Sewer & Water Line

Drain Service

If drains handled clear water only, they’d work great all the time. But household drains are required to deal with soap, grease, hair, dirt and all sorts of items that can clog them up. The professionals at ARS®/Rescue Rooter® have the training and tools to handle any kind of clog-clearing or drain-related challenge to get all your drains cleaned and working properly, including:

Kitchen Drains

A regular flow of grease, soap and food waste adds up to drains that run more slowly and clog over time.

Toilet Drains

Toilet paper is designed to disintegrate, but facial tissue, baby wipes or other products aren’t. Flushing these items is a typical cause of toilet clogs. Another common issue when kids are present is a flushed toy or sock. We've seen it all!

Shower/Tub Drains

Water should drain immediately when you’re showering and in just a few minutes after a bath. If it’s draining slowly, making a drain cleaning appointment with us will solve the problem.

Bathroom Sink Drains

Toothpaste, soap and grime can lead to slow draining and clogging. Here's a tip: If you lose a piece of jewelry down the sink drain, don’t run any more water. Call your local ARS®/Rescue Rooter® professional, who should be able to retrieve the lost item without much difficulty.

Floor Drains

Laundry rooms, basements, garages, patios, driveways and even older bathrooms often have a floor drain to carry away excess water and prevent flooding.

Safe, Effective, High-Pressure Cleaning

With our Scour Jet® service, we can get your pipes back to near-original capacity. This unique high-pressure cleaning process blasts away years of debris and scours your lines clean. It’s safe for all types of plumbing and backed by a one-year warranty.

Preventative Maintenance

DrainRight® Drain Maintainer actually prevents clogs before they even form, helping to keep your plumbing flowing freely. Because its 100% biodegradable, it won’t harm your pipes or the environment. It’s non-acidic, non-caustic, non-corrosive and safe to use on any kind of pipe or drain.

Main Sewer Lines

All your household drains lead into your main sewer line, which connects to a city sewer line or septic tank. The clogging culprit here is often water-seeking roots that can actually break through the line and clog the drain. Learn more about how we can help with Sewer Line issues.

If any drain in your house is clogged, contact your local ARS®/Rescue Rooter® drain service professional today by calling 866-399-2885.