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Water Heater Services in West Bridgewater, MA

It pays to know who to turn to for water heater repair; after all, nobody wants to take an ice-cold shower to start their day.

Water Heater Repair

It's easy to forget about your water heater until you encounter a problem, but with the help of ARS/Rescue Rooter Boston, you can get regular tune-ups to keep it functioning efficiently for longer. Even when you stay on top of maintenance, unexpected issues are bound to happen. So what are the warning signs that you'll need water heater repairs in the immediate future?

  • You notice a leak, suggesting the drain pan is faulty or that the heater's internal liner is starting to corrode
  • There's an unpleasant smell coming from the unit when you use hot water
  • If you see fragments of metal or rust in tank water, you likely need to replace an anode rod
  • And, most noticeably, your hot water is either too hot, too cold, or simply doesn't last the way it used to

From traditional tank water heaters to high-efficiency and tankless models, choosing the right unit and making sure it's in working condition can be complicated. Our experts are always available to give you advice on the best water heater for you, diagnose any problems, and conduct repairs. The specific kind of repairs you may need will differ depending on your water heater's model, but you can feel good knowing ${} can cover all your needs.

All water heaters inevitably show signs of wear and tear as they age, gradually losing their ability to heat water consistently. It can be tricky to tell when you should repair your water heather or just replace it, but we generally recommend that a repair is not worth it if it's going to cost more than half the price of a new unit. Sooner or later, the cost of a new water heater will be less than the cost of continuing to pay for repairs for your existing unit.

Water Heater Installation

Are your daily showers hit or miss when it comes to hot water? It may be time for a new water heater—and that means you'll also require water heater installation from the professionals at ARS/Rescue Rooter Boston. Our plumbers can assist you with finding the right type of water heater to fit your needs and install the unit according to your schedule.

  • There is a leak around the base of the unit
  • Your unit is more than 10 years old
  • Water temperature isn't consistent
  • There's a strange smell or color to your water

Your optimal water heater will depend on your budget, your home's layout and your specific hot water needs. Things to consider while shopping for a new water heater should include fuel type (gas or electric), the number of people living in your home, whether you'd prefer tank or tankless, the length of the warranty, potential maintenance and repair needs, and operating costs. Our experts would be happy to explain your options and suggest the right unit for you.

The main question when deciding on a new water heater is whether you should go with a traditional tank model or a tankless unit. A tankless water heater does not heat and re-heat the same water in the tank, saving you money. Although it costs more upfront, in the long run a tankless water heater is a money-saver.


Schedule the expert water heater repair you need: call us today at 855-231-3553.

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*Standard price of tune-up is $218. Price valid for one working system. For gas or heat pump systems only; does not apply to oil fired systems. **Nest Thermostat purchase and installation required. Subject to compatibility with existing equipment. Any necessary upgrades may incur an additional charge. Valid at participating ARS® Network locations. Not valid for third party, new construction, or commercial customers, with any other offers, discounts, or on prior sales. Call service center for details. Coupon required at time of service. Void if copied or transferred and where prohibited. Any other use may constitute fraud. Cash value $.001. Offer expires 8/31/2020.

License # RC 013652, 171, 3782-M, 3759

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License # RC 013652, 171, 3782-M, 3759

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The technician arrived on time. He explained everything about what he was doing. I am very satisfied with the service and am happy to have chosen ARS to maintain my AC and Heating systems in the future.
David Smith came to our rescue when he detected and repaired a break in the A/C drip line. He took time to explain in detail what had happened and what needed to be done to repair the living room ceiling which suffered major damage. Thank you David.
The serviceman, Nehemiah Smith, sent by ARS was knowledgeable, courteous, extremely competent and expertly professional. Not only did he put in extra effort to solve my problem -- which he did -- but he took the time to explain how I could avoid such a problem in the future. I wish he was running for President. He'd win in a landslide... Thank you, Nehemiah...
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