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Heating System Installation From ARS/Rescue Rooter Greensboro

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Heating System Installation in Greensboro, NC

Is your heating system no longer working? Will, it cost too much to repair it? Or, are you simply looking for more energy-efficient models to help you save on utility costs? If so, turn to ARS®/ Rescue Rooter® Greensboro for furnace installation!

Aside from your mortgage, your energy bill takes the biggest bite out of your budget. A malfunctioning heating system makes it worse because the harder it’s working to heat your home, the more expensive it is. Repairs only go so far. Fortunately, modern heating systems have grown so sophisticated they allow for control anywhere in the house. So while purchasing and installing a new heating system is certainly an up-front cost, the difference is made up by convenience and substantially-lower heating bills. If walking from one room to another results in dramatic temperature changes, a new heating system will rid you of that problem. ARS Greensboro offers furnace installation service in the Triad area which includes Winston-Salem, NC, as well as throughout Greensboro.

If you’re in need of a new furnace, air handler or heat pump in Greensboro / Winston-Salem or surrounding areas, one of our expert comfort advisors will provide you with a free in-home consultation and current system analysis. They will listen to your needs and concerns, as well as analyze your existing system and home structure to provide you with the best possible solution for your budget and comfort needs.

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New Heating System Installation

As the area’s leading furnace installation company, ARS Greensboro is staffed by highly-trained professionals who have a breadth of experience installing heating systems. Performing a job like this requires substantial knowledge and experience as each house and customer is different. We never know what a job might turn up, but we’re always confident in our ability to do it. Contacting a On your end, understanding when it’s time to replace your systemcall for furnace replacement service will ensure that it is is crucial to having it up-and-running by winter. HVAC failure is almost always accompanied by tell-tale signs, the most common of which include:

  • Thermostats that no longer accurately control the temperature.

  • A faulty filter, which allows dust, danger, and particles into the ductwork.

  • Mechanical failures at any point in your heating system.

For all of our new heating installation services and replacement projects, we offer:

  • Next day installation when available

  • Free in-home consultation and system analysis

  • Exceptional Service Guarantee

  • Warranty on parts and labor

  • (1) year Home Service Plan

  • Expert installers with many years experience installing new HVAC systems

  • View our Complete Installation Process

A new home comfort system can provide a comfortable environment and energy savings you’ve been searching for. 

Contact Us Today for Heating System Installation

Whether you need a new furnace, air handler, heat pump, or a total system replacement, ARS Greensboro offers a deluge of benefits, including next day installation, if available, in-home analysis, safety guarantees, extended warranties, and a one-year home service plan. You wouldn’t believe the added comfort you’ll feel after installing a new system or replacing faulty equipment. Contact our furnace expertsCall us to be your heating installation company in the Piedmont Triad area today.

The Benefits of a New Furnace in North Carolina

Even though North Carolina’s winters aren’t as cold as those in other parts of the country, that doesn’t mean you should ignore taking care of your home’s furnace. Not only can temperatures get chilly at certain times of the year, but there is a possibility of some extreme weather in the region. For example, in 1985 a sudden atmospheric warming event in the upper atmosphere led to the state experiencing record cold. Known as “the Coldest Day,” more than 80 weather stations throughout the state recorded temperatures that either tied or broke the all-time lows. On January 21, 1985, the Mount Mitchell weather station marked the state’s coldest-ever temperature at minus 34 degrees Fahrenheit. 

These extreme cold events can put a serious strain on your furnace and HVAC system as a whole. If you don’t have proper insulation and a functioning heater, your house can become very cold, very quickly. Maintaining a comfortable temperature inside your home year-round can be much more difficult if you don’t take good care of your heating system. 

If your furnace is worn-out or getting on in years, it may have to work harder to heat up your house. The harder it has to work, the more fuel it consumes and the higher your energy bill becomes. You also can experience cold spots throughout your house as a result. 

Another reason you might need to think about replacing your furnace is that older units are more likely to break down or malfunction. Many of their components can be pushed too hard during especially cold periods, leading to excessive wear and tear. Calling us for professional help means you can avoid these issues and stay comfortable year-round. 

Based in Guilford County, we serve the entire Greensboro–High Point metropolitan area.

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