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Exhaust Fan Service

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Exhaust Fan Service

At ARS®/Rescue Rooter®, we appreciate the role that exhaust fans fill in the function of your home. They ventilate spaces that can accumulate moisture and contaminants, particularly in your kitchen and bathrooms. Without an adequate exhaust fan, you might have to deal with unpleasant odors, mildew, mold growth, and stale air.

You should consider requesting our exhaust fan installation service to prevent bathroom mold and ensure a cleaner, healthier home. Our technicians can help you find a suitable unit and keep it running effectively throughout the year. Contact us today!

Experienced Technicians

When you have a problem or a question about your exhaust fan, our technicians have the knowledge and experience to provide expert exhaust fan repair service. We know how to manage the everyday issues related to your exhaust fan, from excessive noise to low performance and equipment failure.

If you are ready to replace your fan, you can count on our exhaust fan installers to handle the process. We’re happy to assist you in selecting the right model for your space, and we can take care of the installation.

Excellent Service

When you call our technicians for exhaust fan service, we know that you set high standards for the work we perform in your home. We aim to give you the best return on your investment with effective service that addresses your concerns in a way that works for you.

Excellent customer service is our goal in each transaction. We work hard to finish each project on time with an appropriate solution. We prioritize customer satisfaction, focusing on transparency, clarity, and courtesy in all our interactions.

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You don’t have to live with your exhaust fan if you’re unhappy with it. Call us to learn more about how an exhaust fan can improve your home comfort or to schedule service.

Common Exhaust Fan Problems

As a rule, exhaust fans should provide adequate ventilation without creating a lot of noise. Here are a few signs that you need service from our exhaust fan specialist:

  • Low Airflow: When running your exhaust fan, you should feel a steady airflow stream. A lack of airflow can lead to poor performance. The problem commonly comes from broken components, clogged vents, or a failing motor.
  • Too Much Noise: Exhaust fans make a little noise, but you should not hear grinding, rattling, or screeching sounds. These indicate a loose or broken part, which our exhaust fan contractor can evaluate and recommend specific fixes.
  • Unpredictable Ventilation: The fan should work predictably every time. If you get inconsistent operation, especially if the equipment sometimes does not turn on, you may have a problem with the fan motor or electrical wiring.
  • Apparent Damage: Exterior damage on the equipment isn’t just cosmetic. Cracks, dents, and loose parts can decrease the fan’s function, leading to lower efficiency and ineffective ventilation.
  • Moisture Accumulation, Mildew, or Mold: If the exhaust fan is in good condition and suits the space, you should not have problems with moisture accumulation in the room. Mildew, mold, or foul odors indicate that the unit does not provide sufficient ventilation.
  • Excessive Odors: Exhaust fans ventilate a space, effectively removing odors from cooking, cleaning, hygiene, and more. If you run the fan regularly, but the smell lingers, consider repairing or installing a new unit.
  • Outdated Model: Most exhaust fans last about ten years with good upkeep. If you installed your unit earlier than that, you might have problems with lower output and efficiency. A new unit could address both issues with updated features and performance.

If your exhaust fan does not meet your expectations, you should not ignore it. Our technicians can provide professional exhaust fan service to identify the problem and provide u a lasting solution.


Can I solve exhaust fan problems on my own?

If you’re looking for jobs you can do yourself, cleaning or replacing filters makes a good investment of your time. For more significant problems, our technicians can give you the best result.

What could happen if I fix my exhaust fan myself?

In most cases, DIY installation or repairs often leads to ineffective ventilation. It can also create problems with your electrical wiring or fail to address all causes of the problem.

How do I choose an exhaust fan?

Exhaust fans offer different features and ventilating spaces of different sizes and uses. Our technicians can recommend the most appropriate models and arrange for proper installation.

How can I increase my exhaust fan efficiency?

Exhaust fan efficiency relates to the size of the unit and its general condition. Our technicians can help improve your efficiency by installing a fan with the correct output and maintaining it.

Should I buy my own exhaust fan or hire ARS/Rescue Rooter to help?

Although you can buy your own exhaust fans, you might not know which option works best for your home. Our exhaust fan service helps you make a choice for optimal performance and efficiency.

What is the cost of exhaust fan installation or repair?

Costs to install or repair your exhaust fan depend on the problem and the number of fans. We provide an estimate before we start the service.

Should I follow an online tutorial to fix my exhaust fan?

Although online videos and guides can provide information, they don’t complete the full picture. Our technicians can ensure a better long-term result for the repair.

Does hiring ARS/Rescue Rooter provide long-term benefits?

When you hire ARS/Rescue Rooter to handle your exhaust fan concerns, you benefit from reliable service, thorough inspections, and experienced technicians.

How do I find a reliable exhaust fan company?

Before you choose a company to help you install or repair your exhaust fan, research them first. Read reviews, ask about licensing and insurance, and request a quote.

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