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Pflugerville, TX Air Conditioning Services

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Pflugerville, TX Air Conditioning Service

pflugerville air conditioning repair service

Texas is a great place to live — there's no denying that! However, as great as it is to live in Texas, the weather can be intense and unpredictable. If your heating and AC system isn't up-to-code, the conditions in your home can become unlivable. That’s where ARS/Rescue Rooter comes in. We make this sort of problem a thing of the past. This means, you'll actually look forward to the change of seasons instead of bracing yourself when they come around! Our team of HVAC specialists strive to deliver timely, energy-efficient services. Read all about the services we offer below. 

Pflugerville AC Repair

AC repairs can be hard to find in the heat of the summer. This means more when you’re talking about Texas weather. We’ve all been there. Your AC isn’t working. You call in for repairs, and they tell you that you have to wait until a part comes in. Days turn to weeks, and you’re still waiting. This can get extremely serious during months when the temperatures climb the highest. Relentless exposure to heat can cause all sorts of health problems. It can also damage your other household appliances, resulting in even higher repair costs. Avoid all of this by booking an appointment today. Summer should be about looking forward to days off and fun in the sun. You won’t find quicker and more attentive Pflugerville, TX air conditioning services available every day of the week.

Pflugerville Air Conditioning Installation

If you’re just moving into a new house, you'll need to install an AC system. Or, if your current unit is old and unrepairable, it's time to schedule a Pflugerville, TX air conditioning service.

The team at ARS/Rescue Rooter is ready to take your call. We have years of experience installing and replacing HVAC systems. Signs it's time for a new AC unit include:

  • A higher than normal electric bill
  • Strange noises or smells coming from the unit
  • Your AC is blowing out hot air
  • The system keeps cycling on and off

Leaving these issues untreated will only make matters worse. Get in touch with us today to schedule a service.

Pflugerville Heat Pump Repair

While Texas is known for its hot summers, its winters can also be biting. Don’t neglect the installation of a heating system. Long-term exposure to the cold can freeze and break your household appliances. A heat pump will cut the cost of the usual HVAC system. This means more money in your pocket that you can spend on something you’ve wanted to do but didn’t have the means for. If you’re nervous about giving this a try, don’t be. You’re not going to do this alone. Our services expand throughout your entire ownership of your heat pumping system. If you need a new one, we can install it for you quickly. Through its time in your house, our team will perform regular maintenance checks to make sure everything is running smoothly. If you suspect a problem, bring it to us immediately, and we’ll get your system right back on track.

Pflugerville Thermostat Installation

Your thermostat is a crucial part of your house. It regulates the temperature of your house throughout the changes of the seasons. It also curtails your heating and AC bills, which can skyrocket at certain points in the year. However, just like any other appliance, it can suffer internal damage, damaging both your budget and your quality of life. We repair and troubleshoot electro-mechanical, digital, and Wi-Fi enabled thermostats. We understand that household appliances are changing with the evolution of technology. Our team goes through regular rigorous training to keep up with the times, so your system will remain working flawlessly.

Pflugerville Ductless Air Conditioning

Texas weather is known for changing often. This can make it hard to keep your house's temperature stable. A ductless mini-split will save you time, money, and stress. This system provides both heating and cooling in a smooth, easy transition. It also allows you to customize the temperature in each area of the house, so you don’t have to live with one room being too hot or cold. The device is smaller, making it more manageable and aesthetically pleasing. The lack of ducts also makes it easier to install. As much convenience as this provides, there are specific means of maintenance required for this appliance. ARS/Rescue Rooter provides installation and maintenance services. Get in touch with us to learn more!

Pflugerville HVAC Tune-Ups

If you want the best HVAC system you can have, don’t wait until there’s a problem to get repairs. Just as we need a regular wellness check with a doctor, your household appliances need the same. You might worry about costs, but think of it this way. Regular doctor’s visits might seem costly, but if you were to put them off, you might have an illness that needs treatment. If this is prolonged until you need hospitalization, the cost will ultimately be much more than it would have been with reoccurring check-ups. Our appliances aren’t so different from us in that way. By taking advantage of our tune-up services, you’re ensuring that you and your family will never have to spend summers or winters in unpleasant conditions. We’ll give you peace of mind and your systems top-notch care. You’ll never need to look elsewhere for Pflugerville, TX air conditioning services.

Exceptional Service Guarantee

At ARS/Rescue Rooter, all of our clients receive an Exceptional Service Guarantee. Prior to beginning any work, we'll give you a written estimate for approval. When approved, our team makes sure to treat your property with respect. We let you know when we're on our way to your home and leave it exactly as we found it. This means cleaning up after ourselves, using shoe covers, and being mindful of our surroundings.

If you're dissatisfied for any reason, we'll make every effort to guarantee your expectations are met. It's that simple! Get in touch with us to schedule Pflugerville, TX air conditioning service today!

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