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Air Conditioning Repair

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If you’ve been looking for expert AC repair in Humble, you’ve come to the right place! Our team is standing by to assist. Call us today to arrange an appointment.

About ARS/Rescue Rooter’s AC Repair Services

The team at ARS/Rescue Rooter is proud of the reputation we’ve developed for offering the best air conditioning repair Humble, TX, can count on. We take AC repair seriously and hire only the best and brightest technicians to work on HVAC systems. This means that you can call us feeling confident that your air conditioner will be in good hands.

It’s all spelled out in our Exceptional Service Guarantee, which explains that we won’t be satisfied with the work we do until you are completely happy. Customers are pleased to learn how much we value their time — we always call before arriving. And we will treat your dwelling with respect and care, always putting on shoe covers and using drop cloths when necessary. This is so we leave your home as clean as when we first began work.

ARS/Rescue Rooter’s certified, drug-tested, and background-checked technicians are familiar with all the major manufacturers and models of air conditioners. So we are able to get to the root of the problem quickly and efficiently and then make a repair plan just for you.

If your home in Humble is feeling like an oven because the AC is malfunctioning or completely broken, there’s no time like now to get in touch with us. For more information about AC repair or to book an appointment for a service call, contact us today.

Signs That Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair

As a leader in air conditioning repair in Humble, we are proud of the excellent reputation we’ve developed in the community. Before reaching out to ARS/Rescue Rooter, your preferred air conditioning repair company, take note of some of the main signs that your air conditioner might need service.

Adjusting the Thermostat Does Nothing

The problem could be a broken air conditioner. But the issue could simply be that someone set the thermostat to “heat” rather than to “cool.” If you have ruled out the thermostat, a technician may need to come and evaluate your air conditioner.

Warm Air Comes Out of the Ducts During Summer

At the height of summer, you should expect nothing other than nice, chilled air moving through the vents. If you feel warm air only, even after the system has been running for a bit, there might be an issue with the compressor or motor that needs a professional technician’s attention.

Your Utility Bill Is Unusually High

When you rely on the thermostat settings to control how often and how long the AC runs, you can expect to have fairly stable power utility bills. So if you noticed that the bills have been growing increasingly larger, it’s a major indicator that your air conditioner is having to work much harder to deliver the normal amount of cooling. It’s probably time to have it professionally repaired by ARS/Rescue Rooter.

Bad Odors Coming From the Equipment

Suddenly noticing a strange scent coming from your air conditioning equipment should be a cause for concern. There could be a mechanical issue, such as with the motor or a burnt wire. If you detect smoke or a burning odor, turn off the AC and its circuit breaker until one of our technicians arrives to check it out.

Unusual Sounds

All AC units will make some sounds as the compressor activates and the fan kicks in. This is normal. But if you happen to notice strange noises, like loud, screeching emissions or abrupt bumps, it may indicate that it’s time to contact us for air conditioning repair service.

Overview of Humble’s Climate

People who have recently moved to Humble will soon notice that the summers here tend to be very hot and long, with the heat often feeling almost overwhelming. In contrast, winter tends to be cool and short lived. The temperature in Humble ranges from about 44 degrees Fahrenheit to 93 F.

Between approximately May 27 to September 23, the hot season oppresses Humble’s community. On average, the temperature surpasses 87 F. August is the hottest month for folks in Humble, with lows around 75 F and the high averaging 93 F. In the three-month cold season stretching from the end of November to close to the end of February, it’s only about 68 F on average. January, the coldest month in the year for Humble, tends to see average lows around 45 F and the high is about 63 F.

Humble gets quite a bit of humidity. You’ll anticipate about seven months of profound mugginess between April and November. During this period, Humble generally becomes muggy about one-third of the time. It’s barely humid at all in January, while it’s usually muggy throughout all of July.

How Humble’s Humid Climate Can Affect AC Performance

Many homeowners who contact ARS/Rescue Rooter for expert AC repair service do not realize the extent to which Humble’s humidity can affect the performance of their home’s air conditioning system.

No Dehumidifier?

One important thing to keep in mind is the fact that if your air conditioner is fairly old, it might not have come equipped with a dehumidifier, which are common in today’s systems. Without a way to dehumidify the home, your AC will have to work much harder.

Uncomfortable Family and Friends

Folks in Humble find humidity uncomfortable because the air is filled with water vapor, making it difficult or impossible to cool off naturally through sweat evaporating from the skin. So not only does extreme mugginess make you feel supremely uncomfortable, but also it can put excess wear and tear on the AC system.

Windows All Fogged Up

A consequence of a struggling air conditioner that can’t quite cope with humidity is that your home’s windows will fog up.

Mold and Algae

The performance of your AC system can influence your family’s health. This is because if humidity levels remain uncontrolled, you can anticipate the growth of mold and algae inside the AC ducts. What’s possible is the conditions might provoke an allergic reaction. Such growth is a major cause of poor indoor air quality.

Local Landmarks

What is it that makes Humble so appealing to visitors and people who want to live and work in the community? Humble is known for its many amenities and landmarks.

Individuals enjoy going to St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church and the St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church, for example. The Humble Civic Center & Arena Complex is the site for fun events suitable for the whole family, from rodeos to BBQ cookoffs. People will come to check out the landmarks and then wind up making Humble their new home.

Get in Touch With ARS/Rescue Rooter for Excellent AC Repair Service Today!

Given the hot temperatures and mugginess that regularly affect Humble and the surrounding community, you want to have professionals fix your AC when a problem occurs. After all, the health and comfort of your family will be a risk if your home’s air conditioning system isn’t working reliably. This is why it’s so important to hire knowledgeable HVAC technicians, like the experts at ARS/Rescue Rooter.

To learn more about our approach to air conditioning repairs or book an appointment for the best AC repair Humble, TX, has to offer, please contact us today. You can rest assured that we will soon have your equipment blowing cold air again.

We serve the entire area, including nearby Houston, Amberwood, Balmoral, Canyon Village, Deerbrook, Etteridge, Foxwood, Glen Lee, Humble, Intercontinental Village, Kenswick, Lakeland, Mill Creek, Northshire, Oak Hill Estates, Pine Echo, Ramblewood, Stillwater, and Westfield.

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