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Aurora, CO Furnace Repair

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Heating Repair Service in Aurora, CO

aurora, co furnace repair service

Do you need a local HVAC company to perform furnace repair in Aurora, CO? The skilled heating and furnace experts at ARS/Rescue Rooter Colorado are experienced in repairing any problem with your house's heating system. We can help you maintain long-lasting equipment, decrease your monthly energy costs, minimize the probability of needing major repairs in the first place, and create a pleasant indoor environment!

Whether you're waking up this morning to a freezing house or you just came back from a hike at one of Aurora's nearby parks and heard your furnace making unusual sounds, you can put an end to searching for "furnace repair service near me" and book your appointment today at 303-993-1650 for service! Our heating and air conditioning technicians are standing by to restore comfort to your Aurora home or business.


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Why Is My Heater Not Working?

If your heating system is not working, it might be a symptom of more than one potential issue. Let's explain how to identify some possible causes for heating failure and what services our Aurora heating company can offer. If your heating isn't working during the wintertime, don't panic! There are a handful of different things that could potentially cause this type of heating failure including but not limited to:

Poor Maintenance

Not taking care of your heating unit on a regular basis can result in a variety of issues when trying to heat your home or office building. One way this will manifest itself is when the heating elements within the furnace begin to wear out rather quickly because they weren't cleaned with regular maintenance checks. Regular cleaning and inspection are important to ensure the heating unit is functioning at its highest potential.

The Blower Capacitor Is Dead

Another common issue with heating failure is a dead blower capacitor. A blower capacitor draws power from the heating system and regulates airflow within the heating unit. If this extremely important part of your heating is broken, it will cause your furnace to not work properly and could be one of the reasons for heating system failure. In addition, it can also be dangerous if left in this state because a lack of airflow could prevent the heating element from cooling down, which would lead to an increased risk of fire in your home or office building.

Dirty Air Filter

Your heating will have difficulty putting out sufficient heat when the air filter within your heating system is dirty or clogged. A dirty filter inhibits the heating unit from heating rooms and areas efficiently, which can cause a heating system failure.

Issues with the Thermostat

Another reason for heating system failure may be due to issues with the thermostat that is used to regulate the temperature within a building. If this important piece of equipment malfunctions, the heating will not properly distribute heat throughout the structure as intended by its original design. Inadequate heating could also lead to wear and tear on different components of the furnace if they're not able to cool down enough between cycles.

Ignitor Stops Working

If your heating comes out of an old-school style furnace, it may have an issue with the heating ignitor. This heating element is responsible for heating gas in the heating unit to the point where it makes contact with air within the furnace, which causes ignition and heating via convection. Ignitor failure is one of the most common heating issues because they are very simple in design and can be damaged fairly easily.


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What Should I Do When My Aurora, CO Furnace Stops Working?

As the weather gets colder, heating systems become more important than ever. So what happens if your heating system stops working? The following are some things to know.

1. Stay Indoors

During cold weather, always try to avoid venturing outside during extreme cold temperatures. Opening any doors or windows will allow what warm air you have in your home to escape. Walking around outside in the cold could cause serious health complications like frostbite or hypothermia. Whatever reasons brought you outside in the first place, chances are they aren't as important as staying indoors and out of harm's way!

2. Use Your Fireplace

Although a fireplace won't be able to heat up your entire house, they're still able to give off a fair amount of warmth in the areas that they do reach. Some fireplaces can be built into heating systems that extend heating throughout your entire house and help keep you warm and comfortable!

3. Use a Space Heater

If you don't have a fireplace, don't worry: there's another heating alternative that you could consider using during the cold season. With space heaters, you can distribute heating throughout certain rooms inside your Aurora home — great for making sure everybody stays warm and comfortable! Just make sure you follow all safety instructions (like keeping flammable objects away from any heating sources) before turning any heating sources on to avoid electrical fires or similar accidents!

4. Wear Warm Clothes

If you're going to be heating inside your Aurora home, make sure everybody's wearing plenty of layers! Don't forget about places like basements or garages — during the winter, these areas can get a little chilly if heating isn't distributed throughout them. Make sure everyone's bundled up before turning any heating sources on!

5. Keep Interior Doors Closed

As cold air from outside moves in through open doors and windows, heating systems can have a hard time countering this influx of cold air. To help keep heat contained to certain rooms of your home, try closing all interior doors while using heating sources to warm up the rooms you spend the most time in. This will keep cold air from creeping in unnecessarily while also helping heating systems distribute heat more effectively throughout your home!

6. Call ARS/Rescue Rooter!

If heating problems persist, don't wait to call an emergency heating repair in Aurora, CO. Although heating systems can be notoriously difficult to deal with during the wintertime, you don't have to fight heating emergencies alone! To find out more about our heating repair services just give us a call at 303-993-1650 today!


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