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Boiler Repair Services

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Boiler Repair Services

At ARS®/Rescue Rooter®, we specialize in boiler heater repair. Our technicians have the skills and knowledge to handle all of your boiler problems. We are ready to help ensure that your home stays warm during the winter, with an efficient and effective heating system. Schedule service today!

Expert Boiler Repair

Boilers fill an important function in your home or business. They provide heat and hot water, until they start to fail. Without a functioning boiler, you lack the tools you need for heating, hygiene, cleaning, and more. Our reliable repair service can assist you in finding the problem and creating a lasting solution.

Experienced Team

When your boiler fails, you may not know how to fix it. Our technicians have accumulated years of experience in the field, so they can quickly assess the situation and help you consider your options for repair. Our boiler repair companies can address any boiler problem, from a simple pipe leak to a complicated heating element repair.

Great Customer Service

The residential boiler repair process can be stressful, but we at ARS/Rescue Rooter aim to remove as much of the hassle as we can. You can count on our technicians and staff to maintain a high level of attention and care for your needs, as part of our goal to provide excellent customer service.

We know that a faulty boiler causes problems for your life, and we want to help you solve them. We are happy to answer your questions and make sure you understand what to expect. We aim to show you that your boiler and your home rest in good hands, from start to finish.

Efficient Repairs

No one enjoys sitting without heat and hot water, and we appreciate what you go through when your boiler isn’t working. Our boiler servicing companies work hard to provide efficient and timely service, so that you spend as little time as possible waiting for a fix.

Comprehensive Heating and Cooling Service

When you call ARS/Rescue Rooter for HVAC boiler repair, you should know that we provide an extensive set of services for your heating and cooling systems. If you need to fix your mini-split system, or you want to know more about replacing your boiler, our technicians have the expertise to help.

Exceptional Service Guarantee for Boiler Service

Choosing ARS/Rescue Rooter for boiler repair services offers more benefits than you might expect. We work to address all causes of your boiler problems, so we can provide the correct solution on the first opportunity. We back our service with an Exceptional Service Guarantee.

The terms of the guarantee are simple. We maintain high standards for all of our technicians, choosing only those who meet our guidelines for training, knowledge and experience. We conduct thorough background checks and drug tests to ensure that every technician is ready to take good care of your home.

We attend to your property with great care, cleaning up after the job and protecting your investment. If our work fails to meet your expectations, we make an effort to set things right.


How does a boiler work?

A boiler works by heating water and sending water or steam throughout the building. Boiler technology continues to improve, increasing efficiency and output.

What will I pay for boiler repair?

If you need to repair your boiler, the cost depends on a number of factors. We provide an estimate on service before we begin, so you can prepare.

Why should I call ARS/Rescue Rooter to fix my boiler?

Fixing your boiler takes experience to ensure a good result. Our technicians understand boilers, so we can avoid the most common problems during the repair process.

How long does a boiler last?

Typically, you can plan for your boiler to last about 15 years. You may get more time with good upkeep and regular attention to minor problems.

What do I do when my boiler doesn’t work?

When your boiler stops functioning, you should call our technicians to schedule service right away. Prompt repairs can get your boiler working again more quickly.

When should I call to repair my boiler?

When your boiler underperforms, you may need to request an inspection. If the hot water or heating fails, you should call for boiler repair services.

Which boiler problems are the most common?

Boilers can show signs of problems before they break down. Common issues include leaking or dripping water, pressure concerns, or problems with the pilot light.

How often should I schedule maintenance for my boiler?

Set aside time on your fall calendar for boiler maintenance. Professional upkeep confirms that your boiler works as it should, which is important for the winter months.

How long do you need to repair my boiler?

Estimates to repair a boiler range from a few hours to multiple days, depending on the problem. We can provide a range after we assess the issue.

Is DIY boiler service a good investment?

Attempting to fix your own boiler poses risks to you and your property. Our technicians can help you avoid these risks and ensure you get the right solution.

How do I improve boiler efficiency?

You can improve your boiler’s efficiency with annual maintenance and cleaning. You might also consider upgrading to an energy-efficient model when you replace the existing one.

Can I minimize boiler problems?

Regular attention helps you avoid the most common boiler problems. If you notice something wrong, prompt repairs from our technicians can keep it from getting worse.

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