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We care about your health and continue to service our customers safely through our COVID-19 protocols.

We continue to service our customers safely through our COVID-19 protocols.

3 Common AC Myths

Myths_BlogTeaser-(1).jpgAs temperatures (and energy bills) rise, it can be tempting to try new ways to get more out of your central air conditioning, for less. There are many safe and effective ways to do this, but there are also some AC hacks that don't deliver the results they claim—or worse, can damage your HVAC equipment. Below we’ve rounded up a short list of popular (but misguided) AC tips, plus some alternatives to try instead.
Myth 1: Turn off your AC when you leave the house.
Depending on your climate and air conditioning system, this tactic might afford you some short-term savings on your energy bill. However, you’ll likely sacrifice a noticeable degree of comfort or cause undue wear and tear on your AC system in the process.
What to do instead: Consider using a programmable thermostat to raise your indoor temperature by 5 to 8 degrees while you're out of the house or in bed each night. You’ll see some energy savings without overworking the system.
Myth 2: Crank up the AC to cool your home faster.
Unlike a window AC unit’s Low, Medium and High settings, central air conditioning typically has only one speed: ON. Setting your thermostat lower than your desired temperature will not cool your home faster. It will only make your AC work longer than it needs to if you forget to reset it.
What to do instead: Turn on your ceiling fans. They won't reduce the temperature in the room, but they will make you feel cooler while your AC brings the temperature down.
Myth 3: Close vents in rooms you don't occupy.
Unless you have a multi-zone HVAC system, you’re unlikely to see much benefit from selectively cooling parts of your house. Your AC will pump out the same amount of cooled air into your ducts, where it just goes to waste.
What to do instead: Have your ducts inspected for leaks and repair any found! Leaky ducts waste energy and force your AC system to work harder.
The best way to stay cool and avoid AC repairs is to have your AC unit serviced regularly. Our technicians will keep your system running efficiently or, if you're looking to upgrade, help you find the right equipment for your needs and space. Call 1-800-277-9400 today to make an appointment or learn more about us!
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