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Elgin Furnace Repair

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Heating Repair Service in Elgin, IL

elgin, IL furnace repair service

Are you looking for furnace repair in Elgin? Perhaps you've spent the day out exploring the historic Victorian architecture and come home to a freezing house, or waken up to a heating system blowing cold air. Whatever the issue is, when furnace problems arise, contact the furnace repair service Elgin heating customers trust: ARS/Rescue Rooter Illinois.

ARS/Rescue Rooter provides furnace repairs to Elgin residents. Repairs are done by our licensed technicians in a prompt and professional manner, so you can feel confident every time our furnace technicians arrive at your home or business. Whether you need furnace installation, furnace repairs, furnace maintenance or a complete system replacement, we'll be there to help. For furnace repairs Elgin residents can count on, turn to ARS/Rescue Rooter. Call us today at 630-818-1619 to book your appointment.


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What Should I Check if My Elgin Furnace Stops Working?

One of the most significant benefits of having a furnace is that it keeps you warm during the winter months. However, if your furnace goes down, you won't be able to keep warm. But there are some basic furnace maintenance procedures that you can accomplish yourself before calling for heating repair service from a professional.

Step #1: Check Your Air Filter

One of the first furnace repair tasks you can do yourself is to check your furnace's air filter. The furnace uses a blower to circulate the warm air through your Elgin home, and this fan requires a properly working furnace filter in order to run efficiently. If your furnace filter is still in working order, then you should try cleaning it with a damp cloth and warm water. After the filter dries completely, put it back into place. If you have a furnace that uses disposable furnace filters, then now could be a good time to change out the furnace filter as well.

Step #2: Check Your Pilot Light

Next, you should check your furnace's pilot light. The furnace's pilot light keeps the furnace working properly by heating up the furnace burner once it is turned on. If the furnace pilot light goes out, then you may hear a clicking sound coming from your furnace as if it wants to turn on but can't. When the furnace pilot light is operating properly, you should see a continuous stream of blue or yellow-colored flames emissions coming from it. If it isn't on, call us to relight it.

Step #3: Check Your Thermostat

A furnace's thermostat works with the furnace by monitoring its internal temperature so that it can regulate how much heat is being distributed throughout your home. If the furnace cannot maintain a proper internal temperature, then you may have a furnace repair issue on your hands. However, if your furnace's thermostat appears to be working fine, then try adjusting the thermostat to a different setting and see if this helps increase how much heat comes out of your home vents.

Step #4: Check Power

One simple thing to check before calling our Elgin furnace repair company for furnace service is whether or not there is power going to your furnace. You can do this by checking your furnace's circuit breaker box. If you notice that the furnace circuit breaker has been switched off, then simply flip the furnace circuit breaker back on to restore power to your furnace.

Step #5: Check Gas Supply

This should only be done if you know exactly what you are doing since it involves dealing with gas emissions. If there are no gas leaks or irregularities coming from your furnace, then call our Elgin heating repair company for service. On the other hand, if there are anomalies in your furnace's emission system, then this may be a sign of serious problems which would require professional up-front furnace repairs or replacement. Call us right away if you think there is a gas line issue.


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Dependable Furnace Repair Service in Elgin, IL

We are the leading Elgin HVAC service provider. Some of the benefits of working with ARS/Rescue Rooter include:

  • Our Exceptional Service Guarantee that says you’ll be 100% satisfied
  • Honest, upfront estimates before we start work with no hidden fees
  • Emergency plumbing and HVAC repair services
  • Flexible financing options available to suit your budget

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