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We care about your health and continue to service our customers safely through our COVID-19 protocols.

We continue to service our customers safely through our COVID-19 protocols.

Electrical Outlet Repair and Installation

Need more outlets, better outlets, safer outlets, or your outlets repaired? The professional and licensed electricans at ARS/Rescue Rooter have you covered.

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Electrical Outlets

Need electrical outlet repair or installation? Have no fear, the pro electricians at ARS/Rescue Rooter are here. Whether you have a bad outlet that doesn't work or can't hold a plug, or you found that your kitchen counter is one plug short of accommodating your new blender, we are here to help.

Electrical outlet repair

Plenty of things can go wrong with your electrical outlets, some trivial and some serious. Common electrical outlet problems include:

  • Unable to hold a plug or plugs feel loose
  • Don't work at all or don't provide enough juice
  • Are warm, vibrating, burnt, or making sounds
  • Are loose or move when you plug something in
  • Excess sparking when you plug something in

Some electrical outlet issues are relatively minor and just signs of aging like being unable to hold a plug, but some are very serious indicators of a dangerous problem. If your outlet is making sounds, popping, smells funny, or is warm or burnt, then it's likely a problem with a live electrical wire touching something it shouldn't. This can lead to painful (even fatal) electric shocks or house fires.

If you suspect your outlet is broken, turn off the circuit breaker switch to that outlet and call a professional electrician like those at ARS/Rescue Rooter immediately.

Electrical outlet installation

Whether you need new outlets installed in an older home to accommodate the ever-increasing number of electronics in your home, or you need a new GFCI outlet in your kitchen or bathroom, the electricians at ARS/Rescue Rooter have you covered.

Upgrade to grounded outlets

A common issue in older homes (built before 1962) is the presence of two-pronged outlets. These outlets are called "ungrounded" outlets, and the lack of third prong hole means the outlet isn't grounded. You can buy two-prong adapters for a few bucks at your local hardware store, but this is hardly an ideal solution, a band-aid on a larger wound. A grounded outlet has a third prong that grounds the electricity from your device or appliance that can help protect from sudden surges in your home's electrical system. Without this protection, you can be at risk for shocks or even electrical fires.

GFCI outlet installation

Anywhere moisture collects in your home like your bathroom, it's required that outlets are GFCI which stands for "ground fault circuit interrupter." You can recognize these outlets by their two buttons between the top and bottom plugs, often one red button and one black button (though they may be white). They are required by law in new construction and definitely worth installing in older homes as well.

GFCI outlets have a fast-acting sensor that can detect if electricity connected to the outlet takes an unintended step to ground, which may be you or something you're touching. If you are that unintended step to ground, you will experience a painful or even deadly electric shock. Water is a common conductor of live electric charge between something in your bathroom and your body. That's why GFCI outlets are required by law in often wet places like your home's bathroom, garage, basement, or near kitchen sinks.

Standard outlets installation

Few things are more annoying than running out of space to charge your electronic devices, or being unable to find a place on your kitchen counter to plug in your new kitchen gadget. Don't let your house's initial design dictate where you can put that new lamp, or that you can't wall-mount your television. If you find that more things in your home require electricity than your home was designed to handle, you should consider calling your local ARS/Rescue Rooter electrician to install a new outlet with safety and your needs as our priority.

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