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Galveston Air Conditioning Services

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ARS/Rescue Rooter Galveston Is Your Preferred Provider of AC Repair Services

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In sunny Galveston, Texas, you don’t want to be stuck in the blazing heat with a broken AC unit. But if your air conditioner has conked out, there’s no need to fret. Expert help is a quick phone call away. ARS/Rescue Rooter of Houston is known for providing the best air conditioning repair Galveston, TX, has to offer.

Exceptional Service Guarantee to Galveston Residents

It’s all spelled out in our Exceptional Service Guarantee, which promises each of our customers that you will be 100% satisfied with the AC repair work we do. Our certified, drug-tested technicians respect your time and your home. We always call before arriving so you can make the most of your busy schedule, and we wear shoe covers and put down drop cloths to keep your home as clean as it was when we began work.

We offer routine AC repair services across Houston, TX as well as emergency air conditioning work. Before the repair work commences, we will give you a detailed cost estimate. There are no hidden fees. You’ll be glad to know that we offer flexible financing options.

Our technicians receive extensive training and follow industry best practices. We are skilled at properly sizing air conditioning systems to our customers’ homes, and we know the ins and outs of all the major air conditioning problems, brands and models.

To learn more about our home cooling equipment services or to schedule service in the Galveston area and surrounding region, contact us today!

Benefits of Maintaining an Efficient Air Conditioner in Galveston

Imagine being home on the weekend and wanting to relax indoors, only to find that your AC system or heat pump isn’t delivering any cold air. Your family will have to put plans on hold and might need to opt to go to a local mall or other cooled public space to get some relief.

And forget about entertaining any visiting relatives, friends, or neighbors without a functioning air conditioner in the brutal heat of Galveston’s summers!

With that in mind, following are the main benefits that come from having efficient air conditioners and heat pumps for your home.

Lower Utility Bills

Examine your most recent utility bills and compare them to what you were paying during the same months in the previous year.

If you notice a spike in prices but are sure that you and your family have been using the air conditioner at about the same amount, it’s a clear indicator that the system is working less efficiently and needs a tune-up or repair from one of the certified air conditioner repair service technicians from ARS/Rescue Rooter.

Keeping your air conditioner efficient through regular inspections, cleaning, and any needed repairs can help to reduce your power utility bills. An inefficient AC system needs to work harder to deliver the same amount of cooling as a tuned AC, forcing it to use more electricity.

Improve the Quality of Your Sleep

Getting proper rest every night is essential for your health and well-being. But if the AC system isn’t working, the high heat and humidity can keep you awake or make you wake up periodically instead of peacefully slumbering. Ideally, you will have a thermostat-controlled AC unit that delivers the specific level of coolness you need for optimal sleep.

Get More Service Out of Electronic Devices

Did you know that an efficiently running air conditioner can help to prolong the life and improve the functioning of electronic devices? Your devices will not work as well when temperatures are soaring, and extreme heat can cut down operational life.

Another problem that air conditioning remedies is removing dust from the air. Your AC system filters this dust instead of letting it get sucked into the nooks and crannies of your electronic devices. If dust builds up inside of some equipment, it can cause overheating.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Contaminants can be at a higher level inside the home compared to outside air, so it’s crucial to have an efficient air conditioner to cool the air and improve the IAQ. Your system will capture and remove contaminants such as pollen, dust, and pet hair from the air inside your home. This is particularly important for anyone under your roof with asthma or other respiratory disorders.

About Galveston’s Climate

As a leading air conditioner repair company in Galveston, we are familiar with how the climate here affects local homeowners. Almost 48,000 people call Galveston home, and they deserve and need reliable access to cool air from a properly functioning home AC system.

Residents know well that Galveston has a humid subtropical climate. This is largely due to the general direction of winds coming from the south, carrying plenty of moisture out of the Gulf of Mexico.

With high humidity, the air becomes more saturated with water vapor. This makes it much more challenging for folks to cool down by perspiring. An AC unit becomes crucial under such circumstances.

During the summer, you can anticipate it reaching 90 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. And as the mercury skyrockets, humidity rises further. There is some relief by nightfall, but you can still experience temperatures around 80 F in summer evenings.

How Galveston’s Coastal Environment Can Affect Air Conditioner Performance

A beautiful city situated in southeast Texas, Galveston’s coastal environment can have a major impact on how your home’s air conditioning system functions. As a major cooling repair company for this community, we have some perspective on how the region’s natural characteristics affect AC performance.

High Humidity

With the coastal location of Galveston making it prone to much higher levels of humidity than other locations in the United States, you have to realize that your air conditioner will tend to run more often and for more days out of the year just to keep you and your family comfortable.

This is especially the case during the summer. As you run your air conditioning system more frequently to cope with higher humidity levels, it puts more wear and tear on the system. You must operate the AC longer just to make the air feel relatively cooler when it’s so muggy.


The high heat that Galveston is known for during the summer and springtime means homeowners need to run their air conditioners more frequently. For best results, you’ll use a smart thermostat that you program to run the system as efficiently as possible according to your schedule.

For example, if everyone arrives home in the late afternoon or evening from school and work, you can set the AC to lower the home’s heat later in the day, Monday through Friday. But for the weekends, you program the thermostat to run the AC starting at an earlier time.

The point is that you want to maximize the efficiency of your system to save power and money, but the local patterns of high heat will affect your AC unit, making it work harder and necessitating regular inspections. Doing so every year will help our technicians catch problems while they are still small and typically easier and less expensive to repair.


Excess amounts of moisture and salt in the Galveston air have a major effect on your air conditioning equipment. The moisture alone will cause metal to corrode, most importantly on the condenser coil located outside. With salty air coming off the ocean, corrosion increases, which speeds up the breakdown of the AC components.

Local Landmarks Attract People to Enjoy Galveston

The coastal environment of Galveston is only one factor that draws people to live here. This community is home to some amazing landmarks, such as the beautiful Strand, which delights architectural enthusiasts, and the 61st Street fishing pier, which boasts a newly remodeled observation deck. And locals love to explore the historic 1877 tall ship Elissa at the seaport.

Contact ARS/Rescue Rooter for Expert Air Conditioning Repair Today!

Given the climate of Galveston, having a reliable AC working at peak performance is essential for the comfort and health of your family and guests.

At ARS/Rescue Rooter, we’re proud of the outstanding reputation we’ve developed for consistently providing the best AC repair Galveston, TX, residents can depend on. If your air conditioner is malfunctioning or refuses to operate, we are standing by to assist.

We serve the entire Houston area, including nearby neighborhoods such as Alamo Park, Broadwater, Channelview, Denver Court, Galveston Island, Havre Lafitte, Isla Del Sol, Kahala Beach & Beach Estates, Kempner Park, Lasker Park, Mid-Town, Offatts Bayou, Pirates Beach, Sea Isle, Terramar, and Westwood.

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