July 2014

VIDEO: Set up An Attic Efficiency Consultation Today

July 29, 2014

Proper attic ventilation and insulation can go a long way in saving energy and saving money. Call to setup a free attic efficiency consultation today so we can help diagnose any issues that are leading to inefficiencies and recommend ways to improve your energy consumption and reduce your utility bill. 

10 Ways To Reduce Air Conditioning Costs

July 22, 2014

Heating and air conditioning your home takes the largest chunk of your monthly utility bill, and most homeowners can expect their energy costs to climb along with the summer temperatures. Follow these helpful hints to reduce your AC costs during the summer heat.

INFOGRAPHIC: 8 Tips to Make Sure You Are Hurricane Ready

July 15, 2014

Hurricane season is quickly approaching.  We have some tips that are sure to keep you and your family safe and prepared during this time of year. 

INFOGRAPHIC: Diagnosing the Symptoms of High Water Pressure

July 8, 2014

High water pressure doesn’t sound like a problem, does it? Turns out it can actually lead to some serious issues that could affect all the plumbing appliances in your home.

The following are just some of the symptoms you could be experiencing as a result of high water pressure.

Programmable Thermostats: Are They Worth It?

July 1, 2014

Programmable thermostats are touted to provide big savings on heating and cooling costs, which explains why many homeowners invest in them. But lately, there has been some debate about whether they actually achieve the savings their manufacturers claim.