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Air Conditioning Filters

Your AC system performance can be affected by its simplest part—the filter.

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Air Conditioning Filters

Air conditioning filters are critical to your AC system's effectiveness. In fact, the wrong choice of filter (i.e., one that restricts too much air flow or doesn’t fit properly)—or a filter that has become contaminated with dirt and dust—can lead to higher energy bills and more frequent maintenance repairs. The right filter can also improve your home's air quality and promote a cleaner living environment.

That's why we recommend replacing your air conditioning filters or cleaning your reusable filters at least four times a year—and as often as every month during high-usage times.

Which filter will work best?

Depending on your particular HVAC system, you may have a number of filter options available to you. And while all air filters are designed to allow airflow while removing dust, pollen, pet dander and other contaminants—including some mold spores—some are more effective than others.

Make sure you check out the filter's minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) before you decide which model is right for you. These ratings go from one to 20, and let you know how well a filter removes particles, how much it resists airflow, and how long you can expect it to last.

  • Disposable fiberglass filters are the least expensive—but also the least effective. These filters are designed to block only large dust particles, which means smaller particles such as pollen and mold can pass right through.
  • Washable "electrostatic" filters have a static charge that attracts dust, dirt and other matter. These filters are slightly more effective than their disposable equivalents but still do not block the smaller particles.
  • Pleated "allergy" filters use a much denser mesh material to trap and eliminate large allergens like pollen and mold. Most between 35% and 50% efficient.
  • Electronic air cleaners create an ionized electrical field that "magnetizes" pollutant particles, eliminating virtually all pollen and mold spores, up to 94% of smaller particles, and up to 80% of airborne viruses.
  • HEPA furnace filters are generally considered to be the "gold standard". These filters are used in commercial applications, like hospitals and electronics manufacturing, where clean air is vital.

Invest in your comfort—and lower bills

Your AC system is a significant investment, and when it comes to AC filters, you generally get what you pay for. So make sure you find the right air conditioning filter for your HVAC system. Schedule an appointment with your local ARS®/Rescue Rooter® AC specialist today by calling 866-399-2885.

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