through your heating and cooling systems, such as germs, viruses, and bacteria, by breaking up their DNA structure. As a result, the microorganisms are destroyed and your indoor air quality can be improved.

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The ARS plumbing department did a great job replacing our main sewer line between the home and the street. I give a big thanks to their plumbing team John, Raul and master plumber on site for getting it done in 1 day for us. Thank you again!
google 01/29/2023
Josh and Roman performed a tankless water heater flush and checkup. They are very professional and courteous. They explained the process thoroughly and inspected for any leaks, etc. they were very neat with their work and left everything in great shape. Very pleased with both men and their service
google 01/26/2023
The techs are very nice and punctual
google 01/24/2023
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