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ARS/Rescue Rooter Boston: Facility Picture Gallery

ARS/Rescue Rooter Van.

ARS/Rescue Rooter Boston Facility Gallery

Image gallery showing our facilities and services offered. Contact ARS/Rescue Rooter of Boston for your HVAC needs.


Boston Facility pic 1.
Boston Facility pic 2.
Boston Facility pic 3.
Boston Facility pic 4.
Boston Facility pic 5.
Boston Facility pic 6.
Boston Facility pic 7.
Boston Facility pic 8.
Boston Facility pic 9.
Boston Facility pic 10.
Boston Facility pic 11.
Boston Facility pic 12.
Boston Facility pic 13.
Boston Facility pic 14.
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Facility Picture 1


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Facility Picture 2

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Facility Picture 3

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Facility Picture 4

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Facility Picture 5

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Facility Picture 6

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Facility Picture 7

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Facility Picture 8

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Facility Picture 9

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Facility Picture 10

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Facility Picture 11

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Facility Picture 12

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Facility Picture 13

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Facility Picture 14



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ARS/Rescue Rooter Boston

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I was very happy with the service and professional treatment I received from Marc E. He was very polite and explained everything in detail prior to beginning the project. He arrived on time each day and was very careful to keep my house clean during the entire time. I could not have been more pleased with the work he did. Thank you so much Marc!!
After some frustration with the gas company's emergency service I looked into ARS which I had used some years ago. The response was rapid and a technician, Nick was here in a timely manner. Our high efficiency furnace was given a through check-up, it is running smoothly and several ares that will need future attention were addressed in a clear and concise manner. Count us in as premium customers. Thanks.
ARS is an excellent company to deal with for your HVAC needs. Eric A. is prompt, friendly and thorough...I can totally trust him! I even had to leave my house to take my son to a Dr. appointment and I trusted leaving Eric here at my house to finish his job on our air conditioning condensers. Their prices are fair and they don't give me a hard time when I say that we're on a budget. Great company and Eric is a fantastic technician!
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