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Kitchen Exhaust Fan Service

ARS/Rescue Rooter Provides Expert Care for Your Kitchen Exhaust Fan

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Kitchen Exhaust Fan Service

At ARS®/Rescue Rooter®, we know that you need a kitchen exhaust fan for various reasons. Your kitchen exhaust fan helps keep the kitchen clean, dry, and odor-free. When your exhaust fan isn’t working or doesn’t perform to your expectations, you can count on our technicians to provide professional kitchen exhaust fan service.

Skilled Technicians

Calling for kitchen exhaust fan repair doesn’t have to give you stress when you can ask our technicians for an expert assessment and recommendations. Our professionals spend years building a knowledge base that allows them to diagnose virtually any problem with a kitchen exhaust fan, from hood damage and broken blades to a faulty motor. We can offer a solution that helps you manage smoke, steam, and kitchen odors.

Latest Ventilation Technology

If your kitchen exhaust fan is well past its prime, you can rely on our technicians to assist you with expert kitchen exhaust fan replacement. We stay current on the latest ventilation technologies so that you can get the top models on the market. We’re happy to outline options that work perfectly for your space, whether you need a fan for a small residential kitchen or a commercial operation.

Quality Service

When you call to schedule kitchen exhaust installation, you benefit from our technicians’ experience. We handle all aspects of the project, including the initial consultation to determine which fans would work for the space, removal of the old unit, installation, adjustments for performance and efficiency, and testing. You can relax while we work and then enjoy the results.

Call to Request Service Today!

If you’re looking for a way to improve your kitchen ventilation or save on air conditioning, ARS/Rescue Rooter makes a great place to start. We can help you fix or replace your kitchen exhaust fan. Contact us to learn more about your options or to schedule service.

Signs Your Kitchen Exhaust Fan Needs Repair

If you’re like many property owners, you don’t notice your kitchen exhaust fan much until something goes wrong. When you observe a change in the performance or operation, you should take the time to investigate and explore possible causes. Our technicians can provide kitchen exhaust fan repair service to ensure your kitchen remains well-ventilated and clean.

Low Performance

Sometimes, your kitchen exhaust fan starts to fail gradually. Over time, you’ll notice that the fan seems to take more time to remove smoke or steam. If you put your hand next to the fan while it runs, you should be able to feel adequate airflow. Weak airflow, or odors that don’t dissipate like they once did, indicate that you need to call for repair.

Strange Noises

During normal operation, you may hear a slight sound of air passing through the fan. Other noises do not indicate typical function. If you hear sounds like banging, squeaking, or rattling, you may have a loose or worn part that needs replacing.

Grease Buildup

With a fan that works normally, you should not see grease buildup on the unit or the area surrounding it. When grease starts to accumulate on the fan, you run the risk of damaging the unit or causing a fire. You can wipe grease from outside the unit while it is not running, but you should watch out for excessive accumulations. It may indicate that you need our technicians for professional cleaning and service.

Intermittent Operation

Every time you turn on the fan, you should hear it begin to operate consistently. Intermittent operation is a sign that the unit fails for some reason, such as a faulty electrical connection or worn-out motor. Units often work inconsistently before they fail completely, so you should schedule service when you notice this problem.

End of Lifespan

Even if your kitchen exhaust fan still works normally, an older fan may lose efficiency and performance in ways you don’t necessarily see. Replacing a unit that reaches the end of its lifespan allows youto take advantage of new innovations, such as quiet operation or better output.


Can I DIY kitchen exhaust fan repair?

If you feel handy, tackling a problem with your kitchen exhaust fan might seem worthwhile. However, it often presents more issues than it solves due to the equipment’s complexity and lack of experience with the system. Calling our technicians ensures a better result.

What could go wrong if I try to fix my own kitchen exhaust fan?

Repairing a kitchen exhaust fan requires you to know how to find the cause of the problem, in addition to the most effective solutions. When working on a kitchen exhaust fan, risk electrical hazards, falls, and a simple inability to resolve the issue.

Why should I hire ARS/Rescue Rooter to repair my kitchen exhaust fan?

When you are concerned about the operation or performance of your kitchen exhaust fan, hiring ARS/Rescue Rooter gives you a better chance at a long-term solution. We have the equipment, quality materials for repair or replacement, and a deep knowledge of the industry’s best practices.

How can I tell if my kitchen exhaust fan needs repair or replacement?

If you don’t know what to do with your kitchen exhaust fan, our technicians can comprehensively inspect of the equipment and its function. We can determine whether repair or replacement makes the best long-term investment for your needs and help you decide.

What does repair or replacement of kitchen exhaust fans cost?

If you want to know the cost of repairing or replacing your kitchen exhaust fan, our technicians can provide a written estimate after evaluating the situation. Prices depend on the issue and other factors, including fan accessibility, labor, and parts needed to create a lasting solution.

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