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The heating and cooling system that your family relies on to stay warm during the winter and cool during the summer needs an HVAC inspection regularly.

This is where ARS/Rescue Rooter’s professionals can be of service.

Our annual inspections help to identify problems when they’re still small and easier to fix. They also help keep us keep your AC and furnace equipment running efficiently. You’ll be glad to know that we provide expert plumbing inspections too!

About Our Exceptional Service Guarantee

Why do we get so much repeat and referral business from satisfied customers? It’s our Exceptional Service Guarantee!

It explains that we are not happy until you are completely pleased with the HVAC inspection we perform. Out of respect for your busy schedule, we will always call before arriving. And at your home, we wear shoe covers. What’s more, we lay down drop cloths to keep everything clean.

What Happens During an ARS/Rescue Rooter HVAC Inspection

If you’ve never had professionals check over your home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, you may not know what to expect.

Here is an overview of what to expect during an HVAC inspection:

Check for safety

At ARS/Rescue Rooter, our team is committed to promoting safety for our homeowners during every HVAC inspection. Your family’s health is at stake, so we emphasize checking all aspects of your heating and cooling equipment to ensure it will be free of hazards during operation.

For example, as a leading HVAC inspection company, we make a point of carefully looking over the gas-powered furnace. The furnace can be affected by weather, dirt, and the normal course of operation. All the moving parts involved must be checked, as well as the condition of the electrical system.

Assess the system’s efficiency for cooling and heating

Just how efficient are your home’s heating and cooling equipment operating? When dirt builds up, or components are worn out, the system will tend to function less efficiently.

This can cause a couple of problems. First, your system will have to struggle working harder to achieve the same level of heating and cooling as when it was first installed and calibrated. That can lead to HVAC components wearing out and failing prematurely.

Second, when your HVAC equipment isn’t working as efficiently as it could be, your home’s power utility bills can rise. This is why we at ARS/Rescue Rooter emphasize improving efficiency when we come to work at your home. We pride ourselves in boosting performance when inspecting heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

Inspection and cleaning

We examine every part of the HVAC system to see what needs to be cleaned, fixed, or replaced. A major task is to clean the condenser so it works more efficiently. We are also tasked with removing dirt and debris from the blades and fan motor.

Lubricate components

As we examine the system and check the parts, we are looking at moving components that require ongoing lubrication, such as the motor and other vital parts.

Calibration is essential

If your system is operating out of range, it’s time for one of our expert HVAC technicians to calibrate the components. This includes calibrating the thermostat. As you know, a thermostat is a small but vital component that controls when and how often the heating and cooling system will activate.

Benefits of Having Professionals Inspect Your HVAC System

Your home is one of the largest purchases you’ll ever make; therefore, it’s prudent to get the most out of your investment by protecting the HVAC system with a professional inspection. The main benefits of having ARS/Rescue Rooter’s professionals inspect your HVAC equipment include:

Boost fresh air circulating in your dwelling

It’s essential for your family’s health and well-being to get plenty of fresh air. Annual inspections of your HVAC setup help it to run more efficiently. Better efficiency helps you avoid the problems of stagnant air leading to mold and dust accumulating.

Make sure your home’s heating system is in proper working order

You will want our experts to make an annual furnace inspection. This helps to ensure that your family will stay warm and cozy throughout the cold winter months. ARS/Rescue Rooter technicians are adept at finding problems and taking care of them on the spot. It will be an easier job when you call us for an inspection at least once each year.

Reduce skyrocketing power bills

A major result of an HVAC system operating inefficiently is that the equipment has to work so much harder than normal. This translates into much higher power bills. But why pay more just to give your family the level of heating and cooling you have come to expect? HVAC inspection gives you a chance to reduce these bills.

Reduce the overall cost of repairing your HVAC equipment

Heating and air conditioning equipment can be expensive to repair. Of course, this is especially true when the problem has been going on for quite some time without professional intervention.

With regular HVAC inspection services from ARS/Rescue Rooter, you can cut down on the total cost of ownership, at least in terms of the usual anticipated repair charges.

Prolong the working life of the HVAC system

When you arrange to have your HVAC components inspected, cleaned, and maintained annually, they will work together better, with less chance of failure. For this reason, many homeowners make a point of arranging for an HVAC inspection service once every year.

Frequently Asked Questions About HVAC Inspections

At ARS/Rescue Rooter, we frequently get calls from customers who want to know more about what’s involved in inspecting these systems.

Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about what occurs during an HVAC inspection. We hope it will give you some context before contacting us for service.

How much time does it take to conduct an HVAC tune-up?

You can anticipate it will take a half-hour to one hour to tune up your home’s HVAC equipment.

That will depend on how it is configured and how much dirt has built up that needs to be cleaned.

What does an HVAC inspector look for?

During the normal course of heating and cooling inspection, an expert from ARS/Rescue Rooter will inspect all parts of your HVAC equipment.

How often should homeowners have their HVAC system inspected?

Under normal usage, your HVAC equipment should be inspected once per year. If you have a heat pump, we may recommend an HVAC inspection twice yearly. At this point, we will see what needs to be cleaned, adjusted, or repaired.

 What takes place during HVAC tune-ups?

We look at the entire system, lubricating parts as needed, checking the coolant pressure and level, and calibrating the thermostat. We look at the electrical system and tighten wires as needed as we ensure all is well with capacitors, relays, and contacts. The tune-up will also include cleaning the condensate drain and evaporator coil.

How frequently do you need to replace HVAC components?

All mechanical systems are subject to breakdowns. At a certain point, replacement is called for versus repairs. Generally, you can anticipate needing to replace components within about 10 years after installation.

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