July 2017

How to Control Humidity in Your Home This Summer

July 25, 2017

When you think about indoor air comfort, heating and cooling are probably the first things to spring to mind. Did you know that your home’s humidity level can play a large role as well? 

Luis Orbegoso Interview on ACHR NEWSMakers Podcast

July 17, 2017

On July 2nd, 2017, President and COO of ARS, Luis Orbegoso, stopped by the NEWSMakers podcast. The interview consists of Orbegoso discussing the company’s partnership with Nest Labs, the growing popularity of the Internet of Things, and more! 

Bruce Bates Exemplifies Outstanding Customer Service

July 12, 2017

“Bruce shows equal care for the customer and the business. He pays incredible attention to detail and understands his worth in the company. Bruce has a lot of experience and delivers expert input during team meetings and helps coworkers who are struggling. He has a great attitude and is always willing to help.” Jason Green, Plumbing Manager, Conway Services.

Mike Buckley - Comfort Heating & Air

July 12, 2017

Comfort Heating & Air is a well-established 19-year old business that serves the greater Lexington, KY area. The company joined ARS in March and has over 26 employees and 20 trucks. Mike Buckley, head of Comfort Heating & Air, works hard to see the company and his employees succeed, all while providing top notch customer service.

VIDEO: ARS and Memphis Catholic High School's “Education that Works” Intern Program

July 11, 2017

We are in our tenth year of sponsoring Memphis Catholic High School’s “Education that Works” intern program. ARS is highlighting the years of achievement for the collaboration between their organization and Memphis Catholic High School.

INFOGRAPHIC - How to Identify and Prevent Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke

July 11, 2017

We all love summer, but sometimes, the smoldering temperatures can be unbearable. Extreme heat can be dangerous and harmful to the human body. Heat stroke and heat exhaustion are very serious illnesses that can occur if the body can’t cool off by sweating and can sometimes result in death. It’s important to be aware of causing factors, the symptoms, prevention, and what to do for heat related illnesses.

ARS Chats with ACHR News About Summer Marketing

July 3, 2017

On May 29thACHR News (Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration News) covered a story about marketing best practices that HVAC service providers use during the summer. As a leading provider of HVAC services, it was our pleasure to share some of these insights with ACHR.