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Looking For Furnace Repair Near Me? Call ARS/Rescue Rooter Now!

If there's a blinking red light on your furnace, or your heating system is blowing cool air—it's time to call your local ARS®/Rescue Rooter® heater repair specialist. We know that heating service problems are not just uncomfortable: they can be potentially dangerous in very cold weather, and will often get much worse if left untreated.

That's where our furnace, heat pump, and heating repair company can help. We have the expertise and experience to determine if it's heating system repair or basic maintenance that's needed—and we're available 7 days a week in case of a heating emergency. No matter what type of heating unit your home has, we can help restore comfort to your home and family.


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Signs Your Heater Needs Repaired

A heating system is an essential aspect of any home during the cold winter season. It's even more important to make sure your heating system is in good working order once fall rolls around and heating costs become more expensive.

If you notice any of these signs, it might be time to book emergency heating repair service from a professional HVAC company like ARS/Rescue Rooter:

Heater Has Trouble Starting

When furnaces begin to age they can pose several problems including heating equipment that has trouble starting when called upon during furnace repair service. This will require a professional heating technician who can determine what's causing the heater to malfunction which should then allow them to provide any required furnace repairs during heating maintenance work.

Odd Smells from Heating System

One of the best ways to know if your heating system needs furnace repair is by noticing an odd smell coming from the heating unit. This may indicate a buildup of debris in the heating area or some sort of chemical reaction which has produced a strange burning odor within the heater, or the faint smell of gas. Either case is going to eventually cause heating problems so if you notice any type of unusual smell it's a sign that a certified heating and air conditioning technician should check out your heater as soon as possible.

Cold or Lukewarm Air Temperatures

Another heating problem that might require heating repair is if the air coming out of your heating system is either less than warm or more than lukewarm. If the air temperature is colder than it should be, this may indicate a heating issue such as poor insulation of the heating area or an obstruction to heating vents. If the air temperature is hotter than it should be, this may mean there's too much airflow which could be due to poor duct cleaning and thus debris buildup in the heating unit. Either way, you'll want to have our HVAC technician check out your heater during heating system repair service.

Constant Thermostat Adjustments

If you notice constant problems with your heating settings at home, whether you need to constantly adjust your thermostat up or down, this is another sign heating repair may be needed. The problem might be with your heating system or it could also indicate an issue with the heating unit's control circuit. Either way, if you constantly have to make heating adjustments, call us for heating repair.

Persistent Uncommon Noises

Older heating equipment can produce some strange noises that homeowners often mistake for something else more benign during heating service. Common heating noises that indicate heating problems include: banging, knocking, clicking, and popping while others like whistling or howling sounds may indicate more serious heating issues. If you hear any of these heating sounds it's best to call for furnace repair ASAP before large heating equipment problems occur during heating services.


Another common issue among older heating systems is short cycling - when the heating unit turns on and off too quickly throughout the day which causes heating problems. While heating equipment is heating up, it's supposed to stay on until the optimal heating temperature is reached within your home and then the heating unit will turn off. If heating equipment turns itself back on too quickly, this can indicate a number of problems including worn-out heating parts, blocked airflow, and even dirty air filters during furnace repair service which all lead to heating issues.

Rising Utility Bill Costs

If you notice that your utility bills are steadily increasing (even though it isn't colder outside) this may indicate an issue with your heating equipment that requires furnace repair work. Check out your unit and see what types of heating services it needs during regular heater maintenance service to keep heating costs down.

Discolored Pilot Light

If you notice that your pilot light (the small flame in front of the heating unit) is discolored or seems weaker than usual, this could be another indication that furnace repair work may be needed. When furnaces are working properly they usually have blue flames coming from their heating system vents but if there are yellow flames or no flames at all, heating repair may be needed.

Poor Air Quality

If you notice any type of unusual smell in your home, this could mean there are toxins in the air that require heating repairs during furnace maintenance work. Low airflow due to dirty air filters also causes poor indoor quality so if you find yourself getting headaches, heating problems such as these will need heating repair services.

Carbon Monoxide Detection

When heating equipment malfunctions it may not be able to vent carbon monoxide (a colorless and odorless gas that can result in poisoning or even death if too much is inhaled) outside of your home. This means you and your family could be at risk for heating system repairs in the future especially during heating service when a heating technician can check out your heater and provide any needed furnace repairs. Be sure to contact a heating contractor if you detect an odorless, potentially deadly gas in your home so they can investigate any heating system issues which require furnace repair work.

Dirty Filters

If you find yourself having to replace the filters in your heating equipment more often than usual, heating repair service might be needed. Heating units have filters that protect heating parts from heating issues so if your heating unit's heating filter is dirty or clogged with debris, heating problems can occur during furnace maintenance. This should be a cause for concern because a clogged heating filter leads to heating system problems and will also lead to constant replacement of the heating filter which can cost homeowners additional money.

If any of these heating problems persist, it's time to have a heating repair company investigate the system for furnace repair service.


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How to Troubleshoot Common Furnace Problems Before Calling for Repair

Winter heating bills are already costly, so it is important that homeowners are able to troubleshoot heating problems on their own. Try following these steps first before calling a heating technician:

1) Clean/Replace the Air Filter

If you have had your heating system running for several months without cleaning or replacing your air filter, this can cause problems with draftiness and temperature control.  It is recommended to clean the air filter every month if needed, but replacement filters should be replaced at least once per heating season.

2) Check Thermostat's Batteries and Connectivity

Make sure the batteries inside of your thermostat are strong enough to power all of the heating system functions, including proper temperature regulation.  Also, make sure the heating system is connected to your thermostat if you are using an electronic or programmable thermostat.

3) Inspect Heating System's Condenser for Debris

Over time, leaves and other debris can build up around the heating unit's condenser, causing issues with heating efficiency.  The heating technician will be able to identify whether the problem seems like it comes from problems with airflow or problems with fan blades or motor pieces.  Removing any visible debris will help restore heating functionality.

4) Check Furnace Pilot Light and Burner

Your furnace pilot light can go out completely due to general wear and tear on lighting components over many heating sessions.  Also, your heating technician can inspect small issues with heating burner parts if they notice a heating system is not heating correctly or in the correct temperature range.

5) Check All Vents and Registers

Inspect each heating vent and register for signs of debris buildup from general use over several heating seasons.  If any of the heating equipment looks like it has been obstructed by debris, you will want to clean or replace that particular piece of equipment before calling for furnace service.  This will save you money on heating repair costs!

6) Check for Tripped Breakers or Blown Fuses

A heater may be working fine but throwing off a faulty charge if its circuit breaker is broken or its fuse isn't in good working condition.  Call for heating service if you notice heating problems but your system seems to run fine when using another electrical outlet.

7) Shut the Heating Unit's Access Panel

Make sure that any heating equipment access panels are fastened securely into place.  This will help restore heating functionality, along with the heating components inside of the unit being fully operational.  This may seem obvious, but it can be overlooked by a homeowner who is not familiar with how heating equipment should look once it is assembled and used properly.

8) Contact ARS/Rescue Rooter and Our Team of Heating Specialists

If everything seems set up correctly and none of your heating equipment has been obstructed from regular use, heating equipment may be damaged or faulty.  ARS/Rescue Rooter heating technicians are highly trained to identify heating problems and heating system damage, and can replace heating parts for you as needed to restore heating functionality.  You may also want a heating specialist to come inspect your heating system if you have recently had a furnace repair service visit that did not fully fix the heating problem.

Don't let another winter go by without heating!  Call ARS/Rescue Rooter today to set up an appointment with a local heater technician for warranty furnace repair service near you!


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Quality Furnace Repair That Fits Your Schedule

At ARS/Rescue Rooter, you can be assured that your comfort is always our top priority. We'll respond quickly to your heating problem. But don't be fooled by our rapid response: our quality furnace repair service will get the job done right the first time, and are always backed by our industry-leading Exceptional Service Guarantee.

Before you schedule your appointment, you may want to take a moment to get familiar with certain heating components and your current setup. Take a look at your furnace to determine its brand and model, and be sure to let us know the approximate age of the system and any warranties that may be in effect.

For any other questions or concerns about your furnace or heating system, all you have to do is call the experts at an ARS/Rescue Rooter near you at 866-399-2885.


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