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New Furnace Installation

If your heater has reached the end of its useful life—or you're ready to upgrade—your local ARS®/Rescue Rooter® professional is ready to help.

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Furnace Installation Services

If the day has come to replace your heating system or furnace, the first thing we’ll do is send a trained ARS® Comfort Advisor to your home to discuss your current unit as well as your heating habits and concerns. Your Comfort Advisor will then take measurements of several areas of your home. Using multiple inputs like square footage, number of bedrooms, orientation/elevation/latitude of the home, and more, to calculate the load your new system will handle. With that information and highly-sophisticated calculations, we are able to determine the right system for you.

Your comfort advisor will present good, better, and best options from which you can choose, based on your budget and your family’s unique comfort needs. You can take as much time as you need. Once you decide on your new system, we are proud to offer same day installation. Depending on when we get started, our team will install the new system and you’ll be up and running that same day.

Fortunately, there is some good news about scheduling new heating installation! Thanks to the new Inflation Reduction Act homeowners may be able to save up to $3,200 on home comfort products if they meet the proper criteria for energy-efficient systems. The Comfort Advisors at ARS are on hand to help answer questions regarding which systems are eligible. You can also learn more about tax credits here. Please note, we are not licensed tax professionals, so you should consult a tax advisor for any tax advice and to confirm your eligibility.


Schedule Heating Installation

Our local experts can help you determine if it's time to repair or replace your furnace, and recommend the right type of system for your home. Contact ARS/Rescue Rooter at 866-399-2885 to schedule a no-cost analysis of the benefits and savings of replacing your furnace.

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How Long Does a Furnace Last?

It's a good question. There's no definitive answer, of course, but a good general rule of thumb might be 10-20 years, depending on preventive maintenance performed and usage history. Once it’s determined that furnace repair is no longer the best option, you need to make sure you know all the options available and the pros and cons of each, and most importantly that your new furnace installation is carried out by certified professionals. All installers are not created equal!

Once your new heater is installed, you'll notice the difference immediately. Quieter operation, quicker heating, and lower heating bills are some of the benefits of your new energy-efficient furnace or heating system.

There are many options available to choose from and a lot of factors to consider—including Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) percentage ratings, which let you know just how efficient a heating system is. What else should you know about the AFUE percentage rating?

  • An AFUE is a thermal efficiency measure of combustion equipment like furnaces, boilers and water heaters
  • The AFUE aims to represent the actual, season-long, average efficiency of your heating system
  • It is a ratio of useful energy output to energy input. For example, a 90% AFUE for a gas furnace means it outputs 90 BTUs of useful heating for every 100 BTUs of natural gas input

If you have any questions about the AFUE on a particular brand or model of heating system, please reach out to ARS/Rescue Rooter to speak with one of our central heating installation experts. We will be happy to help evaluate furnaces and heating equipment to determine the best option for your home.

How Can I Tell When My Furnace is Going Out?

Many of our customers contact us with questions about how to know when it’s time to put in a new furnace.

Here is some background information to help you assess the situation before contacting ARS/Rescue Rooter for heating installation service:

  • Your furnace is old and just about past its useful work-life: Furnaces last between 15 to 30 years when cared for properly — with regular maintenance, inspections, and repairs. If the previous owner didn’t take good care of your heating system, it might fail earlier.
  • The home has cold areas that the furnace never seems to heat: Many problems could be occurring. The ductwork could be clogged. Or, the system is starting to function less efficiently, so the motor and fan struggle to deliver heated air to all points in the dwelling.
  • You hear unusual sounds coming from the furnace: Weird rattling or clicking sounds could indicate trouble with a crucial component, such as the fan.
  • The furnace has been acting up in the past, with you needing to call experts in for repairs: With older systems, you can anticipate repair bills will grow larger and that you’ll need to call for service more frequently.
  • Energy bills are growing higher and higher: Many homeowners discover that their heating system is out of whack when they notice an increase in their fuel bill. Older systems grow less efficient over time. Keep in mind, furnaces built today are more efficient, so you can start seeing a reduction in your monthly bill once ARS/Rescue Rooter installs your new system.

Why Hire a Professional When Installing Your Furnace?

When it comes to heating system installation, you want to arrange for knowledgeable, trained, and certified professionals to take on the job.

If you’re already accustomed to making changes to your home, such as doing basic repairs or repainting the exterior, you might think it’s appropriate to install the furnace yourself. Yet this can cause problems and wind up costing you more than it would to have professionals take care of this task from the beginning.

Consider the following:

  • Heating professionals know what to look for when removing an older system and replacing it with a new furnace or heating system. They may have to use special tools to cut the original unit’s pieces so they are manageable during removal.
  • Without professional installation, you may void the manufacturer’s warranty. This means you won’t benefit from any protections if the system needs to be repaired. What’s more, your insurance provider may deny your claim if it learns that the heater was not installed by licensed professionals.
  • Our team carries all of the tools, equipment, and extra parts in our service vehicles so we can take care of installation quickly and efficiently. A homeowner may not have all that’s needed, meaning there will be multiple trips to the store to pick up a tool or other crucial item before installation can be finished.
  • An experienced technician knows how to calculate the right size furnace for your home’s configuration and square footage. If you have never sized HVAC equipment before, you may run into problems. A heating system that’s too small won’t provide adequate comfort, while an oversized system will work much too hard and cause your heating bill to bust your budget.
  • It’s safer to have professionals take care of the intricate work that goes into installing furnaces. You must be trained in dealing with electricity and ductwork as well as how to remove an old furnace and prepare the space for a new heating system.


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