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Water Heater Installation in Atlanta

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Water Heater Installation in Norcross, GA

Water Heater Installation & Replacement in Atlanta

There are many types of water heaters available on the market. Your professional ARS/Rescue Rooter® representative can provide you with choices and accurate, up-front estimates before installation.Our expertise makes us the best place to turn for water heater installation in Georgia

Making a Good Choice

With technology always changing it helps to have a professional plumber point you in the right direction. Before replacing your water heater, there are a number of things you can consider that will impact the green-living profile of your home.

Selecting a New Water Heater

Choosing a water heater based on the following can help improve energy efficiency:

  • Number of people living in your home (hot water demand)
  • How well your old unit supplied your demand
  • Fuel type, availability, and cost
  • Estimated energy efficiency of various models
  • Length of warranty
  • Maintenance and repair information
  • Cost of unit as it relates to annual operating cost

Getting not only the right sized water heater but the right type of water heater is important to accommodate your household’s needs. It should deliver hot water when and where you need it, in the most energy-efficient and cost-conscious manner. Depending on the layout and size of your home, you may require a tankless water heater over the traditional water heater that stores and heats water in a tank. Call (770) 908-8488 today to request your free in-home consultation on replacing your water heater.

Traditional Water Heaters

Traditional water heaters can be powered by either gas or electricity. Gas water heaters are fueled by natural gas, propane, or heating oil while electric water heaters are heated by using two electric elements. The size of your traditional water heater should be based on the number of occupants and their peak hour water demand, not on the size of the house. The peak hour demand or first-hour rating (FHR) is the measure of how much hot water the heater will deliver in an hour and is required by law to appear on the Energy Guide Label. Don’t buy a water heater bigger than you need, or you’ll be paying to heat water you don’t use!

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters are quickly becoming the popular alternative to traditional water heaters. Compared to traditional water heaters, these tankless water heaters can save space in your home. Due to the absence of an actual tank, hot water is supplied on an “as-needed” basis and saves energy by eliminating stand-by heat loss. Some tankless water heaters claim up to 40% in energy savings.

Our professional staff can aid you in choosing the best water heater for your needs.

The Benefits of Installing a New Water Heater

As a leading water heater installation company, we know how important it is to have a unit that will be there when you need it. If you don’t have one — or if your existing one is worn out — you can experience some very frustrating and costly problems.

Protecting Your Daily Routine

For example, the biggest issue you can face is being without any hot water at all. This means you won’t be able to take hot showers, wash your dishes, or do laundry. This is a major disruption to your daily routine and will leave you searching for somewhere else to get all these everyday tasks done. Older units can have trouble producing enough hot water to meet your household’s needs, creating all sorts of frustrations.

Preventing Leaks

Water heaters that aren’t properly installed or maintained also are at risk of leaking. This can lead to extensive water damage throughout your home if any leaks go undetected or unresolved for a long period of time. Not only is this a safety hazard, but it also can result in some extremely costly repair bills.

Ensuring Efficiency and Safety

If your water heater is getting on in years, there’s also a good chance that it isn’t as energy efficient as it should be. As it has to work harder to heat your water, it also consumes more energy. You’ll notice the difference in your utility bills for sure. Older units also may cause fluctuations in water temperature, resulting in sudden bursts of dangerously hot water coming out of your fixtures.

Finally, hanging onto an older water heater for too long can be a safety hazard. If you don’t keep yours properly maintained, it could be a fire risk. It also may be at a higher risk of malfunctions that result in injuries or damage to your home.

Call ARS/Rescue Rooter Today

These are just a few of the reasons why it’s so important to have a water heater installation service you can trust. Proper installation or replacement of a unit means greater comfort and energy efficiency. To learn more about what we can do for you for water heater maintenance and other services, reach out to us.

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