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4 Father's Day Gift Ideas Guaranteed to Make a Splash

FathersDay2016_BlogTeaser-(1).jpgFather’s day is days away. If you're still searching for the right gift for Dad, try these on for size. He (and his wallet) may thank you!
Water-saving showerhead. Long gone are the days when a low-flow shower meant a weak, disappointing experience. Today you can find showerheads in a wide variety of stream styles and pressures, often using just a fraction of an older showerhead’s water volume. Dad can enjoy the shower he likes and the savings he loves on his water bill.
For gadget lovers, there are even smart shower systems that let you control water temperature, pressure and spray type to deliver a personalized shower experience for each member of the household.
Instant hot water dispenser. Does Dad like tea or instant foods like oatmeal or noodle bowls? A hot water dispenser may be the gift he never knew he needed!
Water purification system or softener. Has Dad been complaining about scaling on his faucets or showerheads? About his laundry not rinsing right, or his tap water tasting funny? If so, a water softener or even a purification system could be a gift he’d enjoy daily for years to come.
Annual plumbing inspection. Dads are called on to do some pretty dirty jobs—from de-gunking the garbage disposal to plunging the toilet. Why not save him a headache or two around the house? An annual preventive plumbing inspection can help avert damaging and stressful plumbing emergencies and protect your father’s home investment.
If any of these gift ideas are perfect for your pop, give ARS®/Rescue Rooter® a call today: 1-800-277-9400. We can help with plumbing installation and advice!
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