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ARS/Rescue Rooter Boston: Home Service Plan

ARS/Rescue Rooter Van.

Heating and Cooling Maintenance Plans for Greater Boston

At some point, almost every homeowner has experienced how disruptive a broken air conditioner, furnace, or boiler can be—especially when it’s needed the most during inclement weather. Instead of just hoping that your system won’t break down at an inopportune time, it helps to have a strategy for preventive maintenance, along with some added assistance if something does go wrong.

At ARS/Rescue Rooter of Boston, we offer this assistance in the form of the Home Service Plan. As one of Greater Boston’s leading heating and cooling teams, ARS of Boston knows what it takes to keep your heating and air conditioning system running smoothly.

The ARS Home Service Plan

The ARS Home Service Plan is a 12-month service agreement that includes:

  • Priority emergency service within 24 hours of your call* (Get in “front of the line” even during the hottest or coldest days)
  • Preferred pricing on service, repair, installation and after-hours charges (20% off repairs; No additional charge for after hours service; Premier customer discounts for replacement and new system Installations)
  • Yearly system tune-ups
  • Flexible payment plans—pay annually or monthly by credit/debit card

Remember, getting your heating and air conditioning system tuned-up is just as important as getting an oil change for your car. HVAC tune-ups maximize your system’s performance, could reduce energy costs, extend the life of your HVAC system, and help you avoid costly repairs in the future.

During These Comprehensive Tune-Ups, Our Technicians

  • thoroughly inspect your HVAC system for damage or malfunction
  • clean all parts and components
  • perform a thermostat calibration
  • lubricate your system’s engine (when needed)
  • nspect and replace filters (if needed)


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ARS/Rescue Rooter Boston

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After some frustration with the gas company's emergency service I looked into ARS which I had used some years ago. The response was rapid and a technician, Nick was here in a timely manner. Our high efficiency furnace was given a through check-up, it is running smoothly and several ares that will need future attention were addressed in a clear and concise manner. Count us in as premium customers. Thanks.
Marc showed up on time - explained everything he was doing and did a great job. Quick, thorough, clean and a nice guy too! Left everything in great shape - and the house is already cooling down. Thanks Marc!
Marc was professional, prompt, and friendly. Service was explained thoroughly to me and was done quickly.
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