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League City Plumbing

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League City Plumbing Services

League City Texas air conditioning company

ARS/Rescue Rooter League City is the preferred provider of expert plumbing services for the local community.

We Guarantee Exceptional Service

We mean it when we say we promise to provide the best possible service when we come to take care of plumbing repairs or new installations at your home.

Our Exceptional Service Guarantee means that we drug test and background check each of our highly trained plumbers for your peace of mind.

If you need new fixtures installed or are having problems that need expert plumbing services, we are standing by.

Contact us to book an appointment for reliable plumbing service today!

Common Plumbing Problems That We Take Care of for League City Homeowners

When it comes to plumbing problems, the team at ARS/Rescue Rooter has seen it all. We often get calls from local homeowners in need of fast service for the following common issues:

Unreliable Water Heater

The last thing you’d want is for no hot water to come out of the shower when you’re trying to get ready for work. If your water heater is no longer reliable, is making weird noises, or you see water pooling near the unit, it’s time to call our plumbing company for assistance.

Keep in mind that a new water heater will work more efficiently, potentially saving money on future utility bills.

Leaky Faucet

The annoying sound of a dripping faucet does more than keep you awake at night. It also wastes water, which we want to avoid in hopes of conserving natural resources. A leaky faucet will tend to worsen over time, so it’s best to arrange for service as soon as you spot this problem.

Slowly Draining Sink

We often get calls from customers who need help with their plumbing because of a buildup of food particles and grease clogging up the kitchen sink or globs of tangled hair and soap making the bathroom sink a disgusting mess that takes a long time to drain.

That’s not a problem for the team at ARS/Rescue Rooter! We’ll diagnose your slow drain and break up the obstruction, so the system works properly again.

Clogged Toilet

When using a plunger doesn’t free up a clogged toilet, it can be a frustrating experience. We can sympathize. Give us a call, and we will book a service appointment to identify what’s causing the backup so we can then remove the clog.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure can be caused by a house having very old pipes, which may have become compromised and need inspection for repairs or replacement. Sometimes a pipe is clogged or there is an issue with your home’s pressure regulator.

You can count on your ARS/Rescue Rooter plumbing professional to investigate what the matter is and then come up with a solution to fix the water pressure problem.

Why Is it Better To Call on the Professionals From ARS/Rescue Rooter Instead of Trying Do-it-Yourself Repairs?

We’re proud of the reputation we’ve developed as a leading League City, TX, plumber and we look forward to helping you with your much-needed repairs. Periodically we get calls from customers who need assistance after they tried to take care of a plumbing repair project on their own.

It is natural to want to take the do-it-yourself route, but a homeowner who lacks professional training and certification and is inexperienced in plumbing can wind up causing more problems that make for a bigger and more expensive repair job in the end.

Here are the main reasons why it’s better to call ARS/Rescue Rooter for help vs trying DIY plumbing repairs.

Necessary Tools and Parts On-site

Our professionals carry all the parts, materials, tools, and equipment to get the job done on time, but amateur homeowners going the DIY way can expect that they’ll need to drop what they’re doing and run over to the hardware store to pick up what’s missing.

Our Plumbing Codes Expertise

Each professional plumber from ARS/Rescue Rooter knows how to pull the necessary permits to demonstrate that the work is being done according to the plumbing code. Lacking a permit can come back to bite you when it comes time to put the home up for sale, since you’ll have to arrange inspections and have a professional sign-off on the state of the plumbing installation or repair work.

Avoid Home Damage

While we admire the do-it-yourself spirit, a homeowner who lacks training and certification could cause more harm than good. You might break a pipe, causing water to leak out and damage the floors and furniture. Then you will have two repair jobs to hire experts for to finish the work correctly and restore your home.

Risk of Injury

There is always a potential for danger when you are working on a plumbing job. Often, there can be exposed electrical wiring that you have to be wary of since there is a risk of injury or death by electrocution if you don’t know what you’re doing. Working with a saw to cut a pipe could result in cutting yourself. Ideally, a plumbing expert will take care of this work, minimizing danger.

Avoid Delays

When you need the repair done as soon as possible, it’s best to hire professionals with years of experience and the necessary training and knowledge to know how to diagnose and fix a problem quickly and efficiently. A DIY project can go off the rails, making it hard to budget time and money to get the work done, so your plumbing system is back in good working order.

How the Hot Climate Here in League City Can Affect Your Home’s Plumbing System

As your preferred local plumbing company, we at ARS/Rescue Rooter are familiar with how the local climate’s high heat can make an impact on your plumbing.

League City is known for having high humidity and intense heat during the summer, while it’s generally mild in winter. The humid, subtropical climate can cause problems for your house’s plumbing system in unforeseen ways.

For example, UV light from the sun can degrade exposed pipes, causing premature breakdown leading to a leak or burst pipe.

Furthermore, because people tend to spend more time at home during the summer, with kids not in school and friends, family, and neighbors coming over to visit more often, you can anticipate that you’ll be giving the plumbing system quite a workout.

Using the garbage disposal, toilets, showers, sinks, dishwasher, and other appliances can lead to a host of plumbing problems, including slow drains and clogs.

About the League City Area

Established at the location of what used to be a Karankawa Indian village, League City has grown to be a city of 112,129 people and is now the biggest city in Galveston County. It spans 53 square miles, with 1.7 square miles being water. As plumbers, we take keen interest in the fact that water is a major part of the landscape, with the magnolia tree-lined Cowart’s Creek being the site of the homes of early founders.

Contact ARS/Rescue Rooter for Professional Plumbing Services Today!

At ARS/Rescue Rooter, we know that you need expert plumbers that you can depend on. Our plumbers undergo extensive training and stay current on the latest plumbing manufacturers, parts, and equipment, so we can serve you as comprehensively as possible.

Respect for You and Your Dwelling

We always call before arrival, so you can use your time more efficiently and not wonder when your plumbers will get started on the job. At your home, we wear shoe covers and lay down drop cloths to keep the premises clean and neat. That’s part of our Exceptional Service Guarantee, which says we will not consider the job done until you are completely happy with the work we did.

Book an Appointment for Service

To learn more about our approach to plumbing or to book an appointment for plumbing services, please contact us today!

We serve the entire Houston area, including nearby communities such as Austin Park, Bayridge, Cedar Landing, Davis Road, Ellis Landing, Fairway Pointe, Greenridge, Hidden Lakes, Meadow Bend, Newport, Oak Creek, Pecan Forest, Rustic Oaks, Sedona, The Meadows, Victory Lakes, and Westwood.



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