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You can count on ARS/Rescue Rooter to deliver outstanding attic fan repair and installation services. Our attic fan replacement team has the experience and knowledge to boost the energy efficiency of your home’s ventilation system. With a focus on quality, our attic fan service experts are ready to take on any fan issues you may have. We offer customized solutions for your unique HVAC needs.

An attic fan helps keep your home comfortable. If you need a new system installed or require repairs, we have the skills to take on any job. We’re standing by to assist.

We prioritize customer satisfaction. We begin by examining your home so we can make customized recommendations. The result is reliable service and solutions for better attic ventilation efficiency.

Our attic fan installer experts follow industry best practices. We're experienced in diagnosing and fixing electrical faults and putting in new attic fans. Our attention to detail and efficiency means limited disruption to your home during attic fan repairs or replacement.

As the leading attic fan contractor, ARS/Rescue Rooter takes pride in our devotion to customer satisfaction. Since your attic fan is necessary to stay healthy and comfortable, we go the extra mile when fixing or installing a fan.

Make sure your home stays comfortable all year and optimize energy efficiency too. Call ARS/Rescue Rooter to book an appointment to consult with a member of our experienced attic fan team, or to discuss repairs today!

ARS/Rescue Rooter’s Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Can a new attic fan extend the usefulness of my home’s roof?

Yes. Cutting down moisture and heat can reduce damage to the shingles, so the roof could last longer.

How do I know the attic fan isn’t functioning properly?

  • Strange or unusually loud noises
  • Doesn’t turn on
  • Operates inconsistently

What are typical reasons my attic fan might break down?

  • Motor failure
  • Improperly installed
  • Broken thermostat
  • Electrical problems
  • Blocked vents

Will I reduce energy use with attic ventilation?

Pushing hot air out of the attic allows HVAC systems to run with less effort when it’s hot outside, reducing energy bills.

What is the benefit of using an attic fan during winter?

Your attic fan can keep condensation from accumulating since it gets rid of excessive moisture in the air. High humidity ruins insulation and promotes mold development.

Why should we hire experts to install a fan in the attic?

Installing an attic fan correctly and safely depends on proper training, experience, and knowledge. ARS/Rescue Rooter experts know how to wire, ventilate, and place the equipment correctly, so you’ll benefit the most and reduce risks.

Can homeowners fix broken attic fans by themselves?

We don’t recommend taking the do-it-yourself approach, because attic fans have live electric lines. You typically need advanced training and skills to know what you’re doing safely, without damaging components.

Is it dangerous to try DIY attic fan repairs?

Yes. You risk hazards including fire or getting shocked. Any mistakes you make during a repair attempt will lead to higher repair fees when experts arrive to finish the job.

How does ARS/Rescue Rooter repair broken attic fans?

We inspect the control systems, motor, and wires to find out what’s wrong with the system. Our experts carry the tools and components needed to do any repair, from replacements to system reconfigurations.

Does an attic fan help avoid roof ice dams?

Because attic fans promote even temperatures inside the attic, you can anticipate no more ice dams forming. Ice dams grow, leading to water damage, because roof snow melts due to attic warmth.

Will my attic fan avoid damage to items I store in the attic?

Your attic fan controls the level of moisture, protecting documents, holiday items, and clothing, among other possessions, against mildew and mold growth.

What safety issues for attic fans should we keep in mind?

You need to be able to access what is often a confined space. It can be dangerous to navigate an attic, so professionalism and experience help reduce risks.

How can a broken attic fan cause problems in other areas of my dwelling?

  • Increased heat can affect indoor air quality
  • Insulation damage
  • Possible reduced efficiency of the HVAC equipment

How does an attic fan boost air quality inside the home?

Boosting air circulation allows attic fans to reduce stale air and cut down on pollution indoors.

Should I consider solar power for my attic fan?

With solar power, your attic fan will operate off-grid, so you use less energy and reduce the cost to operate the system. Best of all, your attic fan will continue running during energy blackouts.

Will an attic fan make my house more comfortable?

Yes. By regulating the temperature in your attic, you will experience less heat building up in your home’s top floor. Reduced indoor temperature makes a house more comfortable.

When do we need professional inspection of our attic fan?

Contact ARS/Rescue Rooter every year for expert fan inspection. With ongoing maintenance, we can spot problems when they are still small and less expensive to fix.

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