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Myrtle Beach Drain Cleaning

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Clogged Drain Repair in Myrtle Beach, SC

Are you suffering from clogged drains or busted sewer line pipes? Is water slowly trickling out of your faucet? Debris, such as hair, paper, grease and tree roots can often cause build up and clog a drain or sewer line. If the build-up or clogged items are not cleaned or eliminated in a timely manner, the end result could be substantial damage from broken pipes and water leakage.

Drains have the difficult job of clearing out not only water, but also soap, hair, grease, food debris, and more, all of which take their toll. If you've found drain cleaner ineffective at unclogging your tub or garbage disposal, it may be time to call in professional service at ARS/Rescue Rooter Myrtle Beach for timely plumbing services.

Why Choose ARS/Rescue Rooter for Drain Cleaning Service?

We'll provide drain service that can help:

  • Get rid of grease that has built up on pipe walls
  • Increase the speed at which water drains
  • Address stubborn clogs caused by difficult-to-remove objects and buildups, such as hair
  • Mitigate future plumbing problems

Professional Drain Cleaning Services

At ARS/Rescue Rooter Myrtle Beach, we've never met a clog we haven't been able to unblock. Our Scour Jet® service is designed to get your pipes running smoothly again. Scour Jet® uses an innovative high-pressure cleaning process that blasts away drain clogs in your bathroom, kitchen sink and shower drains safely and effectively - and it's secured with a one year warranty.

We offer sewer line service and drain cleaning for Myrtle Beach homes. We use state of the art video technology to pinpoint exactly where the clogs in your sewer or drain lines are. Since we can quickly diagnose a potential problem with this technology, you can save both time and money.

Once the issue is determined, our highly trained plumbing professionals will quote you on the drain or sewer line repair work needed. With your approval, our Myrtle Beach plumbers will complete the video inspection and drain cleaning and ensure that water is flowing properly.

Drain Questions to Ask Yourself

When it comes to clogged drains, homeowners need to act quickly. A clogged drain can mean any number of problems; clogged sink, clogged shower drain, clogged bathroom drain, clogged floor drain or clog in kitchen drain. As Myrtle Beach plumbers, we see this sort of issue on a daily basis and know what you can expect with each type of clog.

To begin the process of clearing your clog out, we will first want to find what is causing the problem, removing the clog by hand or perhaps snake through your pipes or main line if necessary. To do this accurately though, there are some questions that you must ask yourself before you call us out to clear your clogs.

How clogged is the clog?

A clogged drain is an indication that you probably have a clog in your drain, but this is not always the case. You may find out that there is nothing to unclog whatsoever and instead, a broken pipe is your culprit. A crack or hole preventing it from draining properly. It's important to know what size clog you have so we can determine how effective our equipment will be at clearing out your clog. If you have a kitchen clog, then we'll use a different equipment than if it were just a floor drain clogging up with dirt and debris.

How long has the clogged been present?

Clogs do not appear from nowhere; they start as slow leaks or cracks in pipes which overtime will cause clogging. If the clogged drain has been present for a while, it is likely that there is more than one clog in the line. In this case, we may have to use different methods or equipment to clear all the clogs at once and prevent them from returning in the near future.

What type of drainage does your home have?

The layout of your home's drainage system can also play a role in how easily we can clear your clog. If you have a main line clog, for instance, it is likely that the clog is further down the line and not just in the sink or shower that you are currently experiencing issues with. We will need to take this into account when coming to clear your blocked drains.

Now that you have answered these questions, you are ready to call us and schedule an appointment for drain cleaning service in Myrtle Beach. We will come out and take a look at your clogged drains and determine the best way to clear them as quickly and efficiently as possible. Trust us, we have seen it all and know what to do in any situation! Give us a call today!

If you're looking for more information on clogged drains or want to schedule a service appointment, please give us a call today! We have numerous satisfied customers around the North Myrtle Beach surrounding areas. Our friendly staff is always happy to help in any way possible. And don't forget to check back often for more helpful tips and advice from our team of South Carolina drain experts.

Get in touch with us at 843-213-3498 to find out more about our expert drain services.

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Top NOTCH!! We called for a first time, emergency...on a holiday week no less! They're customer service wae STELLAR! We knew right from the start, we called the right place. The response time was unbelievable! And talk about courteous!! The whole staff was extremely communicative. We instantly felt at ease, and like they were going to take care of us. 💯 % recommend!
google 11/22/2022
Great job. Technician was professional and worth 5 stars.
google 11/22/2022
I had Rob as an electrician to give us a quote for a project. He called prior to getting here giving me plenty of time to be ready and while here he knew the best route to accomplish what I needed and spoke to me like a normal person and not like a salesman trying to get a deal.
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