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Pasadena Air Conditioning Repair

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pasadena Texas AC

When you are looking for air conditioning repair in Pasadena, TX, it’s wise to start with ARS/Rescue Rooter. Our goal is to provide the most effective air conditioning repair service to each of our customers. Whether you need to book an appointment for repair as soon as possible or you are planning ahead, we are happy to be your AC repair company.

It’s not always easy to tell when you need air conditioning repair, but we have a few simple tips to help you decide. If something doesn’t seem right about your home’s temperature or you notice something about your air conditioning system has changed, you may need repairs. It’s important to call our technicians when you first observe a difference. Prompt repairs can keep a problem from getting worse over time while giving you the best chance at great cooling.

When you call us for AC repair in Pasadena, TX, you can count on us to make your needs a priority. We show respect for your investment in your home, and our technicians work hard to prove it. We take pride in prompt arrival, keeping your home clean as we work, and helping to solve your problem as efficiently as possible. We understand that air conditioning repair can be overwhelming, so our technicians aim to answer your questions fully, provide excellent customer service, and help to relieve your stress. Contact us to learn more about our services or to book an appointment.

When to Call for AC Repair

As a complicated system that generally works independently of you, your air conditioning system could develop a variety of problems over time. These common issues often lead to poor temperature control in the home, so you should call for Pasadena air conditioning repair when you notice them.

Ineffective Cooling

Ultimately, your air conditioning system needs to provide effective cooling for your home. If you have rooms that are hotter than others or your home feels stuffy even when you turn down the thermostat, you may have a problem. You don’t have to pinpoint the cause to know that you’re uncomfortable and you need a solution.

Weak Air Flow

Weak airflow is one possible cause of ineffective cooling. When you put your hand next to the vent while the air conditioning system is running, you should feel a steady stream of cool air coming out. Weak airflow from multiple vents might indicate a problem with the cooling system or the circulation of air.

Frozen Coils

A dirty evaporator coil can’t manage condensation in an expected way, so the moisture may freeze to the coil. It’s an important component in the cooling process, and freezing up can cause the system to stop working and restart. Constant cycling without effective cooling is a problem, as well as water leaks from the indoor unit.

Water Leaks

The air conditioning process extracts some moisture from the indoor air, which should be safely drained away. Leaking or pooling water around your outdoor or indoor unit could be a hazard to the equipment, so it is important to book air conditioning repair as soon as possible.

Moisture Accumulation

Air conditioning controls humidity as well as temperature. A system running properly will keep your indoor humidity at 30-50%. If you notice damp walls, windows, or flooring, your system might not be managing the humidity sufficiently. Improper humidity control can be an effect of an air conditioning unit that is too large for the space, as well as other causes.

Strange Noises

You can expect to hear a little noise while your air conditioning system is running, but it should not be loud or unpredictable. Sounds like knocking, grinding, squealing, or hissing may indicate a failure with a part that needs attention. Calling for assistance promptly may help you to find a solution before the problem gets worse.

Faulty Thermostat

Sometimes, your air conditioning equipment is working, but the thermostat is not. Without your thermostat, you cannot have effective cooling because the thermostat triggers the system to turn on and off. Replacing the batteries and resetting the thermostat is a good first step, but you may need assistance from our technicians to confirm that it is the only problem.

Circuit Breaker Tripping

Your air conditioning system relies on electricity to operate, and sometimes the circuit isn’t working as it should. If your circuit breaker trips and you have no reason to suspect other electrical problems in the home, you should book an air conditioning repair appointment to find the cause.

Pasadena’s Hot, Humid Climate

Pasadena has a hot, humid climate with plenty of rainfall. Residents experience hot, muggy summers and cool, mild winters. The temperature reaches the high 90s degrees Fahrenheit even in July and August. In winter, the temperatures drop, but they usually remain around 40 F or higher. Rainfall is common, and it is heavier in the summer. The city gets almost 50 inches of annual precipitation throughout the year. September is the wettest month, and the driest months are February and March.

Pasadena’s Relative Humidity

Although the heat in summer is enough to make Pasadena residents rely on air conditioning systems, the relative humidity makes it even more important. The humidity in Pasadena is higher than most regions of the U.S., with daily averages ranging from 70-75% throughout the year. In the summer, the days are characterized by temperatures above 90 F, with humidity that can make it feel much hotter.

How the Pasadena Climate Affects Your AC System

You probably know how the humidity feels when it is scorching hot outside, and the humidity is high. The moisture sticks to everything. It makes you feel hotter than you would if you were in an area with dry air. You should know that your air conditioning system also feels the effects of high humidity, particularly during the summer.

Relative Humidity and Air Conditioning Systems

People are often surprised to learn that air conditioning systems were first invented to control humidity, not temperature. Keeping humidity to a specific level in a building is important for many applications, and the lower temperature is an advantage of that process. When you turn on your AC system, you’re aiming for a specific temperature. The system works to achieve the right humidity while keeping your home at your desired temperature.

Air Conditioning Concerns Related to Humidity

In regions with high humidity in summer, air conditioning systems must work harder to keep the temperature and indoor humidity in check. You’re more likely to turn down the temperature when it feels muggy outside, which can put more stress on an overworked system.

Correct sizing for AC equipment is key to moisture control. A unit that is too large often cools too quickly for proper moisture control. By comparison, an undersized unit may struggle to keep up with both aspects, and it could wear out prematurely. Regular maintenance is one of the best ways to ensure steady output all summer.

Local Landmarks in Pasadena

The city of Pasadena, TX, has several historic and interesting landmarks, as well as others within a short drive. These include:

·         Vince’s Bridge, a monument to an old bridge destroyed in the 1830s

·         San Jacinto Monument, with an excellent view of the Battleship Texas

·         Lynchburg Ferry, a historic ferry dating back to the Texas revolution

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