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Chicagoland Water Heater Repair Service

Are you looking for a dependable Chicago, IL water heater repair company near you? For residential hot water heater problems, trust the experts at ARS/Rescue Rooter. If you need help with your Chicagoland water heater, or you're looking for a new water heater and need tankless water heater installation, we're here to help.

Read our reviews and see why so many of your neighbors trust the plumbing, sewer, and drain experts ARS/Rescue Rooter. From Naperville to Evanston and Schaumburg to Oak Lawn, we are the local area's best hot water heater repair company.

Need water heater service now? Call us today or schedule an appointment online for water heater service throughout Chicago, Illinois.

Water Heater Repair in Chicago, IL

The only name you need to know for Chicago water heater repair is ARS/Rescue Rooter. From traditional tank water heaters to high-efficiency and tankless models, choosing the right unit and making sure it's in working condition can be complicated. Our plumbing experts are here to not only provide insight and advice on the best water heater for your home, but also address any problems as and when they arise. The specific kind of repairs you may need will differ depending on your water heater's model, but you can feel good knowing ARS/Rescue Rooter can cover all your needs.

You should call our plumbers immediately if you notice rust or metal in your water heater tank. If this occurs, there may be an anode rod that must be replaced. This rod attracts chemicals in the water and prevents rust from building in the tank liner.

Corroding in the water heater liner could cause the tank to leak. There is a drain pan under the water heater, and if it is too old or installed incorrectly, your home may experience water damage. Floors, walls, or even the ceiling could be harmed, depending on the location of your water heater.

**Caution: Turn off the power at your circuit breaker or shut off the gas before making any kind of water heater inspection.**

Repair or Replace Your Water Heater?

Should you repair or replace your home’s water heater? A good guideline to follow is to never spend more than half the cost of replacing your system on a water heater repair. Typically, if a water heater is out of warranty, it should be replaced; the cost savings from a new water heater’s efficiency likely outweighs any repair costs of an old and used water heater.​

ARS/Rescue Rooter Illinois plumbers provide water heater repair in Chicago and replacement services, including high-efficiency and tankless models.

Water Heater Installation in Chicago, IL

Our water heater services include new installation and replacement, in addition to our repair services. In the past, you had only a few options, and would likely just replace your current water heater with another of the same make and model.

However, in today’s high-efficiency world, there are a lot of new options for you to consider. These options will help to improve the green living profile of your home and make your home more energy efficient. Depending on the size of your family, you will want to select a water heater with the best recovery rate for your needs.

The water heater should deliver enough hot water where and when your home needs it, in the most cost-effective and energy-efficient manner. You also may need more than one water heater to effectively supply your home, depending on the floorplan.

The total cost of your new water heater will vary for a range of reasons. These variations include water line connections, gas line, access and type of water heater, and strapping. Your best bet is to consult a professional plumber for a free evaluation. An in-home consultation is the best option, as a “blind” quote over the phone is very often not correct.

What to Consider When Buying a New Water Heater

  • Fuel type, availability and cost
  • Number of people living in your home (hot water demand)
  • Length of warranty
  • Cost of unit as it relates to annual operating cost
  • Estimated energy efficiency of various models
  • Maintenance and repair information
  • How well your old unit supplied your demand

Chicago Water Heater Flush & Maintenance

It’s easy to forget that you have to maintain your water heater – until you’re forced to take cold showers. And, when that happens, it’s likely too late to fix. That’s where ARS®/Rescue Rooter® Illinois is here to help; it’s important to schedule regular maintenance for your water heater with a trusted plumber. Your water heater will perform better, consume less energy, and last longer. Damage to the water heater tank often occurs when sediment builds. You may need to drain your tank in order to remove the sediment, and you will want to hire and expert for this task to prevent any problems.

Types of water heaters

Gas Water Heaters

The gas water heater is the most common type found in American homes. These models usually have a tank that holds anywhere from 20 to 80 gallons. When you turn on your faucet, hot water is delivered from the top of your water heater tank. Cold water then enters the bottom of the tank, and it is heated by propane, oil, or natural gas fuel.

Electric Water Heaters

An electric water heater has a storage tank and heats water similar to gas units. However, instead of a fuel-type, they heat water using two electric elements, and each has its own thermostat.

Tankless Water Heaters

A third option for water heaters is the tankless variety. While these cost more upfront, they are more efficient and offer a practically endless supply of hot water as there is no storage tank and no standby heat loss. This type of unit may be your best option, depending on the demands of your home.

Solar Water Heaters

The final option for a water heater is a solar water heater. These units are powered by the sun, and the unit consists of a storage tank and a solar collector. These systems are often installed in higher latitudes; additionally, they may require design components that would add cost and system complexity.

There is a lot to consider when deciding which type of water heater is the best solution for your home. While gas and electric options can lose some efficiency because water is constantly being heated, these versions have improved significantly over past models. Spending a bit more up front will likely give you better efficiency and safe your home money in the long term. Make sure to look for an insulation rating of an R-16 or better. Tankless water heaters will save money by reheating the same water, and you would not have to wait as long for the water to warm up.

Need expert water heater repairs and maintenance? Reach us at 630-818-1619.

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License # TGC007603, 055-034045

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