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ARS/Rescue Rooter Boston: Facility Picture Gallery

ARS/Rescue Rooter Van.

ARS/Rescue Rooter Boston Facility Gallery

Image gallery showing our facilities and services offered. Contact ARS/Rescue Rooter of Boston for your HVAC needs.


Boston Facility pic 1.
Boston Facility pic 2.
Boston Facility pic 3.
Boston Facility pic 4.
Boston Facility pic 5.
Boston Facility pic 6.
Boston Facility pic 7.
Boston Facility pic 8.
Boston Facility pic 9.
Boston Facility pic 10.
Boston Facility pic 11.
Boston Facility pic 12.
Boston Facility pic 13.
Boston Facility pic 14.
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Facility Picture 1


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Facility Picture 2

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Facility Picture 3

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Facility Picture 4

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Facility Picture 5

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Facility Picture 6

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Facility Picture 7

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Facility Picture 8

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Facility Picture 9

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Facility Picture 10

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Facility Picture 11

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Facility Picture 12

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Facility Picture 13

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Facility Picture 14



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ARS/Rescue Rooter Boston

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(not sure if my first review went through) Jim came to check our HVAC system. He is very professional and detail oriented. Not only did he perform all the tests , he also explained hvac systems and types of boilers to me. Thanks a bunch Jim! You are my number one hvac pro . We shall be in touch for future reference hvac projects. Thank you.
Technician Jim C. was very professional, professional, detailed and skilled in HVAC. Highly recommend ARS
I was pretty dissappointed when I got home after having been out all day to find the house sweltering hot...AC set at 70 but the house was at 84!! The tech had been out a week before...of course this happens at the second heat wave of the season. Called the office, and MaryAnne ((??)) was so polite and helpful. Within a couple of hours I received a call from the technician Jim Curt((in)). He was the most plesant, professional man that could have appeared. He was knowledgeable, informative, helpful and picked up after himself so I wouldn't have to. Going from being upset and dismayed became an overwhelmingly pleaant experience because of Jim Curt((in)). Would ask for him any time I place a call to ARS!!
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