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Tomball Air Conditioning Repair

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Expert AC Repair in Tomball

Tomball Texas air conditioning company

Your Tomball air conditioning system works hard to keep you cool, and you should know that we do, too. At ARS/Rescue Rooter Houston, we offer expert air conditioning repair service.

Whether you have a minor drop in efficiency, or a big problem in need of a prompt solution, we are here to assist. We love to show our customers the benefits of hiring our technicians for AC repair.

When to Call ARS/Rescue Rooter

It’s not always easy to decide when to call for AC repair. Unless your system refuses to operate at all, you might be dealing with poor cooling and not realize it.

If you know that your home doesn’t feel cool enough, and you can’t solve the problem by turning it up, you should probably book an appointment. It’s better to find out that your system isn’t having problems, than to try to ignore an issue that could get worse.

Choose Our Technicians for AC Repair Today

The moment you call our AC repair company, you may be pleasantly surprised by the care we provide. We aim to listen to your concerns fully, and we arrange for a technician to come to your home as soon as possible.

When our technicians arrive, they work to find all the causes of the problem, identify the appropriate solutions and talk to you about what needs to be done. We maintain high standards for our technicians, so that they can provide the best care for your home. Contact us to book an appointment today.

Common Causes of AC Problems

Your air conditioning system is a complex set of parts that all fulfill a specific purpose. When one of these parts breaks down, you will probably see a decrease in your home cooling. Faults in any of these are good signs to ask our technicians for air conditioning repair.

Air Filters

Your air filter acts as a barrier between the outside air and the indoor equipment. The filter pulls out dust, debris and allergens, keeping the equipment clean and ready to provide effective cooling. 

You should replace the air filter at least a few times a year. If you don’t, you are more likely to have problems like a frozen evaporator coil, which calls for AC repair.

Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil allows the refrigerant to pass through the indoor system, using the refrigerant to extract heat and moisture. Condensation drips down from the coil and drains out, but it doesn’t work well if it gets dirty.

Dirty coils cause the condensation to collect around the coil, and the refrigerant may cause it to freeze. A frozen evaporator coil makes it harder to get effective cooling, and can even shut down the system.


The thermostat is the device that turns everything on and off. Without it, your air conditioning system won’t operate because it won’t know which temperature you need. A faulty thermostat may send the wrong information or no information at all.

If you’re not sure about your thermostat, consider replacing the batteries, changing the settings and ensuring that the thermostat is set to cool. When that isn’t enough, you may need to call for air conditioning repair.


Your air conditioning system needs refrigerant to pull out the heat and moisture. Low refrigerant makes it harder for the system to work, taking longer to achieve the right temperature and humidity.

Low refrigerant is commonly caused by a leak in the refrigerant line. Because this is a hazardous substance, especially for children and pets, it’s best to book an appointment for local AC repair. Our technicians can find the source and fix the problem.

Drain Line

In a humid climate like Tomball, your air conditioning system needs to drain a lot of water every day. The drain line ensures that your equipment stays dry, but it can get clogged.

Regular maintenance usually prevents this problem, but it can become an issue if the line accumulates dirt, mold or algae. You may notice water dripping or pooling near the indoor equipment as a sign that you should request air conditioning repair.


Electrical System

Air conditioning works entirely off electricity with several parts needed to make it work. If you have a bad capacitor or relay, you might not get the energy you need to run the system.

You’re more likely to notice problems with the electrical system through a circuit breaker that keeps tripping. In this case, you should turn off the circuit for safety and call our technicians for AC repair.

The Hot, Humid Climate in Tomball

As a suburb of Houston, it’s not surprising that Tomball has hot summers with high humidity. The sweltering weather highlights the importance of prompt AC repair when you need it.

Relative Humidity

Air usually holds some amount of water vapor, which is measured as a percentage of relative humidity. Once it reaches 100%, the air has taken on all the water vapor it can hold.

The relative humidity in Tomball ranges 66-71% throughout the year. The humidity tends to be highest in the summer when the high temperatures make you feel damp and hot.


Along with the humidity, the heat in Tomball makes much of the summer uncomfortably muggy. Highs reach past 80 degrees Fahrenheit and into the 90s for about four months per year.


Tomball gets about 49 inches of annual rain, compared to the national average of 38 inches. Most of that rain happens in the summer and then again in the fall.

AC Performance in a Humid Climate

Air conditioning systems have a harder time keeping you cool in a humid environment. High humidity can affect how your system performs, especially on the hottest days of summer.

Controlling Indoor Humidity

When your air conditioning system extracts heat from the air, it pulls out moisture as well. You depend on proper function for temperature and humidity control to feel sufficiently cool.


Without the right care, you can make the humidity harder to manage. Opening doors and windows on humid days or failing to run fans while cooking or bathing produces more moisture for your system to manage.

Managing Cooling Load

In the summer, high humidity makes you feel warmer. Even if the temperature feels like it ought to be cool enough, you may turn it up on the most humid days.

Correct Sizing of the Unit

Air conditioning units that are too big will cool too quickly, making humidity a bigger problem. A unit that isn’t big enough may not do a very good job with cooling or moisture control.

Choosing a unit of the correct size is the best way to ensure that your system can keep up with your expectations. Ask our technicians for a recommendation when you call for air conditioning repair if you think your unit might be sized incorrectly.

Additional Tools to Manage Humidity

Even the best air conditioning system may need a little help to provide effective cooling. If you struggle with moisture control, a dehumidifier might be a wise investment.

Landmarks Near Tomball

The city of Tomball offers a number of interesting landmarks and places to visit, including:

·         Railroad Depot, the site of the old depot with interesting train-related memorabilia and model railroads

·         Harvest Season Farm, a family farm with pick-your-own produce, picnicking and other local events

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We serve the entire Houston area, including nearby towns or neighborhoods such as Albury Trails Estates, Boudreaux Estates, Inverness, Lakewood Grove, Memorial Springs, Village Creek, Waterstone Estates, Westbourne and Willow Forest.

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