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Texas City Air Conditioning Repair

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Welcome to ARS/Rescue Rooter Texas City, your preferred AC repair company! If your air conditioning system is acting up or is completely broken, we are standing by to take care of all needed repairs.

ARS/Rescue Rooter AC Repair Services in Texas City

Is the AC blowing hot air instead of providing your family with the cooling that you need for comfort and safety indoors? Or has the equipment stopped working altogether?

Perhaps the air conditioner smells strange, making you think a part has burnt or there is a problem with the motor or wiring. Whatever the problem is, ARS/Rescue Rooter service technicians can handle it!

When your AC system is down for the count, you’ll want to bring in knowledgeable professionals who know all about how air conditioning systems work as well as how they can break down. We are known for quickly figuring out what has gone wrong with an air conditioner and then coming up with a customized plan to fix it.

Over the years, the technicians at ARS/Rescue Rooter have developed a strong reputation for the quality of the AC repair services we provide in the greater Texas City area and surrounding communities.

We background check and drug test each of our service professionals to give our customers greater peace of mind. Our Exceptional Service Guarantee states that we will always treat you and your property with the utmost respect, always wearing shoe covers and putting down plenty of drop cloths to keep your home as clean as when we first showed up to repair your broken AC unit.

There are never any hidden fees. You’ll receive an honest estimate up-front about all the costs that will be involved. Of course, we provide flexible payment options for our customers.

Additionally, out of respect for your busy schedule, we will make a point of calling you to let you know we’re about to arrive.

If you have any questions about our air conditioning repair service or are ready to book an appointment for service now, contact us today!

Common Causes of AC Problems

Why exactly is your AC equipment malfunctioning or completely broken down?

At ARS/Rescue Rooter, your preferred cooling repair company, we’ve run into countless situations where a homeowner’s air conditioner breaks because of a known cause. Based on this experience, we’ve determined the most common reasons for why AC systems have problems.

Thermostat Issues

Sometimes it’s a very simple piece of equipment that’s to blame. Check your thermostat to see if it is programmed to turn the AC on and off according to your specifications. Maybe the thermostat has been switched from cooling mode to heating mode. Otherwise, one of our technicians can solve the problem by repairing or replacing the thermostat to fix your AC situation.

Filthy Condenser Coils

The condenser is a crucial component in your home’s air conditioner and is a main reason people need to call us for air conditioning repair. When the exterior unit’s condenser coil becomes covered with dirt, grime, and dust, it will not be able to transfer heat out of your house as effectively as when it was brand new and completely clean.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil plays an important role in keeping your home cool even when it’s blazingly hot outside. Ice building up on the evaporator coil will keep the refrigerant from circulating through the system as it should. As a result, the AC system struggles to cool down the house.

Low Refrigerant

Without the proper amount of refrigerant circulating in the air conditioning system, you won’t have reliable cooling and will need to call ARS/Rescue Rooter as soon as possible for assistance. When the refrigerant lines have less refrigerant in them as compared to when the system was first installed, fixing the problem may involve more than just adding more refrigerant. Our technician will carefully test the system, looking for possible leaks in the refrigerant line to fix.

Broken Fan

It could be that your AC is not moving cool air through the home because a fan is broken. There is a fan that pushes air across the evaporator coil, and a separate fan moves air across the condenser coil. A quick inspection by our AC repair technician will help to verify if this is the issue of your broken air conditioner.

Texas City’s Climate

In Texas City, residents can expect to get about 50 inches of rain annually, on average, while there are usually about 203 days of sunshine each year (it’s close to the U.S. average of 205 sunny days annually). Homeowners know that it tends to rain about 102 days every year in Texas City.

It can get pretty hot here. For example, during the summer, highs reach approximately 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and the low in winter is 46 F. The hottest month in Texas City tends to be August. You’ll find it’s most pleasant in Texas City in October, April, and May. But in hotter periods, residents experience 46 days when the thermometer surpasses 90 F. 

Humidity is another important factor when considering the climate of a city or region. Texas City gets quite a lot of humidity. In fact, the level of mugginess can be oppressive when summer rolls around. High humidity is a fact of life here from May through October.

How Texas City’s Coastal Environment Can Affect AC Performance

People move to Texas City to enjoy the coastal environment, but living near the shore can have an adverse effect on your air conditioner. Here is some insight into just how the local coastal conditions can make an impact on AC performance.

More Usage

Because of environmental conditions in the coastal area, Texas City homeowners will tend to run their AC system more frequently than those living away from the coast. As a result, the equipment can wear out faster than similar air conditioners set up in a drier location.

Another issue that comes from increased AC usage is that your utility bills will continue to climb. The humidity that characterizes Texas City because of its proximity to the ocean requires homeowners to run their air conditioning for longer periods because the AC removes extra water from the air.

Metal Corrosion

The salt in the air that comes to Texas City’s coastal environment accumulates on metal components in your air conditioner. This salt attracts moisture. With salt comes corrosion of the metal parts of your AC setup. At some point, even the condenser coil could reach the breaking point.

Bigger Utility Bills

Being obliged to run your air conditioner longer and more frequently will naturally involve the use of more electricity, so coastal living will cause homeowners in Texas City to see higher utility bills. For information about how repairing an AC unit can restore the efficiency of air conditioners, speak to an HVAC technician from ARS/Rescue Rooter. A simple inquiry like this can wind up saving you electricity and money.

Local Landmarks Make Texas City Shine

What are the unique characteristics of Texas City that make it so appealing to people, motivating them to set up businesses and live here? The many interesting landmarks here have an impact on visitors. Bishop’s Palace, which dates to 1892, is lovely historical building. Seawolf Park gives visitors a glimpse at an actual submarine, while Garten Verein showcases historical buildings and fountains to walk around as you enjoy the scenery.

Connect With ARS/Rescue Rooter for Professional Cooling Repair in Texas City Today!

No one wants to be stuck in the sweltering heat when summer arrives in Texas. High temperatures can keep you from getting a good night’s sleep, and without a working AC system, the humidity will tend to increase, causing even more discomfort for your family.

You’ll be glad to know that expert help is just a quick phone call away. Our technicians are standing by to check out your ailing AC equipment and figure out what needs to be done to repair it. For the best air conditioning repair Texas City has to offer, connect with the professionals at ARS/Rescue Rooter today.

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