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Channelview Air Conditioning Repair

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Trustworthy AC Repair in Channelview, TX

Channelview Texas air conditioning company

When you need AC repair in Channelview, TX, ARS/Rescue Rooter Houston if your best bet. You count on us to ensure that your air conditioning system stays in working order throughout the year, particularly during the hot summer months. We are happy to help you manage your home comfort.

When to Call Our Technicians

If you feel unsure about when to call for air conditioning repair, you’re not alone. Many homeowners aren’t experts in their air conditioning systems, even if they can tell that something isn’t quite right. Trusting your instincts is important, especially when it’s related to your comfort in the place you spend most of your time. If you feel like your system isn’t cooling as well as it once did, or you are watching your energy bills skyrocket out of control, don’t hesitate to call our technicians.

Advantages of Hiring ARS/Rescue Rooter

Your home is your investment, so you deserve to feel comfortable while you are in it. Your air conditioning system is a vital part, and our technicians understand that. You can see our commitment to your satisfaction, with our efforts to provide timely repairs and excellent customer service. We ensure that our technicians meet our high standards for experience and quality. For expert Channelview air conditioning repair, contact us to book an appointment.

Common Causes of AC Problems

There are dozens of parts in your air conditioning system, and each one has to be in good working condition for you to get effective cooling. These components can raise problems from time to time, so it is a good idea to watch out for them.

Bad Compressor

The compressor is one of the biggest parts of your system. If it starts to wear out, you may observe a variety of issues coming up. These include a circuit breaker that keeps tripping, water dripping from the exterior unit, or strange sounds while the air conditioning system is running. If you notice these problems, you should call for air conditioning repair, even if you still hear the condenser fan running.

Refrigerant Leaks

The key ingredient in your air conditioning system is refrigerant. This substance removes the heat from the indoor air, and it is cycled throughout the system. When you have low refrigerant, you might have insufficient cooling or humidity management. You may need to recharge the refrigerant, or seal leaks in the refrigerant line. Since refrigerant is a toxic substance, it’s important to call our AC repair company so that our technicians can help you address the problem safely.

Broken Blower Motor

The blower is one of the last parts of your cooling system, but it’s one of the most important because it blows the cool air into each room. Without a blower motor, the system couldn’t circulate air properly. When the blower motor doesn’t work correctly, you may feel low air flow or no cool air at all. This problem can also create banging noises when the motor turns on.

Failed Capacitor

When your air conditioning system first starts, it needs a significant amount of energy to cycle through the process. The capacitor acts to provide that energy. Over time, the capacitor can start to fail. Although it might struggle along for a time, eventually you will notice poor cooling, humming sounds coming from the exterior unit, or only warm air coming from the vents.

Clogged Drain Line

All that humidity has to go somewhere, and the condensate drain line usually takes care of it. This pipe drains all the condensation, and it can be many gallons every day. If the pipe gets clogged with debris or algae, it can’t drain appropriately. You might notice a puddle of water below your evaporator coil inside your home. If the clog isn’t fixed quickly, the system will stop functioning to avoid damaging the equipment.

Faulty Thermostat

Your thermostat may seem like a simple piece of equipment, but it effectively runs the show. It tells your system when to turn on and off, particularly as it relates to your temperature settings. A thermostat that isn’t working correctly might shut off at the wrong time or fail to work at all. It’s a good idea to check the batteries, but if that doesn’t fix the problem, you should call our technicians for Channelview air conditioning repair.

Channelview’s Wet, Warm Climate

The weather in Channelview makes summer a challenge for comfort. With a lot of heat and humidity, it’s wise to have your air conditioning system working well.

Hot Summers

Summer in Channelview is not something to underestimate. The area has about four months of hot weather. From May to September, the daily high temperatures reach the 80s and 90s. During the winter and spring, highs usually sit in the 60s and 70s.

Regular Rainfall

Like the temperature, the monthly precipitation tends to occur mostly from late May to late September. Channelview gets about 53 inches of rain per year, which is 15 inches higher than the national average.

High Humidity

Although you’re most likely to feel the humidity during the summer in Channelview, it stays fairly constant throughout the year. The average relative humidity for the area is about 75 percent, with a slight increase during summer and a minor decrease in the early spring.

Humidity’s Effects on Your Air Conditioning System in Channelview

Since the relative humidity in Channelview is fairly high throughout the year, it can add extra work for your air conditioning system. Here are a few things you should know about the effects of humidity on your home comfort. With this information, you can understand the importance of calling our technicians for air conditioning repair service when you need it.

Humidity Management

The way that Channelview air conditioning systems cool the home relates to humidity. By extracting moisture from the indoor air, it feels cooler. Of course, when the humidity is higher than normal, your system has to work harder to keep the home at the right temperature.

Higher Cooling Load

Sometimes, a lower temperature simply isn’t enough. You already know that humidity makes you feel warmer, so it may not surprise you that you are more likely to turn down the thermostat when the humidity is high. Your energy consumption goes up as a result.

Proper Sizing

The right size system should be able to handle most days, so it’s important to install the correct one. Units that are too small may never reach the appropriate temperature, but buying one that’s too large just makes it harder to control the humidity.


Since humidity control is so important for your comfort, adding a dehumidifier might be the best choice to take some of the pressure off your air conditioning system. When you request air conditioning repair from our technicians, ask if a dehumidifier could be an improvement.

Channelview Landmarks

Channelview has plenty of places to visit in the area, such as:


  • San Jacinto Monument and Museum, the location of the Battle of San Jacinto

  • Lynchburg Ferry, a historic ferry that crosses the Houston Ship Channel

  • Fred Hartman Bridge, a stunning bridge that spans the Houston Ship Channel

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