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Pearland Air Conditioning Services

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Pearland Air Conditioning Repair

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When you need air conditioning repair in Pearland, TX, there’s a reason you want to start with ARS/Rescue Rooter Houston. We understand how important your home comfort is to your ability to get through the day, and we aim to help you keep your system correctly running each year. We are delighted to serve you in all your air conditioning repair needs.

When to Call for AC Repair

When you start wondering if you need to call for AC repair in Pearland, TX, you might not know where to begin. Fortunately, we are here to help. It’s a good idea to trust your instincts and ask for assistance if something feels off. If you feel uncomfortably warm and you don’t know why, we may be able to provide an answer. Heeding an early warning sign could identify the cause before it gets worse.

Benefits of Hiring Our AC Repair Company

We know that you take pride in your investment, and we work hard to earn your trust in our services. When you call for Pearland air conditioning repair, you get the benefit of our experienced, vetted technicians. We strive to arrive on time, and we leave your home clean after the work is complete. We are happy to answer questions and confirm that you understand the issue, as well as your options to address it. For more information about our services or to book an appointment, contact us today.

Signs Your AC Is Broken

Whenever you feel like your home is too hot, you might have a problem that calls for air conditioning repair. Some are an indicator that you should call soon, while others could be emergencies.

High Utility Bills

You’ll usually have higher bills in the summer, but they shouldn’t skyrocket every week. If your usage is spiraling out of control, you may have an issue related to the overall function of the unit.

Warm Air

Putting a hand next to the vent and feeling only warm air isn’t a good sign. It’s an indicator that the system is not removing heat effectively. You will usually notice higher temperatures in the home as a result.

Constant Cycling

AC units turn on and off several times an hour, but they should reach the right temperature before they stop. If your system is shutting off too early, then turning back on quickly, you may have a problem with short cycling.

Hot or Cold Rooms

Air conditioning should be consistent throughout the home. If some rooms are stuffy and hot, while others are nice and cool, you may have an issue with the ductwork.

High Humidity in the Home

AC systems remove humidity as well as heat, so your indoor humidity should be moderate. Moisture accumulating on the walls and windows is a sign that your AC unit isn’t controlling the humidity like it should.

Loud Sounds

Running the air conditioning produces some noise, but it shouldn’t be horrible, loud, or disruptive. Banging, squealing, hissing, or grinding are indicators that something isn’t right. You may need to book air conditioning repair to identify the cause.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

Your AC system has an evaporator coil that extracts heat and moisture from the indoor air. If it gets dirty, it can freeze over and stop working appropriately. You’ll start to notice inconsistent cooling as a result.

Leaking Water

Since air conditioning draws out humidity, it’s natural to see some condensation as part of the process. It shouldn’t leak because there is a built-in drain to eliminate the water. If you see any dripping water near the equipment, you should call us for air conditioning repair as soon as possible.

Broken Thermostat

Your thermostat controls the function of the system. If it isn’t working correctly, you may not have any cooling at all. Besides replacing the batteries, you may need to call on our technicians for help.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

A tripped circuit breaker without a known cause could be a big problem. The high voltage of the AC unit requires professional repair to address any electrical issues, so it’s better to book an appointment to identify the source.

AC Unit Will Not Turn On

If the thermostat seems to be working, but your AC unit simply won’t turn on, it could be broken. Call us for air conditioning repair, and we can help you determine the cause and possible solutions.

The Climate in Pearland

Pearland has a climate with high humidity and heat, particularly in the summer. Winters are mild, so the summer tends to be the biggest challenge for your home comfort.


Summer in Pearland can be hard on you and your air conditioning system. Highs reach past 90 degrees Fahrenheit in July and August, with lows in the mid-70s.

Relative Humidity

Although the heat in Pearland gets plenty of attention, the relative humidity is what makes the heat so brutal. The average humidity range is 68-75% throughout the year, making the summer heat feel wet and muggy.


Rainfall in Pearland is well above the national average, with more than 50 inches per year. The wettest month is June, and the driest month is February. Although there are clear changes in weather throughout the year, rain is likely to fall every month.

Using Air Conditioning to Manage Pearland’s Climate

When you feel the air sticking to you and making you sweat, you should know that your air conditioning system is feeling the pressure, too. High humidity increases the likelihood that you might need AC repair in Pearland, particularly if your system isn’t suited to your cooling load.

AC Systems Help Control Indoor Humidity

Air conditioning systems were invented to extract humidity from a building’s interior. Because high humidity makes warm air feel hotter, the cooling is a pleasant side effect. Your system needs to be able to manage both humidity and temperature to provide effective cooling for you. This reliance on your air conditioner to stay comfortable puts heavy requirements, mentioned below, on your AC system.

Higher Load

When the relative humidity is high and the temperature hits the 90s, you are more likely to use your air conditioning system. If your system is already overworked, increased use can add to the stress.

Correct Sizing

Correct sizing is one of the best ways to avoid overworking your AC system. A system that is too large shuts off before controlling the humidity, while a small one can’t keep up at all. When you call us for air conditioning repair service, it’s a good idea to ask if your system is the right size for your home.

Regular Maintenance

Even if your air conditioning system is working well, you can benefit from keeping it in good condition. Hiring our technicians to perform regular maintenance can help you to find problems before they get worse and ensure that your system is operating as it should.

Pearland’s Landmarks

The city of Pearland features a rich history with plenty of landmarks that you can visit:

·         Old Settler’s Cemetery, a burial ground for Texas pioneers and Civil War veterans

·         Pearland High School, an early 20th-century schoolhouse

·         Zychlinski Park, a park that dates to the original layout of the city

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