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5 Ways to Protect Your Home During Hurricane Season

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Well, summer has come and gone. And for some of us, this means that the soft breezes of the summer will morph into the wicked winds of hurricane season. Sadly, many homeowners who live in hurricane-prone areas have had the unfortunate experience of seeing firsthand the destruction that hurricanes can cause. From downed power lines and damaged roofs to excessive flooding and uprooted trees, hurricane damage can be very real—especially in coastal and lower elevations.

But fear not! While hurricane season remains in effect through the end of November, there are protective measures you can take to safeguard your home during this rainy, unpredictable season. Here are five smart ways to protect your home against hurricanes this fall, according to your professional team at ARS.  

1.   Secure and tune-up your HVAC system

It goes without saying that a fall tune-up is always a smart choice. Calling a professional technician to ensure that your system is in top working condition will not only give you peace of mind, but it can also prevent small problems from becoming larger ones down the road. In addition to a tune-up, it is a good idea to invest in some hurricane straps, or even a cage, to secure the base of your outdoor condenser unit. When you strap down the unit and cover with a secure tarp, it offers protection against flying objects that could soar through the air and damage the unit during a storm.

2.   Invest in whole-house surge protection.

Protecting your home during a hurricane is critical—especially if that storm brings lightning and causes electrical surges. Surge protection protects your home from an electrical storm by re-routing excess voltage away from your home’s electrical equipment. Home appliances such as computers, televisions, laptops, microwaves, dishwashers and alarm systems are just a few systems that can be susceptible to power surges. A whole-house surge protector is hard-wired to your electrical system and blocks voltage or spikes by absorbing a surge before it has a chance to travel through the wires and into your home.

3.   Buy a generator.

Another major worry during a hurricane is the loss of power. Investing in a built-in, standby generator can provide electricity to power up essential home appliances such as your heating/cooling systems, refrigerators, lights, stoves and more. Standby generators operate using propane or natural gas and are hardwired into your home’s electrical panel. When a power loss is sensed, the generator kicks in and begins powering any electrical circuits that are connected to the unit. For those homeowners who have experienced power loss during a hurricane, a generator has been a lifesaver.

4.   Inspect smoke alarms and CO2 detectors.

Prior to any storm, it’s a good idea to check in with your smoke alarms, fire alarms or carbon monoxide detectors. Change the batteries in each one and test them properly to be sure they’re in good working condition. If you own a gasoline-powered portable generator, it is essential that your CO2 detector is functioning accurately, since these generators release carbon monoxide. Don’t forget that hurricanes can often lead to electrical fires. So, checking all of these systems prior to an anticipated hurricane is always a smart idea that can save lives!

5.   Always have a plan.

Lastly, if your city or town is plagued by the threat of hurricanes, you should always have a plan. Prepare an evacuation plan (if it comes to that) and make sure your family knows what to do. Keep a checklist of all the things you’ll want to take with you should you have to evacuate your home quickly and with little notice. Don’t forget important documents such as insurance papers and of course, always remember your pets, too!

Call ARS/Rescue Rooter to Repair Your System!

Bottom line? Be prepared and protected before a hurricane strikes your area! If you require HVAC service for any reason—including storm damage— call ARS/Rescue Rooter to assist you. We provide emergency heating and cooling service seven days a week and are always just a phone call away when you need us. Find your nearest ARS/Rescue Rooter location or call right away at 866-399-2885 for service today!

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