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Welcome to ARS®/Rescue Rooter®, your preferred heat pump company in Manassas and the surrounding Arlington, Virginia, community. A heat pump is an efficient device for keeping your Manassas home nice and cool in the summer and toasty warm in the winter. 

If you are getting ready to have a heat pump installed but aren’t sure what unit would be best for your family, connect with ARS®/Rescue Rooter® today. Our trusted, certified technicians are also standing by to inspect, maintain, and repair heat pumps.

For people who are new to the idea of using heat pumps, or for anyone who hashave questions about working with heating and cooling professionals to install or maintain a heat pump, we hope the following information is useful.

Why You Should Consider Using a Professional Heat Pump Service

When the thermometer plunges in Virginia, you don’t want your family to get left in the cold as you try to diagnose what’s wrong with your heat pump. The same goes for summertime when it’s so hot inside after a heat pump failure that you have to take refuge in a local business with air conditioning.

If you lack professional training in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, you don’t want to “learn on the job,” when it’s so easy to make costly mistakes. Successfully installing, inspecting, cleaning, maintaining, and repairing heat pump systems requires years of experience and training.

Why Hire Professionals for Heat Pump Service?

  • A pro carries all needed tools and equipment to get the job done on time, the first time.

  • Professional technicians are licensed and certified to install, maintain, and repair heat pump systems. Your manufacturer warranty may be null and void if you attempt to fix the heat pump as an amateur.

  • Hiring an HVAC professional for regular maintenance can ensure that the technician will find problems when they are still small and easier to fix.

  • With a heat pump pro at your home, he or she will quickly determine the problem and figure out the best solution, based on years of training and experience. This means the job is finished faster, with no details missed.

  • Expect less downtime when you book an appointment for service from heat pump repairs professionals. Trying to do repairs yourself — as an untrained homeowner — could mean you make a mistake or miss a broken component, making the job take twice as long (or more).

The Importance of Having a Working Heat Pump in Virginia

One reason why so many Virginia homeowners need to have a working heat pump to keep their domicile comfortable all year is that the state is known for its colder-than-usual winters and hot and humid summers.

There’s nothing like feeling as cool as a cucumber at home during the sweltering heat of summer. Not only is your family more comfortable, but you can also relax and feel confident about inviting people over to socialize.

To keep everyone’s teeth from chattering when the mercury drops, you’ll stay warm and cozy in your home during the winter, thanks to the heat pump operating properly and at maximum efficiency.

Such extreme variations in weather mean that people in Manassas and the greater Arlington, Virginia, region need a reliable heat pump installed and maintained by HVAC professionals.

What Are the Main Benefits of Heat Pumps?

Before installing a heat pump in your home, you may want to double-check the chief benefits of this kind of system for maintaining your preferred temperature year-round.

Benefits of heat pumps include:

  • If you are accustomed to the loud noises typically made by standard HVAC systems, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how quietly heat pumps operate. Since the compressor is located outside your home, it’s quieter than a system with A/C equipment, plus a furnace.

  • Heat pump installation means your utility bills should go down, since a heat pump is an efficient way to move hot air outside when it’s summertime and bring hot air inside during the winter.

  • A heat pump generally will give you 12 to 15 years of reliable service, as long as you have professionals inspect, clean, and maintain it once each year.

  • Instead of having a separate furnace and air-conditioning unit, you only have a single system with a heat pump. This makes it easier to take care of properly.

  • The indoor air quality will improve, since plenty of fresh air from outside continually moves within your home. Talk to our technician about installing an air filter for even cleaner air.

  • Unlike standard air-conditioning and furnace HVAC systems that might not be sized correctly for the home, a heat pump can still deliver consistent cooling and heating throughout the year.

Connect With ARS®/Rescue Rooter® for Installation, Maintenance, or Repairs!

We’re proud of the stellar reputation we’ve developed in Manassas and the neighboring community of Arlington and beyond for the work we do on local homeowners’ heat pump systems.

Part of our success comes from the Exceptional Service Guarantee: We respect your time and home, and will call you before our technicians arrive. In addition to setting out drop cloths when needed, we wear shoe covers to leave your dwelling as neat and clean as when we began work.

If you have questions about heat pump models or would like to book an appointment for service, please contact ARS®/Rescue Rooter® today.

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